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Some of the results but I still need more people.

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  • It's Audition Time

    (#) Bad_Romance 2011-05-16 02:22:06 PM

    So what I need from you please are

    Who do you want to be? With party and the boys

    Killjoy Name? Diamond Sky

    Real Name? (unless you never answer to it)Kat

    Age? 21

    Personality? Happy, bubbly, keeps emotions inside, but once they open up, really shows emotions.

    Appearance? Long blonde/grey hair, bright blue eyes. Tall as Frank, slender figure with curves.

    Clothes? Skinny black jeans, white vest top with red stars, red leather jacket, not full length reaches waist. boots that have slight heel on them.

    Gun or Weapon? Gun, white

    Mask? Gold, with black swirls on, just covers eyes.

    Backstory of why you joined the Killjoys: found by dr d, when 13. Brought up to be a killjoy.
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-05-16 02:25:43 PM

    i'll create a guy for your story(:

    name: Tainted Battery

    real name: Seth

    group: wherever he fits.(:
    fancies Electric Static, she fancies him xD

    appearance: dark brown hair with a fringe covering most of left eye. goes almost to shoulders. scar through right eyebrow down to cheekbone from fighting bli/ind. tall, athletic.

    personality: smart, dark, funny, witty. great escape and con artist. hates seeing people he loves hurt. loves comic book, plays the drums. good sketcher and painter. loves to fight. strong about his beliefs. straight but doesnt mind bi/gay. he loves their presence. knows how to deal with hyper people. confident in himself and friends. if he likes/wants something, he goes for it. speaks his mind. sarcastic. believes in miracles. loves dogs and driving cars. sleeps and zones out alot. likes to save people, modest, claims he's not a hero. got out of suicide and is now against it.

    past: always been a misfit. lived a fairly good life before the 2012 fires. when korse came for him, his parents joined them because they wanted to be safe, and live the same perfect life. he however, ran away. his little brother tried to follow him and bit korse really hard, so the dracs killed him. they sliced him, right in front of Tainted Battery. escapes korse alot. revengeful after what happened with his bro. he's brave.

    vampire mask.
    gun is neon yellow with paint all over it.

    outfit: black skinny jeans and classic, dirty doc martens. gunbelt. studded belt. a ratty, dirty, sleeveless shirt (he doesnt care too much for his appearance) wears aviators.

    need anything else, just ask:) xx
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-05-16 02:28:01 PM

    there's already a seth xD
    his name is james:3
    if thats taken, than logan.
    if thats taken, then BLAHHHH....make up somethin xD xx

    Author's response

    Actually, I had a funny scene started in my head with the Dual Seths. So if you don't mind I can leave his name as Seth as well.
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-05-16 02:47:31 PM

    thats completely fine:D
    glad i could help xx
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) Heymimusic 2011-05-16 03:15:23 PM

    Okay, so My stepbrother wants to be a part of this, but he doesn't have a ficwad account (loser XD) So here is his audition:

    Who do you want to be: In Violent Stripes Group or Finding Crimson Tide

    Killjoy Name:Hurricane Banshee (goes by Ban or Bane)

    Real Name: Omar

    Age: 22

    Personality: extremely intelligent,a bit impulsive, has a sharp tongue. he's nice to his friends, but it takes him a bit to get used to new killjoys. he is very protective of his friends, especially Aqua Muse since she is his Step-sister. He dislikes it when people say they act alike, but there's no denying that fact. He has some crude humor.

    Appearance: Hispanic, has Black layered hair that reaches his shoulders. his bangs almost cover his green-blue eyes, but you can still see them clearly. he has one tattoo on each wrist, one saying, "Protect" and the other saying "Remember". he and Aqua muse look like they could be twins or siblings, but they aren't related by blood.

    Clothes: He has a ripped up Green t-shirt with a black sleeveless leather jacket. he also has green and black fingerless gloves. his jeans are black with little bits of green splattered all around and has black combat boots

    Gun or Weapon: His green raygun has a sentence written on each side, one side saying "Live for those who died" and the other saying "I'll protect her, I swear." He also carries gas around in case they have to make a quick escape.

