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I Brought You My Love

by annabel-lee 5 Reviews

If you've read my story "The Only One For Me(?)" then you'll catch on to what's going on quickly. If you haven't read it then I suggest you read from "Lunch Time With Mikey and The Gang" to the end.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2011/04/29 - Updated: 2011/04/29 - 330 words

Hey guys! This is the intro for my Mikey and Alex story. Mikey's Point Of View!

I nervously picked my phone.

Mikey: Hey, wanna hang out?
Alex: Don't I always? : ) Where with whom?
Mikey: The mall. Just you and me
Alex: I'd love to!
Mikey: May I pick you up?
Alex: Depends, are you sure you can lift someone as heavy as me? : )
Mikey: LoL Alex, you're what? 90 pounds?
Alex: How should I know?
Mikey: May I drive you to the mall?
Alex: Only if you carry me bridal style to the car
Mikey: ?
Mikey: Sure, deal.
Alex: I was only kidding Mikes, but thank u : )
Mikey: Oh...
Alex: LoL
Mikey: What time should I come?
Alex: ...that sounds a little sexual...when ever u feel like it?
Mikey: u can't see it, but I just rolled my eyes. I'll see u L8r then?
Alex: When ever you feel like coming, let me know! ; )
Mikey: Will do.

There's no way she serious, but I wish she was. Then again, she was probably talking about when ever I felt like coming over to pick her up, let her know. Doesn't she have that thing with her art at that art gallery next week? I bet she doesn't own a single fancy dress to wear and I know her mom wouldn't buy her one. There's a nice, dress-selling, store at the mall that she went to before, isn't there? I remember her telling me about it. I just got a bonus at my job, I could use it to pay for a dress for her! I started to come up with a plan.

So...Do you like it? It's short, I know but it's meant as a preview. Only up to four chapters left for The Only One For Me(?), most likely only two, maybe only one. I haven't decided yet. By the way, Mikes and Alex are still only friends (even though their texts lead you to think they're dating).
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