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Keep Running

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Mikey makes a choice.

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Chapter Six: Keep Running

Mikey tucked the gun under his arm, ready to step inside and have a cup of coffee. He approached the door, but a noise stopped him in his tracks. He had hoped he had misheard it. It sounded like a scream in the distance. It had echoed through the darkness, traveling through the trees. Mikey gripped the rifle, wondering if he should investigate. 'Don't be a hero', a voice inside him nagged. And then he heard it again, only more drawn out. A man was screaming in agony, not too far off. Was the thing attacking the man, the thing that had been attacking them?

What if whatever was attacking him was heading in this direction? What if it found their cabin?

Gerard lay in their room, sick and defenseless.

Mikey had the rifle.

He possibly had the opportunity to end this before it dug itself any deeper. He made up his mind. Taking a deep breath, Mikey walked forward into the woods.

His heart beat faster as he got further away from the cabin and it's porch light. He kept walking and soon he found himself engulfed in total blackness, the stars and moon offering scarce light. He almost thought of turning back a couple of times, but somehow thinking of Ray and Pedicone kept him determined. As he walked, he heard a third scream, only it was louder. Fear pulsated through him as he pushed himself to continue forward, holding the rifle as through ready to shoot at any given moment. Then, finally, he came to the edge of a clearing. He stayed hidden behind the trees.

Mikey had to squint to make out what he was seeing. There were two figures. One twitching and flailing on the ground. One bending over him. The one who was bending over the body had a ski mask over his face. Gloves covered his hands, in which he held a machete. The machete was slicing and sawing into the throat of the figure on the floor. The figure on the floor was gagging and spitting, still trying to scream for help. It looked as though he had already been stabbed in various areas. Trails of blood spewed from him in every direction.

And Mikey realized with terror that the dying figure on the floor was the sheriff.

Mikey stood frozen in his fear. And although he was at a great advantage to shoot this, this monster --- he couldn't. He couldn't move, aside from the shaking he was doing. Which he wouldn't even know he was doing had he not seen his hands trembling as he held the rifle. It was funny really, how people always joked about death and killing like it's nothing at all. Yet when you experience it, or see it happen for the first time --- it's not quite so familiar. It's something strange and terrible. And Mikey did not know how to handle it. Not one bit.

He wanted to run. Run back to Gerard and Frank. But he know this thing would hear him if he just dashed off into the woods.

'Pull the trigger.', his inner voice urged. 'Just shoot them! Do it! NOW!'

Hesitation. Fear.


And with violently shaking hands, Mikey aimed and pulled the trigger. He pulled the trigger rapidly, firing as much shots as he could. Without even looking as to whether he had hit his target, Mikey turned and ran for it as fast as he could.

He ran and he ran and ran, weaving through the trees, the wind whipping at his face furiously. He was nearly hyperventilating. He felt as though he could hear something following him. Like it ran after him. He tried not to think about it. If he thought about it, he'd realize what was happening and he'd slow down, stop, or freeze, he figured. So he kept running, unsure of where he was going.

After going through what felt like a maze of darkness, Mikey screeched to a halt. He had found himself in front of the cabin. He looked over his shoulder, but saw nothing coming up behind him. Mikey wondered if it was dead. Deciding he had no time to debate, he dashed inside the backdoor.

Mikey bolted up the stairs and found his and Gerard's bedroom. Upon entering, he stumbled upon yet another awful scene. While not nearly as disturbing, he still found himself irked at the very least. Gerard and Frank were in curled up in Gee's bed. They were both shirtless. Gerard's face was nuzzled against Frank's chest. Frank's arms were wrapped around Gerard possessively. He took a moment to snarl at it before yanking Frank off (who responded with an "Ow!") and trying to shake Gerard awake.

"The fuck?" Frank gracefully inquired.

"What's up Mikes?" Gerard stirred.

"We have to get the fuck out of here!" Mikey told them as he threw shirts at both of them. "I found whatever killed Pedicone and Ray! I shot at it but I think it might have followed me back!"


"....Ray's dead?" Gerard gasped. Mikey mentally kicked himself. He could already see the tears glistening in Gerard's eyes.

"No, Gee, c'mon." Mikey grabbed his brother by the arm and pulled him up. "Now's not the time for this, please. We HAVE to get out of here. No one else has to die."

"Wait, you said you shot at it?" Frank asked. "So then why isn't he dead?"

"How do you know it's a guy?" Mikey raised an eyebrow at him.

Frank paused a minute before making a scoffing noise. "Not a lot of chick serial killers are there?"

"Well." Mikey explained as he handed them both sneakers to wear. "I did shoot at them. But...I kind of ran for it right after. Obviously, if I missed, they must have heard me."

"And you didn't check to see if you missed or not?" Frank gaped.

"Well excuse me if I was busy running for my fucking life!" Mikey spat.

"Yeah, fucking running back to us so we can save your ass from the mess you fucking made!" Frank growled.

"He was fucking 5 minutes away from us, Frank! He would have found us anyway! I was trying to protect you two!"

"Great fucking job you did of that!"

"Look! If I didn't miss, he's dead and it's safe to walk through the forest! If I did, then we have to get the fuck out of here anyway!" Mikey argued.

"Or you could have just NOT fucking shot at him, and we wouldn't be in this situation at all!"

"GUYS!" Gerard screeched. "Just fucking stop it and lets fucking go, alright?!" He turned away and wiped at his eyes, going towards the staircase. Frank shook his head and followed, and Mikey went behind him.

Once they entered the kitchen Mikey halted them. "We need some water bottles and food." he told them as he rounded some up in a plastic bag.

"For what?" asked Gerard.

"It's going to be a really long walk down this mountain." said Mikey.

"We're walking down the whole mountain?" Gerard gaped at him.

"We will if we have to." Mikey sighed.

After getting a few more supplies, they felt much more ready to head out. As they stepped outside into the cold air, Gerard froze, looking at the darkened scene before him. He felt a warm hand intertwine his. He looked beside him, expecting to see Mikey and surprised to see Frank. Frank was looking straight at him. "Remember what I told you." he muttered to him under his breath. Gerard nodded, and Frank kissed him on the lips.

"I love you, Gerard." Frank whispered after they parted.

"I love you too, Frank." Gerard whispered back.

Mikey kept his silence as he watched the scene. He knew how much Gerard loved Frank, and he wasn't going to stop him from getting what he needed at a time like this. No matter how annoying. He waited until they were done being locked in their lovers moment before he waved his hand and beckoned them forward. He planned to lead them into a direction opposite where he had stumbled upon their attacker. Frank came forward with his arm around Gerard. And to Mikey's surprise, Frank slung an arm around him as well. Mikey smiled at Frank. The three of them walked into the darkness together, prepared for whatever lay ahead.


A/N: Ok, so heres the thing. I'm kind of thinking of ending the story here. And I'm terribly sorry if that would piss you off. Mainly, it would be pulling one of those mystery endings where you don't actually get to know what happens. Kinda always wanted to that after reading a particular book. (I'd tell you what book but if you ever read it, I'm spoiled the ending then.)

It was what I was SUPPOSED to do with Ghost Love Score. But my endings rarely ever pan out the way I planned. Trust me though, you might not like the original ending anyway. It makes even less sense than this did, and I was rather uncomfortable with it. That and I have an even better story in the works anyway.

IDK, let me know I guess.

IF NOT....

Next chapter: Between Mikey, Frank, and Gee --- who will the next victim be?

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