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Mommy Dearest

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"Moma? Why are we going to the store?" Danny called from his car seat. "And why isn't daddy coming with us?"

"He's just tired after hunting sweet heart. He would join us if he was half dead." I tell them. They nod, probably still think on what I said. I know that's what I did.

We drove in silence to a small childs store. It has some cute clothes there. I want them to look good for tomarrow. They'll be so cute in their new clothes.

I unstrap Jackie from her seat and shut the door. Danny unhooked his own and crawled out of the car. I met him at the trunk and took his hand.

"Mommy I like the this pink one." Jackie said, tugging on my sleeve. I turn to her. She has a flower shirt and pink shorts in hand.

I go on my knees to her eye level. I take it into my hand and smile. "It's perfect." I pick her up and swing her over my shoulder.

"Weee!" She giggled. "I love you mommy!"

"I love you too." I smile and hug her closely.

"Momma! I don't know what to get." Danny said. Ah...This is why I didn't want boys.

"Here, how about this nice shirt with a car on it?" I ask, pulling him to a rack with the red shirt.

"I don't care." He shrugs. I wish he would have told me that before! I rip the shirt off the rack and head to the check out.

The bored looking teenager scanned the clothes. "30.50." She said through her bubble gun, green/brown eyes not meeting mine. I hand her the card. She rolls her eyes and swiping it. "Thank you and come again."

I smile and take my bag. As soon as I turn, the smile turns into an annoyed frown. Not in the mood sweet heart.

"Where we going next?" Danny asked.

"Home. I have to ask your father a few things." Or rather tell him something but asking sounds so much better.

After I made sure the clothes were ready for tomarrow, I went searching for my husband. But where else would he be then right were I left him?

I approach the rock a hit him awake. "Aiden! waky waky! Do you know where my old shirt is? You know, the one I first came here in?"

His eyes blinked open. He raised himself on his fore arms and looked at me. "Uh- yeah. It's right over here with the rest of your stuff. Why do you need it?"

"I want to see if it still fits."


"Because we're seeing my mother tomarrow."
O.o mommy dearest! AHHH! How will Aiden react?! What will she tell her mom?! ALL THAT AND MORE IN THE NEXT CHAPTER IN CHOSEN WOLF! Well my little minions (You know, like the ones from despicable me?! XD )There's only one more chapter left. Only one more to go until you say good by to Dylan Aiden Ron Dante Lizzy Danny Jackie and the rest of the pack, but not forever:) The second shall come! All in the next chapter. Every one who reads andf loves this please try to reviews and go on a computer cough aeolist cough I LOVE YOU ALL BECAUSE YOUR FULL OF AMAZINGNESS AND UNICORNS! ~JS~
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