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It's Audition Time

by Syphiel 12 Reviews

Need Killjoys. Boys and Girls please.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Humor,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011/05/15 - Updated: 2011/05/15 - 178 words - Complete


  • It's Audition Time

    (#) ZombiexCupcake 2011-05-15 03:01:32 PM

    Who do you want to be?
    Mikeys GF
    Killjoy Name?
    Colorful Destruction
    Real Name? (unless you never answer to it)
    Sometimes doesn’t speak, kinda shy, loves reading, likes bright colors, really smart
    Long straight blonde hair that has black underneath and neon pink blue and green strands of hair, tall, really skinny, blue eyes
    Pink skinny jeans, any neon colored shirt, baby blue leather jacket (metallic), silver converse, sometimes sunglasses
    Gun or Weapon?
    Neon pink ray gun
    Her mask is neon and rainbow. It is in the shape of a butterfly
    Backstory of why you joined the Killjoys?
    I joined the killjoys because I hated my life and looked up to them. My parents work for Korse and wanted me to follow in their footsteps but I didn’t want that life so I ran away and found the killjoys. They accepted me for who I am unlike my parents. I got my killjoy name because I’m really nice and bubbly and I love bright colors but when I’m in killing mode I will destroy everything in my path. I always loved Mikey from the moment I saw him. I think he is sweet, caring, charming, and I’m so glad I’m a part of his life.

  • It's Audition Time

    (#) lolhai 2011-05-15 03:04:33 PM

    Who do you want to be? Mikey's GF

    Killjoy Name? Fire Spring

    Real Name? (unless you never answer to it) Sam but she hates it. A lot.

    Age? Whatever age you need

    Personality? Fairly relaxed but knows how to handle self in a fight, very comfortable about talking to other people about anything except her own feelings, very caring of others

    Appearance? 5'6, average weight, wears thick rimmed glasses, bright hazel eyes, hair cut into a bob that's shouldder length in front, hair dark brown, full back angel wing tattoo with her best friend's name down her spine

    Clothes? Bright green tank top with some paint splatters on it, grey skinny jeans, black steel toed boots with metal plates going up the front

    Gun or Weapon? Purple raygun with yellow bands on it, purple laser. Carries around a knife that she is very good at throwing.

    Mask? Masquerade mask, black with cat eye openings, wears a purple bandana under it to cover her nose and mouth

    Backstory of why you joined the Killjoys? Her best friend was killed by Dracs when they were attempting to escape Battery City, she joined the Killjoys so she could avenge his death
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) NeonLuvs 2011-05-15 04:23:02 PM

    Who do you want to be? Ray's GF

    Killjoy Name? Sunshine Sublime

    Real Name? (unless you never answer to it) Sabrina or Sabby

    Age? 22 (feel free to change)

    Personality? Eccentric, outgoing, nosy, curious, adventurous, honest, caring, humorous, perverted, nostalgic, easily amused, bubbly, creative, fast thinker and smooth talker. Likes a good challenge. A little smart in the mouth. Masters in the art of Sarcasm. Intelligent.

    Appearance? black down to shoulders with red and neon blue highlights, fringe that's parted to the left and worn straight. Layered like there's no tomorrow. Dark brown eyes, tan skin, slender with long legs, a little lanky. Heartagram tattoo on left wrist. No piercings. Pin up girl style make up.

    Clothes? black ripped jeans, combat boots, white shirt with a black heartagram on it. Purple jacket with lots of zippers. Hot pink converse.. Jelly bracelets and black fingerless gloves.

    Gun or Weapon? Hot pink ray gun with a black heartagram on it (I'm a big fan of HIM can't ya tell :P) Also the number '13' written on it. It's my lucky number.

    Mask? Panda mask with a purple star on the right cheek.

    Backstory of why you joined the Killjoys? Parents are dead, brother is part of BL/Ind and out to get her and make her conform but she doesn't want to. Found the killjoys as sort of means of protection.
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) dancingdragon 2011-05-15 04:42:41 PM

    Who do you want to be?extra members of parts killjoy

    Killjoy Name? DancingDragon

    Real Name? (unless you never answer to it)Jenna or J

    Age?14 (but feel free to change

    Personality?smart and cunning.very friendly and caring.a VERY VERY good medic

    Appearance?long brown hair with black tips that make it look like it singed at the brownish eyes and likes to smile alot :)

    Clothes?orange and black leeather jacket and black skinny jeans.

