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Chapter Six: Confessions

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John confesses his feelings. How will Reese react? / Reese discovers John's secret. How will he react? (Reese Alastar O'Connell/John Collin McCloud's POV)

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Same day. Time: Night

[John's Point Of View]

"Reese..." I murmured.
Shooting up in bed, I looked around with wide eyes, gasping for air.
"Dream... Just a dream..." I whispered, running both my hands over my sweat-soaked face.
"Fuck, I need a shower... and food..."
I slowly got up, walking to the shower.
What a horrible dream... Jesus Christ... I thought as I washed myself down.
Just thinking about the dream made me tremble. I couldn't even wash my clothing properly. Sighing, I stepped out, hanging the drenched frabics on a line, immediately beginning to air dry my body.
"Pssstt... John!" whispered a voice loudly.
"..The fuck..?"
"Pssssttt! It's Josey! Pick up your walkie, damn fool!"
I groaned and picked up the walkie-talkie, pressing the button while picking up a pair of boxers and cameo pants.
"What do you want, Josey?" I asked, slipping them on.
"Meet me out back near the prisoner cells."
"Why?" I buzzed back, slipping on my gray shirt and dog-tags.
"Need to discuss about Reese."
"O-Oh... Alright, see ya' in ten."
"Fine with me."
I quickly brushed my teeth and ran my fingers through my short, wet, blond hair.
Wonder what she wants to discuss...
I turned right at the prisoner cells, quietly creeping out a door.
"Joez? Josephine?" I whispered.
"Here," I heared her say.
Walking up to her, I asked, "Hey, Joez. What's going on with Reese?"
"He won't get out of his room. Think he just fell asleep sobbing, though. 'S'how I was able to come."
"Sh-... I hurt him bad..." I gnawed on my lip thoughtfully.
Maybe I should-
"I think you should tell him," suddenly said Josephine.
"Was thinkin' the same, actually... Thank you for helping and supporting me."
"No problem, John."
Josephine leaned up and kissed my cheek before embracing me tight. I hugged her back just as tight, stroking her red, wavy hair.
"Damn..." she murmured. She seemed to have notice something.
"Hmmm? What?" I asked. Following her gaze, I saw Reese standing att he door, wide-eyed.
"Reese..." I breathed, reaching out for him. His lips were parted. He looked hurt... Very upset. He looked down and I saw a glimmer of light in his eyes and on his cheek. I realized he was crying.
"Sorry for interrupting..." he whimpered.
"Reese, you aren't-"
"You FUCKING ASSHOLE! I OBVIOUSLY AM!" he yelled, snapping up his head. More and more tears began to fall. He looked as if he'd collapse.
"You motherfuckin' bastard.."
"NO!" I heard him clench his teeth and saw him ball his hands into fist. He looked weak.
Reese suddenly ran out of the room sobbing.
"Reese!" I yelled.
"He thought..." I heard Josephine whisper. I nodded.
He -did-.
"Go. Go after him. Tell him."
I nodded and ran fast.
"Reese..! Reese, Goddammit!"
Where could he be?!
Soon, I saw him running toward his chamber. I lunged for him, grabbing him by the wrist. He gasped as I spun him around. We stumbled into his room as the door automatically closed and locked.
"Get the fuck off me, you son of a bitch..." Reese whispered, trying to escape from my grasp.
"No. Listen to what I'm going to say," I replied, sliding my hands up to his shoulders. I gripped them tight as he ducked his head, blushing.
"Looks at me," I said in a husky voice. He peeked up and peered into my eyes. I looked back lovingly and smiled warmly.
"I'm going to tell you, so listen up."
He narrowed his eyes.
I crushed him to me, hugging him tight by his waist. I felt him wrap his delicate, slender arms around my neck, nuzzling his head into my shoulder.
"I'm in love with you, Reese..." I murmured into his ear.
He shivered and I pulled away to look at him. His eyes were wide and brimming with tears. His cheeks were pink.
"Reese..?" I whispered.
He closes his eyes and tilted his head upward, parting his lips as tears streamed down his cheeks.
"Ummmm... Reese..?"
"Shut up..." he slurred.
I looked around the room nervously, noticing a few beer bottles.
"Reese, where did you get these? ...Are you drunk?"
"I'm not..!"
"...If you say so." I leaned down and pecked his lips. He hummed--a sound that made it ear be was okay with it. I ruffled his hair and smiled.
"I'm going to go now. Get some rest, alright..?"
He nodded and gave me a disappointed look that made me gnaw on my lower lip.
"Night," I whispered.
"Mmm..." he replied as I glided towards the door. I glanced at him as he plopped down on his bed before unlocking the door and leaving.
As I trudged to my room, I put my fingers to my lips.
John, John, oh John... You're in deep -shit- now, I thought.

[Reese's POV]
John hates me...

I couldn't get this fuckin' bastard out of my head!
Maybe it's because I'm angry... Yeah... That's it.

Butterflies began to attack my stomach and my face felt hot.
"What the Hell? What is this?!" I thought aloud, gripping my head.
The voices in my head came back:
His perfect, deep, chocolate-brown eyes surrounded by thick, dark, outstretched lashes.
His luscious, rosy lips extended across his face in a crooked, smirk-like grin.
His stunning, short, golden hair.
The way he makes you melt with each glance, whether or not you notice.
The way his almond-shaped eyes rest perfectly atop his slanted cheekbones.
You think he's handsome.
You love him.
It's only a matter of time...

