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Let Me In

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Do you know your neigbor's? Sometimes the people we live beside are not always what we except. Tokio Hotel/Orginal fic.

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We all meet strangers in our lives it’s an everyday thing. Even those who lived right next door to us are strangers, until you get to know them or so you think. I was just an every day girl I was photographer, I’ve travel around the world, nothing special about me. My best friend Elena was working on her own clothing line, we were just normal girls trying to live our dreams.

Living in LA was a dream its self, I never thought I would make it here. I had almost a normal life I didn’t have a love life, which my job took over for that to happen. I was a shy, out going person who had anxiety, like I said almost normal life.

It all started late in the summer Elena and me were on break from our jobs. When I notice the house next to us was being moved in, we never knew our old neighbor since we were hardly ever home. Our neighborhood was a private place, no one ever bother you. As I watch the movers, my eyes feel on two tall guys who were carrying boxes in. One guy was tall who wore baggie clothes crow rolls in his hair. My eyes feel onto the other guy, was a little bit taller then other one. He wore a black t-shirt and skinny blue jeans, with a hat on his head, you could easy tell those two were twins; all I could do was stare.

It’s amazing how someone can just move next door and it ruins your life forever. I won’t lie not all of it was ruin until it all happen, that’s when I lost my life that I once knew. I would never see the world again, I would never touch my camera again; I would never laugh again. Everything was taking away from me, all because two guys moved in next door.

Never in my life did I think that would do the day my life would change forever. If I could go back and not have let them in, I would in a heartbeat.

I'm back! Its been a while, I know. Reveiws?
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