    Mask: he has a light purple mask with white clouds on them, sort of representing a dream.

    Backstory of why you joined the Killjoys: After BLI destroyed his house they were living in, Omar found his step-mom dying on the floor. She told him that they came for Aqua, and he promised to find her and protect her as her last dying wish. He spent two months searching for her, and found her collapsed on a dried up riverbed. After that, they made a blood pact, causing him to gain some of her abilities. because of it, he can communicate with her through some kind of telepathy that's only between them and can tell when Korse is using her. He warns everyone what Korse's actions will be and what to do when it happens. luckily, Korse doesn't know about this. He wants the best for Aqua and will give up anything to protect her.

    So Yeah, that's my Stepbrothers ! He doesn't understand anything about killjoys, he's a recent fan x) but he can sure as hell make up some pretty awesome characters ! :D
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) lolhai 2011-05-16 04:52:28 PM

    Yeeee thank you for accepting my character! :3
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-05-17 06:39:00 AM

    here's another boy for violent stripes:D

    btw; tainted battery has big, vivid green eyes. they stand out.


    killjoy name: Living Dead

    real name: Logan

    age: whatever fits your cast

    personality: very shy. spends alot of time in the dark alone, thinking. doesn't talk much, but is an important asset because he knows more than he should. caring, resentful and revengful toward bli/ind. sarcastic. can be funny when he talks. tainted battery and electric static really try to talk to him, and eventually he gives in (electric static can get reeaaalllyy annoying). very quick witted and has good instincts. fast runner. a protector of his friends.

    looks: extremely thin, like too thin. tall. dark brown eyes. black hair that reaches his chin and keeps the top gelled back (very black parade era mikey:D)

    clothes: grey jeans and an old misfits shirt. red/crimson jacket and black docmartens. wears a wristband (although never cuts)

    gun: solid black with one red stripe.

    mask: a day of the dead looking skull mask. kinda black parade like, but not exactly. you get the idea.

    backstory: just a killjoy that keeps running. was given pills and tested by bli/ind so much that he is kinda immune to whatever. he was brainwashed by them, so knows alot of their plans (he was originally supposed to work for them) but managed to escape, helping other killjoys along the way.

    so there you go:) hope this helps. xx
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) circusfreak7 2011-05-17 09:30:51 AM

    Who do you want to be? Party's group

    Killjoy Name? Detonator Danger Heart
    Danger for short.
    Real Name? (unless you never answer to it) Never Answer to it but : Andrew


    Personality? funny, nice, sometimes a bad temper, violent when needs be.

    Appearance? Tall, gangly, cute, hair red like Gee's.

    Clothes? Red skinny jeans, black shirt(button up), Red sweatbands, purple jacket with the black magic star on it

    Gun or Weapon? Ray gun called , "Bulletproof liberater" black and red with a lightning bolt

    Mask? Yes. Black and red with whatever you want else on it. Just black and red are the colours.

    Backstory of why you joined the Killjoys? ran away from home because everyone was fighting and he couldn't bear it. He was treated like an outcast in school. I'm Not Okay music video describes his old school and he was like one of the guys. An outcast.

    Good luck killjoy!
    Auditioning as a guy although imma girl haha : )
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) circusfreak7 2011-05-17 09:58:41 AM

    Actually if you really need me to i'll be Party's friends group?
  • It's Audition Time

    (#) Heymimusic 2011-05-17 01:54:33 PM

    I just read Our Lady of Sorrows's guy, Logan . I like him ! He Sounds cool ! Maybe Aqua Muse and Living Dead could recognize each other , you know, since they were both tested on and are immune. And since he looks like Black Parade era Mikey, she could like him :D that would be epic !

    Author's response

    I really like the Logan character as well. I'm trying to figure out how to get him from Violent Stripes group into Aqua Muse's group.

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