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It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish

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It's a world full of vampires ... what will brothers Gerard and Mikey Way do? NO IT'S NOT WAYCEST :P So live with it ... this is a crappy summary but the stories not bad :P There's a bit of Frerard...

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A/N: This is one of my favorite stories that ive written so ive decided to share it with you =) When i get my first review I'll post the next chapter :)
Disclaimer: I dont own MCR I wish i did though >:D

I looked around nervously. It was almost 7 and that meant that it would be dark soon. Not good. This is [/not good./] When it gets dark things get dangerous here. I’m not exactly talking about thugs or well, normal people. I’m talking about vampires. I know that you must think I’m crazy but here in New Jersey we know about the vamps.

I was sitting at the bus stop waiting impatiently for the bus to appear. I needed to get home as soon as possible. My brother Gerard would be waiting for me, and if I didn’t show up soon he would be worried. Hurry the fuck up you stupid BUS! As soon as I thought that I could see the bus moving slowly towards me. For the last week strange things like that had been happening to me. Whenever I was angry and I thought something it usually happened. I have absolutely no idea why this has been happening to me and sometimes I wish it would stop. The first time this happened to me I had told a bully to go fuck himself. Later that day I had heard something … umm … interesting about him.

Anyways the bus slowly approached me and I climbed on as fast as I could. I took a seat and pulled my phone out of my pocket. I opened it up to see a new message from Gerard. It said Mikey are you ok? You better get back here RIGHT NOW!!! I breathed out a sigh. Ever since our parents had been taken by vampires a year ago Gerard had acted more as an over-protective older brother than a friend. We used to be more like best friends … now he acted like a parent.

I replied to his text and said I’m fine Mr. Over-protective … and just to let you know I’m on the bus I’ll be back in about 5 minutes. I leaned back in my seat and waited for a response.

One came soon enough and it said I’m sorry Mikey, I just get worried. The vamps have been kidnapping more and more people. I just want you to be safe. I had known about the recent attacks and they worried me too but I had really needed to go to the store. We were almost out of coffee back at home, and if Gerard didn’t get his coffee he got real cranky real fast. I’d even gotten doughnuts because Gee couldn’t get mad when they were around.

I replied back to his text and said I’m almost there and on the brightside I brought you coffee … and doughnuts!! ;)

The bus was approaching my house but I still got a text from Gerard. You … you got me doughnuts? I didn’t reply because the bus was already stopping outside of my house. I saw Gerard sitting outside on the porch waiting for me. As soon as I stepped foot off of the bus Gerard ran at me. “Omigawd I am so glad you are safe!! Why were you out so long?? Why were you out at all?!? And where are the doughnuts?!?!”

His last question made me laugh so hard, mostly because he was so serious. In between laughs I said, “here … are … your … doughnuts.” and handed him the box of doughnuts. He opened up the box as quickly as possible and picked up a chocolate doughnut covered in sprinkles. He put the rest of the box on the ground by his feet and started attacking the doughnut in his hand. Once he took the first large bite, jelly from the center of the snack exploded on to his face.

I had been trying not to laugh, but Gerard made it worse b trying to lick the mess off of his face. I couldn’t help myself – I started to laugh.

We weren’t being careful and it had gotten dark but neither of us expected what happened next.
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