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Frank looked for Billie. He walked to the cafeteria. He was there staring at his sandwich with disgust. Frank looked at it “what is it?” Frank asked. Billie shook his head “No idea! Now, are you ok, I kind of saw what Gerard did…?” Frank nodded. “I explained I couldn’t come back…not right now.” Frank said. Billie nodded.

“So star bucks?” Billie said. Frank bowed down to him. “Yes master!” He said and laughed, he stood up and kissed Billie’s cheek.. Billie smiled “Come on!” They both laughed. Someone snapped a photo of Frank kissing Billie’s cheek. They turned to see someone running. Billie helped frank up. “That was hilarious!” Billie said intrigued. “Frank walk behind me dancing like weirdo.” He commanded. Frank did it the whole way to star bucks.

When they got home that night they were so hyper. They had had several cups of coffee. Mike had his arms crossed and looked like he was crying. “Frank you promised!” He said. Frank was confused. Mike threw his phone to him and stormed off. Frank flipped it over. There was a picture of him kissing Billie and kneeling. “Oh no…Billie do you like mike?” Frank asked. Billie looked at his feet and blushed.

“Go talk to him…he really likes you too. Trust me Billie.” Frank kissed his lips. “I won’t be able to do that though, so go before I keep you for myself!” Frank ordered and Pushed Billie. “Uh…Thanks Frank.” Frank nodded and grabbed his bag. “See you round Billie,”
Billie nodded “See ya Frankie.” He smiled.

Frank found himself showing up by the old Starbucks. He walked clear over town. He saw Ray’s car. He pulled the hoody down so you couldn’t tell it was him. He walked down to the bar and ordered a cup. When he saw at the booth he glanced around. Ray and Mikey were talking about him.

M- I know…Gerard’s not looking good Ray!

R- Mikey…I see him like that again I will personally kill Frank. Gerard’s getting into his old habits. I won’t see it again!

Frank leaped up and ran to Mikey, he taped his shoulder. “Hi.” He squeaked. Mikey looked puzzled. “Uh hey kid…you want an autograph or something. Frank was confused. He remembered the hoody. He pulled the hoody down. Mikey leaped up and hugged him.

He held tight onto Mikey “I’ve missed you all so, so, so, much.” Frank said breaking down. He was crying. Ray sat there with his arms crossed “Frank, your such an idiot.” He said. Frank let go looking at Ray. He stood there waiting. Ray stood up and walked over and punched him. “I hope you will show up to practice, but then again, I can’t let you hurt Gerard. So if you come, you stay, if not, I will personally dump your stuff into the river! Got it Iero?” He spat. Frank stood there, he couldn’t speak. He finally got his words out “Mikey, tell Gerard I love him, and I’m never coming home.” He walked out of the star bucks. Mikey ran out to find deserted streets. He sucked down to his knees. He had a feeling what Frank was going to do.

He called Gerard. He was fully awake near the end of the first sentence. He was grabbing his bag in 3 seconds. He had a notebook in his hand. He ran across Belleview for frank ending behind Frank’s old house when he herd soft sobbing. He climbed the latter to the tree house and busted in to find a sobbing Frank with earphones in his ears. He softly kissed hi lips. Frank’s eyes flew open and he backed away from the blurry shape saying for him to kill him or to leave. He took one ear phone out. “Please leave” Frank whispered still looking at the blurry shape, still not knowing who it was. “Please Frankie, I can’t let go.” The shape said. Frank recognized the voice and held him so close he thought they would become one. “You have to let me go gee, I can’t stand to hurt you.” Frank whispers. Gerard looked at him and chuckled “You have absolutely no idea how much it hurts to know you were gone and no one knew where you were! You could have been lying underneath 6 feet, or high, or well, you get my point! I thought you were going to do something stupid. If I lose you, I lose all will to live.” Gerard whispered into his ear. Frank held tighter and lightly kissed his lips. “I don’t believe I’m worth so much…but I can’t take a chance, lets go home.” Frank said.

When we got to our apartment I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been cleaned. Ray was sleeping on the couch, Mikey was wrapped around there and they were both sweaty and topless. I and Gerard didn’t want to find out if they were completely naked though. Bob was in his chair smirking at us. He chuckled “I can’t believe the midget came back.” He teased and hugged Frank. Frank looked up into his blue eyes and said “I was always a sucker for blue yes.” Bob pushed him off and he laughed so load Mikey woke up and blushed. Gerard shook his head and leaned in “Slut.”
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