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Well that was weird..

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Erm, a very interesting if not awkward conversation with an older brother.. xD

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heeyo. I hopes you are all enjoying this fic! If so please R&R, it will be much appreciated. (: I'mma gonna try ta make the chapters longer and update more frequently by half term so yeah that's it really, enough of me rabbiting on yadayada AFLAFALAFAA :D
Love you all, keep running killjoys
Malori (: xx

"....Yaz? Hey"
"Heey Nathan.."
"How was school sis?"
"Urrhh, pretty good if I'm honest"
"You sound reluctant to say that" my older brother laughs.
"Ohh ermm, well I made a few friends" I say to him.
"Ahhh good" he says nervously. A deafening silence lingers between both ends of the line.
"Erm Nathan...?".
"Yes?" he replies casually.
"Who was that dude......was he....?
"My boyfriend?! Oh Yaz!" he sighs and then laughs, I feel my cheeks burning, he always reads my mind. "Well I just thought.."
"My darling sis, you naive girl. Gerard's just a friend,I'm not fucking him" he laughs, and I hear this Gerard laughing too. "Yeah sure he's bi but darling he's just a friend, not really my type." More laughter in the background when he says this.
"Oh" I mutter, my usually pasty skin now a bright crimson.
"well I need to go now, bye sis!" he exclaims.
"bye" I reply, as he hangs up
Well, that was AWKWARD. I get into bed and drift off to sleep..
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