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Shooting Outta This Room

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Meet Violent Stripes

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Author’s Note: Ok so after kicking my boyfriend off the TV so I could watch Dancing with the Stars and then calling to talk to my mom about said program. I am finally ready to post my update.

Kiki stared out the window of the Hatchback. The desert seemed to stretch on forever in every direction. She sighed, “The fires really destroyed everything.”

Seth nodded, “Yeah, most of the world looks like this now. I’m hoping we can find a gas station somewhere out here. I don’t think we have enough gas to make it to Zone One. Man, Battery City definitely made it difficult to ever leave there.”

Kiki pulled out her silver sharpie. She wanted to redraw some of her doodles. Starting on her left arm, she started drawing a rough rainbow. Seth glanced over at her, “You know it’s just the two of us here. No need to start to withdraw because we ran out of conversation.”

Kiki smiled, “I’m not withdrawing, I’m drawing.”

Seth laughed at the lame joke, “Ok, ok. So do you want to stay in Zone One when we get there?”

Suddenly, a light seemed to flash past the car. Seth swerved to the side, “What the hell was that?”

Kiki glanced out the back, “There is a car with some guys maybe in white. I. I think they are shooting at us.”

Seth pushed the car harder, “Why would they be shooting at us?”

Seth felt the car pull. The tire was gone. He pulled the car to a stop, “We gotta run.”

They each grabbed their bags from the backseat and got out of the car. Kiki took off running. She was never very fast but before she had never had someone shooting at her. A voice yelled out, “If you stop now, we won’t shoot.”

Kiki stopped. She turned around to see Seth had stopped as well. Three men were standing outside their black car. Two were in wearing all white and weird Dracula masks. The one in the middle was the tall bald man she had seen at the college. Why was he here? Seth yelled to them, “Why are you shooting at us?”

The bald man smirked, “I’m Korse. I work for Better Living Industries. I just want to talk to you.”

Seth moved closer to Kiki, “Yeah and what if we don’t want to talk to you?”

Korse narrowed his eyes, “You don’t have much of a choice.”

Suddenly, a bright flash of light erupted at Korse’s feet. A voice yelled out, “Next one will hit you Korse.”

Korse looked over to the left. Kiki and Seth glanced over there as well. They saw a boy about their age, with very light blonde hair with dark black streaks through it. A black gun was in his hand pointed at Korse and the two men. Korse lowered his gaze back at Seth, “Keep running if you want. I will find you.”

Korse and his two men got into their car and drove off. The young man came down next to them, “Hey guys. Sorry to bust in on your party with Korse but it looked like you didn’t have any ray guns.”

Kiki glanced at Seth. He shrugged at her, “Ray guns?”

The boy held up his gun, “Yeah, a ray gun. You know a gun that shoots laser beams at such a high velocity and temperature that it sears the skin and can even cut through a person?”

Kiki and Seth shook their heads. Seth halted, “Wait, those fancy new guns that Better Living is working on.”

The boy laughed, “Working? They finished those months ago. I stole mine from a Drac.”

Kiki lifted her right eyebrow as though saying, ‘what is a drac?’

The boy looked around, “Seriously. You guys new to the zones or something. A Drac. Those guys with Korse. Mind dead human killing ex-people. Oh I’m Violent Stripes by the way.”

Seth cocked his head, “Violent Stripes?”

Stripes nodded, “Yeah. Most of us don’t go by our real names anymore. Once we became Killjoys, we gave up those names.”

Seth smiled, “I’ve heard of the Killjoys.”

Stripes smirked, “Good things I hope. Well, I have to get back to my group. You guys are welcome to come with me.”

Violent Stripes started walking. Seth turned to Kiki, “Should we follow him?”

Kiki looked over to where Violent Stripes was walking, “I don’t know.”

Seth sighed, “I know you are scared of new people but I don’t think we will survive out here.”

Kiki nodded, “Ok.”

Seth grabbed Kiki’s hand and ran off after Violent Stripes.

Author’s Note: Ok, so now we meet Violent Stripes. Next chapter we will meet his group. Which I still need people for. Males please. Ok guess that’s it and I should go to bed cause I have work in the morning.
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