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Ash-lees pov

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Ashlees POV

I was confused. If she wanted to dance – why did she drag him outside? I followed them as far as the windows that faced the garden, as I watched, to my horror, her face got closer and closer to franks, I wanted so much to cry out, run into the garden and take frank away, the feeling was made one thousand times worse when their lips finally met, I let out a sound my body didnt recognise I ran right through to the front of the house and out into the drive, where no one could see me cry

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I sobbed for a while until I heard footsteps behind me,
“Ashlee?” it was frank, I didn’t want to talk to him – I didn’t even want to look at him,
“go away frank.” I said, getting up and walking away from him,
“but Ash-lee...”
“No frank, shouldn't you be in there” I sneered, turning and motioning towards the massive house “dancing with Jessica... among other things” I said, turning back round tears springing back into my eyes.
“but its you that I want to dance with..” he said, walking towards me “ I, i...”
“You what frank? Spit it out” I snorted, I didn't want to show the fact that my heart was ripping in two.
“ I – I “ he stuttered again
“you cant even Finnish your sentence, that’s what you cant do” I ran, faster that I had ever ran before.

I ran all the way home and then up into the rafters if the barn, flinging myself onto the straw sobbing my heart out, I swear I had never cried so much in my life. It was a good ten minuets before I heard footsteps on the ladders, I cursed myself silently, I hadn’t lifted the ladders in my haste. I was still lying face down in the straw not wishing to move. I felt someone lie down next to me and pull me onto their chest. I carried on sobbing even though I knew it was frank, I knew his smell – like a sweet husky smell that I loved.“i love you, no one else.” he said finally,
he laughed a little “yes really”
“but what about what happened with Jessica?” I asked, looking up at him
he had a disgusted look on his face “she is no where near as beautiful as you, on the inside and the outside you surpass her in every way and I will do anything to let you know how much you mean to me.” he said, his face nearing mine “i love you, and I will always love you” he planted his lips on mine before I could answer. His kiss was strong and passionate, I returned it, making the kiss deeper. Pluses like electric shocks pulsated through me every time we touched. He kissed away the tears that had just fell before placing his lips on mine once more.
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