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Dear Mikey.

I should of never of done that. I love you, but I don’t love you as much as Gerard. It was a mistake, not you, it! I’m really sorry!

Ps. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do something stupid, I hope.

Dear Ray,

Yeah, I’m incredibly stupid. You can have all my guitars except Pansy. Thanks for all the stuff you’ve done for me, but you can’t help now. I either have to fix it on my own or leave. I’m pretty sure this is unfixable.
Love Frank.

Ps. Take care of Mikey.

Dear Bob,

I stole your yellow socks. There in my drawer. I love you man. Your like a big brother.

Dear Gerard.
(tears all over page)
Gerard, Baby, I love you. I was so stupid! Do NOT blame Mikey! Please! He needs you more than anything! Please! I love you Gerard. Don’t blame yourself.

(More tears.) Please love, Frank! XOXO.
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