    Gun or Weapon? neon orange raygun

    Mask?orange with black lines coming from the eyeholes

    Backstory of why you joined the Killjoys?family was killed by BLI and she likes to rebel.the pills do not work on her so she sees through BLIs disguise.
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-05-15 04:55:28 PM

    mikey's gf

    Killjoy Name? Electric Static

    Real Name? (unless you never answer to it) Lacie Evans

    Age? 16

    Personality? loud, outgoing, and fun. she speaks her mind which sometimes gets her introuble. loving, energetic, and majority of the time hyper. she is very eccentric, quick witted, and knows how to get out of situations, especially break ins/outs. gets extremely hyper when eating skittles (so is most of the time banned from them) you can tell when she's down, she's very easy to read. when she's mad, she will run off but comes back. really enjoys gay/bi people and hates when people are homophobes. daredevil, but gets scared easily. loves spiders. when she's sad, she plays her bass, or goes to a tree and thinks, sometimes draws. always blasting music. likes to be 'bait' for traps. smart ass. always makes a mess or gets introuble.

    Appearance? long, choppy black hair wth purple and white streaks at the bottom. full lips. a lip ring on right side and nose piercing, along with cartilage on left ear. big gold eyes and long lashes. pouty lips although she smiles alot. a fringe that covers her left eye. average height, athletic. skin that tans easily. makeup is cat style eyeliner.
    has 'freak' burned into her forearm from bullying. but she thanks the bullies because they have made her stronger.

    Clothes? black motorcyle jacket with the mcr widow logo on right breast pocket. bunches sleeves up with a fishnet long sleeve shirt under it. a tight sleeveless blue shirt with a lightning bolt on the top under the jacket. those gloves that show your knuckles on her left hand. extremely ripped light blue skinnyjeans with fishnets underneath. converse that go up to her shin with checkered laces. a spiked bracelet. often wears sunglasses like the kobra kid ones (idkk what they are called)

    Gun or Weapon? she has a Bli/ind gun after killing a drac while held captive and stealing it

    Mask? just sunglasses(:

    Backstory of why you joined the Killjoys?
    was living in an old comic book store when korse and dracs invaded her and her little brother and parents. she was kidnapped by korse but managed to help her brother scape (he's 14-she doesnt know where he is) korse then blew up her home,, killing her parents. she escaped korse while being tested. he captured her again, she killed the drac watching her and has his raygun. she has been captured several more times and escapes. Korse knows her face, voice, and name (real name and killjoy name) they hate eachother.

    im guessing that everyone basically wants to be mikeys gf so fingers crossed. if you can't decide, i can create another character that Electric Static would date (if thats fine:D) but i'd really love to be mikey's gf.

    if i dont get picked for anything, i promise to still read your story(: xx
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) lolhai 2011-05-15 05:14:23 PM

    You can use my character (Fire Spring) for whatever part you want, it really doesn't matter to me.
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) Heymimusic 2011-05-15 06:32:16 PM

    Members of a group of Killjoys that are friends with Party Poison's group
    Extra members of Party's Killjoy.

    Who do you want to be: either an extra member of Party Poison's group or part of the other group that are friends with Party's group.

    Killjoy Name: Aqua Muse

    Real Name: Kalista , or Kali for short :)

    Age: 22 , but you can change it if you need to , I don't mind :)

    Personality: have you ever Watched Doctor Who ?? Like, the new one with Matt Smith ?? Her mouth is as impulsive as his and she sometimes acts like him :) she helps those who are against BLI and she will take a bullet for any killjoy, even one she doesn't know .

    Appearance: black hair, with a Mood changing tips at the end of her shoulder length layered hair :D she's Hispanic, and her eyes change color from brown to a greenish brown

    Clothes: she wears a Black and red leather vest without sleeves, showing her pale arms and needle marks. She wears fingerless gloves that have a mini wallow talkie in them to communicate with other killjoys. Her black skinny jeans are splattered with red paint and rips ate also on them and her belt is rainbow colored . She wears black combat boots. She also carries a dark blue fanny pack that can fit almost anything, even if it looks small.

    Gun or Weapon: her gun changes colors depending on her mood. It's decorated with music notes on it. She has more weapons, like Daggers, crossbows, and poison darts . She just has most of them in her fanny pack

    Mask: yeah ! Her mask a black, white , and red harlequin mask with the visual effect of blood crying from an eye.

