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Steal My Heart.

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This is Bandit's POV. as in Bandits... STEAL? No? Okay...

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I pretended it was a dream. I knew it was real but what was I expected to do? I'm thirteen. I can't handle this. I mean, I have a lot going on what with school, bullies, friends, BOYfriends, exams. No way can I also handle my dad having Cancer. It's too much. Mom must be having a hard time too. I mean she's in love with him! And Ray and Bob! Oh and uncle Mikey! He fainted when Dad told us. I almost hurled. But the weird thing is, Frank seems to be more upset bout it than all of us put together. He hasn't eaten since before we found out. He's drank water. And beer and soda. At least he's drinking something. Lily and Cherry can't bear to see him so angry and upset. Who he's angry at, I don't know but he's angry. Probably with the doctors. Or the illness. Something's making him mad.
I got roughly two hours of slee last night. Yeah, I know, well done me.
When I got up and got dressed and showered the adults were all gone. Apart from Dad and Uncle Mikey. They must still be in bed. I went downstairs and nibbled on a piece of toast that I'd just burnt in the toaster. I made some coffee, hoping it'd wake Dad up. It didn't. It woe LiLy and Cherry though. They came down, had some coffee, some cereal nd then we talked. About school, guys, our parents. Avoiding the suject of my dad of course. I knew they felt bad about it even though it was nothing to do with them. I mean they didn't give him cancer.
Dad came down later and was showered with hugs.
"Dad.." I said, my lip trembling, even though I'd promised myself it wouldn't.
"You're okay sweety. And so am I. We're all okay." He said, smiling at me.
I smiled back then went upstairs to go onto my Facebook.
As soon as I logged in I had 53 new friend requests. I only knew nine of the people on the list. I declined the strangers and accepted the friends I knew.
I ignored the notifications, promising I'd look later. I had several new messages. By new I mean unread messages that were in my inbox and weren't from strangers. I get loads of my dad's fans trying to talk to me on here.
I'll write the messages down here...
Bandit, I'm so sorry to here about your dad. Do you want to come round on Tuesday? It's the holidays and I have nothing going on.
Please, get back to me.

Patrick. xx

I replied: Hey Patrick,
Thank you. It's hard to accept but I'll get there in the end.
Of course I would. I just need t check if I'm allowed to.

Bandit. xx

There were three other messages from Amber. I checked them.

Call me as soon as you read this! I need to know that you're okay!
Amber xx

Please, I need to talk to you.
A xx

and finally
I didn't want to have to say it over Facebook but fine.
I'm so sorry to hear about your dad sweetheart. Is there anything I can do?
Love you loads,
Amber xxx

I ran to find my cell phone and dialled the number with shaking hands.
"Bandit! Oh my God, I thought you were dead!" Amber shrieked down the phone.
"No! Don't be stupid. How're you?" I asked, totally casual.
"Oh don't! I want to know how you are!" she said, exhasperatedly.
"Okay. Well I mean, I'm scared. I don't know what'll happen..." I sighed down the phone.
"Hun, don't be scared. You got me. And Cherry and Lily! And Frank, Mikey and LynZ are here for you too." She said, soothingly.
"Wouldn't you be scared? If your dad was dying? Yeah, you fucking well would." I practically scream down the phone.
"Hey, don't you use that language with me! And yes, of course I would." She confesses.
"GERARD!!" I heard, mom cry from downstairs. I immediately hung up the phone, without saying goodbye.

I stumbled down the stairs to see Uncle Mikey sobbing in the doorway to the living room, mom leaning over something on the floor, Bob screaming at nothing at all, Lily and Cherry hugging eachother and crying, Ray was sitting hunched beside mom, Alicia gripping the bannister, looking pale and peaky, Jamia sitting hunched on the floor beside Krista and Bethany and Frank, staring down over LynZ and the thing on the ground.
It didn't take me too long to realise what had happened. Everything went in slow motion. I ran toward the living room, Krista grabbing at me to stop me. Tears blinded me as I ran, pushing past everyone and everything. I shoved mom off of the bundle on the floor. I was right. My father, Gerard Way, a music legend, was lying on the floor, eyes looking glazedly at the ceiling, a smile on his face. I felt his pulse, shook him and rolled him over, trying to wake him. It wasn't going to happen. Dad was never gonna wake up.
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