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Paint these walls in pitch fork red

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Errhh. I really don't know xD

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So yeah this is just a filler thingy I suppose. Oh fine I have no idea I'm just bullshitting! xD I have no idea how this chapter is going to tun out, it's literally just improvisation through writing at the moment. It could all CHANGE bahahahhaah (: x
Keep running.
-Malori (: x

The next few days went by so quickly, me and the guys were becoming such good friends, I had even been invited round Mikey's house for a movie night the upcoming saturday along with Ray and Frank, what with the four of us being horror freaks.

I had also gotten the chance to meet Isabella, Frank's girlfriend who actually turned out to be real and as short as him. She managed to come about four days into the new semester, her hair a lovely bright red and short and layered. Her eyes surrounded by a sharp defined black eyeliner and her skin almost as pasty a mine. She was wearing a Blink-182 t shirt and black and white vertically striped skinny jeans. When she first met me she held out her hand and pulled the same middle finger "magic trick" prank that Frank always performs. Even though I've only known her for a couple of weeks, she has become a fairly good friend of mine, being the only other girl in the group so we could relate easily. She and Frank seem to be very serious, and both of them say they've been in raltionships before but nowhere near this deep.

Anyway, back to this movie night thing, because of it all Isabella had suggested we have a night too, on the Friday before so we can get to know eachother. She also said she'd invite a couple of other friends too, but she was understanding about my awkwardness.
"Heey, don't worry I'm nearly as awkward alot of the time" She laughed.
"Ahh well are these guys nice?"
"Hey, yeah they are. I'm only inviting my two closest friends. Katya's about as mean as a unicorn and Mia's a fucking social retard with new people" she responed light heartedly.

I laughed as she said this and soon after Mikey came along.
"Heey, I saw you and Bells talking, like her?" He enquires, as we leave school and start walking.
"Yeaah, she seems over all very down to earth and kind."
"Well, she always puts other first, she wants what's best for everyone else."
"Aww a bit like you then Mikey?" I say smiling, especially when he blushes.
"Well, I wouldn't say that" he replied still blushing.
"Look you know it's true" I say to him.
"Well, I just hope you find more about her friends for me" he says jokingly as we stand outside my house.
"Haha! Of course." I reply laughing, hugging him lightly and going inside, to repeat the same old routine, now eager for the weekend.

Well, it's really short..but my time on the laptop is a little limited at the moment. REVISION -.- Well hope you enjoy R&R, it never goes unnapreciated.
-Malori (: xx
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