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Chapter 1

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“He did it… again. This is the 5th death this week!” I said throwing the newspaper on the coffee table.

"What makes you think Gerard did it? It could have been Mikey, Frank, or possibly Ray.” My best friend Brandy said.

“It couldn’t have been Mikey, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s a vegetarian remember? And Ray doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. But Frank likes to set up traps and shit like that to lure us in.” Brenda (Brandy’s girlfriend) said. Did I mention that both are dating and they live with me??

“I still think it’s Gerard though.” I said “Why do you hate Gerard so much Lily?” Brandy asked. My shoes suddenly became very interesting. “You-“ She got cut off when we heard the sound of glass breaking up stairs.

We all grabbed our stakes and slowly made our way up stairs. We went into the hall way and opened the door to Brenda’s room. I saw a little blur that knocked Brandy out.

I was stunned and staring at Brandy like an idiot to do anything, I didn’t even notice the person until he/she giggled.
“Miss me?” none other than Frank Iero said with a huge grin on his face.


I know the first chapter sucked but I promise that future chapters will be way better than this. And I'm also sorry that it's short. :/ I will introduce you all soon
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