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American Girl.

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Zaria Armstrong is 13 years old, and has been in an orphanage since she was three when her parents had died in the 9/11 attacks.

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Hello there, and welcome to American Girl. (Yea, I know it's a shitty title; but it was the best I could come up with:P) I go by many names (Mighty Boosh reference! woop!) So you can call me Catie or Valkyrie :]
Here's a quick summary of the story;
Zaria Armstrong is 13 years old, and has been in an orphanage since she was three. Her parents died in the 9/11 attack. When a certain Mr. G Way adopts her 10 years later; will she let him be a father-figure to her? Or will she make him wish he'd never adopted her?
I randomly got inspired for this today, when talking to two of my teachers; (Yea, I'm so uncool that the teachers hang around with me, deal with it;]) So I thought the hell with it; might as well give it a shot. Well... I'm gonna stop babbling... I do have another story that I'm also working on so; forgive me if upddates are slow. Anyway; I'll let you read this now :] byeee!

"The family will be here in 10 minutes! Hurry up Zaria!"

"Oh shut up." Zaria screamed back.

"No. You're going to meet this family! They'll love you! Now get dressed!" Yelled Dannielle.

"Fine." Snapped the 13 year old. Zaria Armstrong, was a 13 year old who had lived in an orphanage for nearly 10 years. Zaria was a pretty girl, her hair was deep red and she always wore it in loose curls. Her eyes were a beautiful emerald green, and her skin tone was pale. But not a bad; ill looking pale; but a smooth, beautiful pale. She was about 5'4 in height; and very slim. She'd lived in the orphanage for so long that she couldn't actually remember who her real parents were. Many families had been in and out of this place looking to adopt kids, and Zaria was never picked. Probably cause she was an "emo" kid, or a "rebel."

"Stupid motherfuckers." She muttered to herself, pulling a Nirvana top over her head and pulling on a pair of black tights and some short shorts. Then she brushed her hair through, and sprayed shit loads of hairspray to make the curls stay in. Then she outlined her green eyes with black eyeliner and slipped her feet into a pair of red converse all stars. After picking at her black nail varnish for a few minutes, she sighed; picked up her iPhone and headphones. She put one headphone into one ear and pressed play. Yeah; she had designer clothes, yeah; she had an iPhone. Why? How could she if she's an orphan? Simple. When they died; a lot of money was left to her. And when she was young, her gran (who was too old to care for her) gave the money to the orphanage and told them that whatever her granddaughter wanted they were to get it for her using that money. About a month later Zaria's gran died. Meaning she had no family left, at all.

"Zaria, get down here! The family are here." called Dannielle. Zaria groaned, this would be yet another disappointment, but hey-ho. Zaria walked down the stairs and into Dannielle's office.

"Hello Zaria; you're looking nice today." Smiled Dannielle.

"Thanks Dan."

"Zaria; this is Mr. Way." Dannielle informed her. Pointing to a tall, redheaded man.

"Holy. Fucking. Shit." Zaria said, disbelievingly.

"Language!" Snapped Dannielle.

"Sorry! But Dannielle; how the hell did you get Gerard Way to want to adopt me?!"

"I got told there was a rebel kid here, who'd been here for years. I thought fuck it; Bandit could use some other kids around. So here I am," Gerard grinned.

"Well... Thanks?" Zaria smiled sarcastically. "Of all the people to be coming to get me... Jayzus!"

"How did you end up in an orphanage?" Gerard asked,

"I dunno," Zaria snapped sarcastically, "Maybe 'cause my parents are fucking dead?!"

"Yup, I like her." Gerard laughed.

"Oh piss off, would you? I mean yeah; I love your band, and I love your music. You guys are awesome. But I will not be treat like some poor little kid." Zaria snapped.

"Fair enough. But I don't wanna be treat like some kinda asshole, 'cause I ain't." Gerard replied.

"Fine by me." Zaria laughed, warming up to him a little. She was always like this with new families, or couples. She liked to test them, 'cause if they couldn't handle a little outburst like that; well they wouldn't be to handle her.

"Well, I'll leave you two to learn more about each other. And if you still want to adopt Zaria, Mr. Way, we can do that when I return." Dannielle smiled leaving the room.

