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Boy? Girl?

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9 months later

"GODDAMNIT I FUCKEN HATE YOU AIDEN! HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET ME TO DO THIS AGAIN?!" I scream. Aiden has successfully knocked me up again and now having his child for the second time. His name will be Patrick Harold! ISN'T THAT CUTE?!

It was all the hormones and pain that made me scream at Aiden, even though I was still alittle mad he wont let me have the drugs so I wont scream my head off at him.

"Come on Mrs. Lupus, one more push!" The doctor informs me. And with one more bloody curtailing scream, I was joined by another scream. "IT'S A GIRL!" Even though I was in so much pain, I smile. A little girl!

After a minute or so, they give me the cute child. "Hi Jackie Amanda." I stare at the small child just as I did with her brother and she stares back with striking blue eyes. She has a full head of black hair (For now) and a cute botton nose.

"There's your baby girl you wanted." I softly say to Aiden, handing the tiny werewolf. The same blues eyes look at the other, each studying the face before them. Aiden reached out and touched her cheek.

The door opend suddenly and two little toddlers came running in. "Mommy! Wheres my baby brother?!" Danny asked, jummping on the bed for five feet away, not a care in the world if the baby was on my lap.

"You have a baby sister, Danny." Aiden whispered, lowering the bundle to be at his eye level.

Danny stared with his big brown eyes. "Can we return her?" WHY CAN'T THESE KIDS LIKE ANY OF THE THINGS THAT COME OUT OF ME?!

Aiden seemed to get a kick out of it. "No, we can't. We'll just have to live with her."

"Okay but she has to stay here!" He pouted and crossed his arms.

"No, Danny. She can't stay here. She's coming home with us." I tell him gentily.

"Fine." He mumbled.

"I WANNA SEE JACKIE!" Allie yelled, running into the room. She had just turned 10 a few days ago and was hoping the baby would be born on her birthday. "Awwww!" She whined when she saw Jackie.

"Aidy she looks just like you! Look it!" She points. Jackies mouth reached up and took in her finger. Allie looked at her. "Well this is nice."
Woha, dude, i'm sorry. I'm too tired and I have nothing more for this chapter. XD Sorry! I'll have a few fillers around this, so don't you worry! But after these fillers, two more chapters. Then speak peek! Yay! Love you guys ~JS~
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