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The beginning.

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Time:December 15 12:36 p.m. 2004
Place:Super Comics Comic-book store
People In Shop:Mikey Way and Frank Iero

"What do you think Gee will want for Christmas?" Frank asked as he laced his fingers with Mikey's.
"I don't know, probably something with a lot of gore. Maybe we should try the movie store instead and get him a classic horror movie." Mikey said with a smile as he started to pull Frank over to the action figures with a small smile. Frank laughed a little.
"And which one of these do you want Mikes?" Frank asked as he poked Mikey.
"Hmm...I think I already have like...all of these." Mikey frowned and it made Frank smile even more.
"Don't worry, I'll find something to buy you." Frank said kissing Mikey's cheek sloppily.
"I know." Mikey said and his phone started to ring. He pulled it out, noticing that it happened to be Gerard who was calling him. "Hey Gee what's up?" Mikey said with a smile as he pulled Frank out of the shop, both of them deciding there wasn't anything good to buy.
"You have to go to mums house okay? Like right now." The voice that came over the phone was not that of his brothers, but rather an imitator that sounded like he was strangled with tears.
"What happened?" Mikey asked as he walked hand in hand with Frank to his old car.
"Just get your ass over her, okay?" Gerard said and with that the line went dead. Mikey got into the passenger seat, huddling into his coat as Frank got in the driver seat.
"What was that about?" Frank asked as he turned the ignition on, Mikey watching Frank's every movement, loving the way his hot breath condensed to make slight puffs of moisture in the cold air.
"We need to go see my mum. I'm not sue why though, Gee won't tell me." Mikey said and Frank nodded, waiting for the car to warm up before turning on the heat and driving out of the parking lot. The car ride was silent, Mikey staring out the window while biting his lip, happy that he took his anxiety medicine, yet nervous for the news that was bound to come.
In the Way family, good news was always transferred in any way possible. But bad news had to be told in person. Which meant that what ever was waiting at his moms house, was bound to be bad. Or an odd surprise.
They pulled into the drive at the old house, worn from years of bad weather. It was a brick house, with white paneling over it; only one floor above the ground, and then the basement. Vines had started to grow up where the paneling had been knocked off and the brick showed clearly. There were two doors, one in the front and one in the back. A variety of windows littered the front of the house, a few decorating the sides and back. Mikey took a quick glance at one of the windows that showed part of the living room. He could see more than just his mother and his brothers figure in the house.
Frank rang the doorbell, and it was Bob who answered, a shock to both of the boys who stood out in the bitter cold air.
"Their in the living room." Bob said sullenly. Frank took Mikey's hand, lacing it with his own as they nervously walked into the living room.
"What's going on?" Mikey asked as he sat next to his mom on the couch. Gerard was crying, and Ray was holding two hot cups of tea to calm Mikey's other family members. Donna looked up at her child and gave a weak smile.
"Adam's sick. They said that there's a chance that he could make it, but that it's really slim." She said while she took one of the mugs out of Ray's hand to take a sip. Mikey felt his heart drop. If there was anyone in the world that he was close to other than his mother and his friends, it would be his uncle. It was unfathomable to think that someone he talked to on a regular biases and had an amazing relationship with was dying. To him, it was equal to having his brother die. Frank wrapped his arm around Mikey's thin waist in a sad attempt to comfort him.
"I think I'm going to go lie down." Mikey said in a voice void of emotion, matching his emotionless face. He started to walk back to his old room, Frank close behind, but Gerard stopped him, offering the basement as a better place to rest. The three of them descended down the steps, into the cold dark room that was Gerard's. It wasn't the first time the three of them shared a bed, in fact, it wasn't even close. The three of them had a relationship that no one else could really understand, acting like lovers to each other half the time, the other half just being close friends.
Gerard locked the door as Mikey got in the soft bed he had rested in some many other nights before. Frank got in next to him, curling around him with his arm around Mikey's waist while Gerard turned the lights off. He rested his head on Franks, feeling the warmth from his brother and his best friend.
That was how he fell asleep that night, in the arms of his brother and childhood friend.


Thanks to mental_escapist who reviewed last chapter. I love urban legends as well, this one in particular, being the video game junkie that I am. Hope you don't totally hate it.
-xoxo Pansy
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