    Backstory of why you joined the Killjoys: she was captures by BLI to be a guinea pig test subject , but escaped after two months of living there all drugged up . The pills didn't work on her, but her blood is tainted which can be good or bad depending on the situation. She's a great asset to the killjoys because of her blood, which allows her to be immune to the pills and can control and communicate with dracs . The bad part is that Korse can control her while she's sleeping , thus her cause for insomnia and love of Coffee . She doesn't know what she does when she's sleeping because Korse found a way to erase her memory during the sleeping episodes. She can remember slight bits of what she did, but not completely . Korse has already tried to kidnap her, but has failed miserably. She questions why he doesn't have the dracs kill her, but Korse wants her alive as his personal puppet by his side and use her to lure the fabulous killjoys right into his trap. She has a crush on Mikey!

    Author's response

    This is really good. Can I change your group though? You would fit in perfectly in the group that finds Crimson Tide. Mostly because of your backstory. You would get to hang with Party and the boys but it won't be till later in the story.
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) missfunghoul57 2011-05-15 06:53:50 PM

    Who do you want to be? Either Ray of Mikey's gf, but if not anyone!

    Killjoy Name? Lethal Melody

    Real Name? (unless you never answer to it) Eva

    Age? However old you need me to be

    Personality? When you first meet me I'm very quite. As you geet to know me I'm very bubbly, energetic, and loud, but I'm also very motherly, caring and as my friends put it 'the nicest shoulder to cry on'

    Appearance? A little short, but pretty darn skinny! Dark brown hair with natural curl that comes a little past my shoulder. Quite pale and brown eyes. I do wear makeup but not very much. I also have a pair of black and white glasses that I'm suppost to wear, but I rarely do! Ears are pierced, and recently got my nose pierced.

    Clothes? Skinny and distressed jeans, mostly solid tops, but every once in a while I'll whip out the lace and floral! Combat boots and converse EVERY day Mostly simple things that don't draw too much attention to me. On old leater jacket that used to belong to my brother.

    Gun or Weapon? Red gun with little multi-colored stars over it. Always keeps a pocket knife in my boot.

    Mask? Black with little white music notes all over it

    Backstory of why you joined the Killjoys? After older brother was taken captive by the dracs, decided to try to save him by becoming a killjoy. All she dreams of doing, is being able to see him again, Sometimes, she will cry her slef to sleep thinking of him.

    Have fun with the fic! Please update soon...I love it!
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) Heymimusic 2011-05-15 08:19:55 PM

    No, I don't mind ! ^_^ you can do any changes you want to :)
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) xxKilljoysxx 2011-05-15 08:21:26 PM


    Who do you want to be: Mikey's Girl or a friend of Party poison's group.

    Killjoy Name: Blondie Valentine( get called Blondie or Bee).

    Real Name: Romy Patten

    Age:14(but you can change it, I won't mind at all)

    Personality: rebellious, caring, bubbly, Protective, shoulder to cry on, energetic, optimistic, brave, devoted, creative, hard working, honest, open minded, trustworthy, realistic, alert, calm, easy going but can't hold uup well under stress or pressure and can snap and become agressive, sometimes lack in self control, loud!, risk taker, impatient.

    Appearance: Tall, rather slim, dyed platinum blonde hair, fringe that sweeps over my left eye, and my hair is dead straight and goes to mid-back. pale skin, greeny blue eyes, smilely(:

    Clothes:ripped dirty white mini shorts , grey doc martens with knee high black socks, A red singlet that has the mcr widdow spider on the front, A black biker jacket, a black heart necklace that belonged to my sister (says Ariana- my sister's name).

    Gun or Weapon: I have a red ray gun, and carry a blade in my jacket.

    Mask: Deep purple with a large black love heart on it.

    Backstory of why you joined the Killjoys: Hugely against bl/ind and to find my big sister who was taken. Grew up in a bad environment, at school got bullied so I switched schools with my older sister who was the 'popular' one of the school but she was still my best friend, she treated me no differently or anything(: At my school I'm ignored, just blended into the walls. Even though I got into a lot of trouble no one really seemed to care, not even my family, I was basically invisable to all but my sister.My Mom died when I was 2 years old in a car accident and my dad left us with his sister a short time after that because he sort of 'lost it' and I havn't heard from him since, Aunt Belle never really spoke of him. My sister is missing, she was taken from me by BL/ind and I have no way of contacting her or even knowing if she's alive but I wont stop looking untill i have answers and if she's harmed in anyway the basterd who did that to her will regret it..

    Sorry if mine is really long..

    Thank you! I can't wait to read it! Hope I can help you(: xxx

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