"Okay, tell me about you first." Gerard grinned.

"Okay, my name is Zaria Armstrong; I'm 13 years old and I'm American. My birthday is October 31st, my favourite colours are red, black and purple. I've been here since I was three years old. My parents died in the fall of the twin towers, I would have been placed in my Gran's care but she was too old and suffering from cancer. She died about 6 months after I was put in this place. I've got a lot of band tops, and coverse, I have an iPhone, I've got my own laptop ect, and I only have all this cause my Gran gave the money I was meant to get when I was 18 to the orphanage to make sure I could have the things I wanted. My favourite bands are; My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Black Flag, Misfits, Paramore, Black Veil Brides, Avenged Sevenfold, Muse, The Blackout, Good Charlotte, Guns N Roses, Bring Me The Horizon, Blink 182, Green Day, 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, Bullet For My Valentine, Hollywood Undead and many more. Your turn." Zaria grinned.

"Well... I think I kinda got that. Okay, my name is Gerard Way, I'm 34 years old and I'm American. My birthday is April 9th, my favourite colours are black and blue. I have a wife called Lyn-Z, and a daughter called Bandit. I saw the fall of the twin towers and that inspired me to start my band, My Chemical Romance. I'm sorry to hear about your family. My bandmates are like family to me as well as Lyn-Z, Bandit and hopefully you. Frank and Jamia have two kids, Ray and Christa don't have any and neither do Mikey and Alicia. Mikey is my little brother and best friend, it's always been that way. My favourite bands... Hmm... pretty much the same as yours." Gerard replied.

"This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Zaria smiled.

"Friendship?" Gerard questioned. "I'm adopting you,"

"Yeah, but I can't think of you as a Dad. Not yet anyway, so lets just keep it as friends yeah?" Zaria explained.

"That's fine by me sugar," He laughed, Zaria smiled and hugged him.

"Thanks for getting me outta this hellhole." She whispered.

"No problem, now go start packing while me and Dannielle sort out the details." He laughed as Dannielle walked back in.

"Well?" She asked.

"I'm going to live with Gerard." Zaria grinned, bounding out of the room and up to her bedroom.

"Thank you, Mr. Way. She's been here far too long. It'll be sad to see her go, but she'll be happier for it." Dannielle laughed.

"No problem, well she's gone to pack. So show me where to sign and then I'll go help her." Gerard smiled, pulling a pen out of his pocket. It took about 15 minutes to sort out all the proceedures, once everything was signed and in order, Dannielle took him to Zaria's room.

"Just gimme a shout if you need anything," Dannielle told him, and walked off to deal with some of the other children. Gerard smiled, and knocked on the door.

"Come in," Zaria yelled.

"Hey kiddo, you ready?" Gerard asked.

"Yeah, nearly... Just making sure I've got everything. I can fit all my clothes into one bag, and my laptop and iPod will go into my other bag. Do I need anything else?" She asked, throwing all her make up into the big bag.

"No, we've got paint and stuff at home so you can decorate your room however you like. And theres a big wardrobe, and a king size bed for you. Oh and the wives are begging to take you to Hot Topic." Gerard laughed, "And Mikey's dying to meet you, Frankie just wants to know if you're gonna steal his skittles, Ray's praying you won't put pencils in his 'fro and me? Well I'm just glad you're joining our little family."

"Little? That's feckin' huge!" Zaria laughed, "But thanks Gerard. I mean it."

"No problem... Things are gonna be awkward at first, you do know that don't you?"

"Yeah..." She sighed, "but I'll survive! Come on, lets get outta here." She laughed grabbing her bags.

"Don't you have anyone you want to say goodbye too?"

"Nah, I'll say goodbye to Dannielle." Zaria grinned, bounding out the door. "Dannielle!" She yelled.

"Yeah honey?"

"I'm going now," Zaria smiled.

"Alright, well good luck." Dannielle smiled, hugging her tight. "Write to me every now and then yeah?"

"Of course, m'dear." Zaria laughed, hugging her back. "Well, see yah!"

And with that Gerard and Zaria left. They were soon approaching Gerard's house, and Zaria was suddenly overcome with a terrible amount of nerves.
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