"SHUT UP!" I growled, sliding my hads over my face. I groaned.
What's happening..? I wondered.
"...I need a beer..." I finally said, emerging from my bed.
"Or two," I murmured, taking out a couple if beers I meant to save for hangouts with John.
I began my first bottle as the voices came back:

after only fifteen minutes, I had to be at least on my fifth beer.
I'm nuts... I thought.
"More beer..." I moaned in a zombie-like tone.
I finally emerged from my cave, the floor littered with about seven beer bottles. I had stopped counting after my fifth.
Slowly trudging towards the food quarters, I saw John sneaking around to the prison cells. I blinked, thinking I'd drunk to much alcohol. Seeing as he was still there, I rubbed my eyes.
No... He's there... What's he doing?
I decided to follow him, suddenly curious and interested in what he was up to. I followed in his footsteps, leading into the room. In it were John and Josephine in a secret conversation. I leaned against the door frame, trying to decode their slightly-muffled voices:
"Thank you for helping and supporting me," I heard John say. I stood at the door way, watching.
Helping and supporting him in what?
"No problem, John," replied Josephine. I watched as she leaned up, kissed John's cheek, and embraced him. I felt my heart sink and tears sting my eyes. My lips parted in anger and depression. John returned the embrace, stroking her hair.
Why am I feeling this way..?
The voices at the back if my head returned:
-You're- supposed to be in -his- arms.
He's supposed to be stroking -your- hair.

"Shut up..." I unconsciously whispered in a barely audible voice.
I just stood there, staring. I was completely hurt. I wanted to collapse.
This has to be a hallucination...
But it's not...
"Damn..." mumbled Josephine.
Shit..! She noticed me..!
I wanted to run, but I couldn't make my weakened legs move.
"Hmmm?" asked John. "What?"
John turned slightly and locked eyes with my wide ones. I was trembling.
"Reese..." breathed John. He reached out to me, but I still couldn't move. The tears the welled up in my eyes finally slid down my cheeks and my voice suddey seemed to come back.
"Sorry for interrupting.." I managed to whisper, looking down as tears escaped my eyes.
You love him, said the voice in my head.
"Reese, you aren't-"
"You FUCKING ASSHOLE! I OBVIOUSLY AM!" I cut him off, snapping up my head.
You're hurt because you love John, not Josephine.
"Shit..." he murmured.
"You motherfuckin' bastard..."
I needed to get out.
"NO!" I yelled, clenching my teeth and balling my hands into fists. I couldn't take it anymore. My body began to function again. I ran out, heading to my room. A few seconds aster, I heard footsteps following after me. I didn't want to see him.
Suddenly, I felt his hand grab my wrist. I let put a gasp as he spun me around. We stumbled into my room, the door shutting and locking automatically behind us.
"Get the fuck off me, you son of a bitch..." I whispered, trying to pry his fingers off my wrist.
"No. Listen to what I'm going to say," he said as he slid his hands up to my shoulders. I bit back a moan as he gripped them.
I think you're right..., I thought to the voice in my head.
If course I an.
I ducked my head, trying to hide my blushing cheeks under my long, brown hair.
"Look at me," he said in a husky voice. I couldn't resist him.
Who would with that voice and face?
I peeked up and looked into his soft, brown eyes. He looked back lovingly. I just wanted to melt.
"I'm going to tell you, so listen up," he said. I narrowed my eyes to hide my desperateness and excitement.
I think I...
You do!
He crushed me against his body, hugging and holding me tight by the waist.
You're right... I can't hold it in...
I couldn't help but wrap my arms around his neck and bury my face into his shoulder. He was warm again. He was always warm. I missed it.
"I'm in love with you, Reese," he murmured into my ear. I felt his warm, tabacoo breath tickle my ear. I shivered and bit my tongue to suppress yet another moan.
Oh God... I am...
My eyes widened at this realization. I flushed and tears began to well up in my eyes.
"Reese..?" I heard John whisper as he pulled away to look at me.
I do...
I closed my eyes and tilted my head, parting my lips, inviting him to join his with mine.
I do!
I do!
I do!

"Ummm... Reese..?'
Well that ruined it.
"Shut up," I slurred.
Fuck! I'm still half-drunk..!
I opened my eyes and watched him inspect my room.
Damn it...
"Reese, where did you get these? ...Are you drunk?"
"I'm not..!" I quickly lied. He seemed slightly satisfied with that answer.
"...If you say so." He leaned down and pecked me on the lips. I heard myself let out a small noise of approval.
I so do...
He ruffled my hair and smiled at me.
"I'm going to go now. Get some rest, alright?" he said
I simply nodded, quite disappointed. Just a peck?
"Night," whispered John.
"Mmm..." I replied.
I plopped down as John left me alone. I suddenly shivered, yearning John's warmth.
"I love John..." I finally admitted out loud. At that, I grinned. I shot up and danced around!
"I LOVE JOHN!" I screamed.
This day is amazing...
Suddenly, I remembered him and Josephine.
Did I still love her?
Of course I did... I love them both.
Ugh... I have to choose...
I then remembered their conversation.
I clenched my teeth.
What were they doing?
What were they talking about?
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