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8-The gray days

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Morgan has arrived at the hospital and it carries some devastating news.

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Hello suckers! no kidding i love you! sorry for not updating since along time back i just have not had the inspiration to do it and i wanted to get my stuff out fast so that is why the chapter is so short.


''Youre dad is stable and so is Travis but Max and Drew is not so okay, they where on the side that took the collision.''

''Oooh mom please no!'' I pleaded for them to be okay i looked up with tear blurred eyes and saw Frank rush in but stopped whe he saw me and my mom, i motioned for him too come over here and he brought the others with him. I nudged my mom as they approached and she wiped some of her tears away with a napkin that she had retrieved from her bag.

Matt POV

''Who's this Morgan?'' I looked sidewards at her then at the guys djudging the situation, Frank looked like he was deep in thought but with worry shadeing his eyes. Mikey and Gerard was not with Frankie and Alicia, they had probarly left I hugged Alicia makeing my remaining tears before new ones started to fall when i hugged Frankie and cried with my head on is shoulder and arms arround his neck. He rubbed my back and let me ruin his shirt with my staining tears, Alicia talked to my mom and luckily caught up on pretending to be a senior from school and not blowing it. I gave Frankie a half hearted smile as he wiped my tears of my face with his thumbs and i became consious of beeing infront of my mother so i pulled away and saw Franks eyes shade over with slight hurt before getting back to normal.

''Who's here for The Bensley crash?'' A man in a white long coat wich made him a doctor according to me. My mom stopped talking to Alicia and walked up to the doctor leaving me with Frankie and Alicia, i sat down besides Alicia and Frank on the other side of me.

''I think we have to leave.'' Alicia said and Frank agreed and gave me a look and then left.

Mom was still talking to the doctor who was masked with a sad expression and mom began crying again. She turned and walked up to me i hugged her and she quietly sobbed.

''Drew... we lost Drew!'' She screamed out Drews name as i sobbed hysteracly into her shoulder.

It was a grey gloomy day and i got dressed in a pair or black stockings, black tank top, black pencil skirt and a black long cardigan and grabbed my black and blue vans. It was Drews funeral today... My eyes where bloodshot and red from the crying but the swollen-ness had gone down. I had my makeup on even thou it felt useless i felt like a mess anyways, it has been 3 weeks, 5 days and 18 hours since i kissed or even saw Frankie and yes i counted i feel even more pathetic. I picked up my cell and i saw no new calls or texts even though i have become closer too Alicia and i only hang out with Jamia at school but otherwise the guys and Alicia is my second family. I walked upstairs after i had gotten my black trenchcoat on and my beanie who still is black.

I grunted as i passed by my quiet mother, it had become a language here amongst the family, two grunts for leave me alone. Well not really but it feels like it the sadness is hangs thick like you could taste it. Gee and Mikey had come over a couple times and i had sobbed on Gee's and Mikeys shoulders. Even Ray and Bob had come by a couple days ago but still no Frank, and ofcourse had Alicia come by almost every day. We made our way out to the car and i helped dad into the passenger seat since he has a broken arm and got in the back with Toby and Max, max has a broken leg and toby escaped with a slight neck injury, concussion and a black eye so he got of cheap compared to Drew.

I felt the rain pour down over the black umbrella I stood under and my tears started flowing down my tear stained cheeks again as Drews coffin was beeing sunk down into the ground. The Way family had joined us for the funeral even thou they never knew Drew but they where close friends of mine mom and dad never really thought my pick in friends was apropriate, I leaned my head onto Mikeys shoulder and Gerard patted my back while Mikey put his free arm arround me cause his other arm was occupied by Alicia who was sobbing.

''Its unfair.'' I sobbed slash whispered with a shaky voice.

''Nothing is.'' Mikey said quietly, We walked away as the earth was beeing shoveled onto the grave. I got into the car with my family waveing bye to the Way family and Alicia. Bob and Ray had not been here since they got stuck at work as buzz boys, yeah lousy job but money dont roll in on its own. I fell asleep on Max's shoulder. I was awoken by some light knocking on my door, wait my door? I looked arround again, I am in my room Toby must have gotten me in here he's the only one capable of it in my family right now. I got up and opened the door slightly not getting the lock of the chain hook.

''Morgan let me in!'' Frank said as soon as i had even cracked the door open alittle. And i was suddenly wide awake i closed the door and unhooked the lock and opened it again revealing a soked Frank from head to toe with guilty eyes.

Thats it... What will happen next? I'm exited myself :) love you all tell me what you think!

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