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Chapter Fourteen - Frank

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The sweet smell of Mom's incense tickled my nose when I walked through the living room. Last night, her circle casting went very wrong. They'd tied to call the healing powers of the earth and accidentally caused a mini earthquake.

I took a deep breath, catching the sweet scent of white sage, the clinging bitterness of bay and the calming essence of cloves. The beautifully stinging bitterness of my black addiction touched my nose. My eyes snapped open and I ran, jumping over the island and sliding over the smooth surface.

I came to a hard stop, crossing my legs and took the coffee from Mom, who rolled her eyes. “And yet it takes you ages to get ready for school.” I rolled my eyes at her and burnt my tongue.

“Mmm!” I gasped, nearly dropping my cup. I pulled it away and waved a hand at my mouth. The heat went down quickly and I let out a breath of relief.

Mom chuckled and I glared at her. My eyes flickered from her face to my cup and back. “You didn't!” I gasped.

She smiled and nodded, pulling her hand around from her back and opening it like she was waving at me. And, hanging from her middle finger with a tightly wound gold chain, was a ruby fire stone that was cut into a five pointed star.

“Hey! You took that from my room!” I whined loudly and held my hand out for my necklace. She giggled and clenched her hand.

When she opened it, her hand was full of orange dust. I held off a groan as she threw it into the air. It reformed there and landed in the palm of my out stretched hand.

I shook my head and blew over the top of my coffee. It frosted over and melted. In two gulps, I downed it. I sat the cup down and snapped my fingers.

My bag flew across the room and landed in my lap....hard. Mom burst out laughing as I groaned. My butt slid off the marble counter and I pulled my bag on, cursing loudly.

“What about the stone?” Mom called after me. I paused at the door. As an after thought, I waved my hand over the little table next to it.

A giant bag of sour fizzle Skittles and a BFC blue Monster shimmered into place on the table. “I'll wear it today. No worries.” I pulled my NO H8 jacket on and grabbed my sugar explosion in waiting.

“Oh for the love of Isis Frank! If you eat all that your stomach'll explode!” Mom said as she poked her head into the hall. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

“That's diet Coke and Mentos.” I snorted and left, closing the door with my foot.

I opened my BFC and it exploded. “Oh shit!” I gasped and closed my mouth around the hole taking a huge gulp. It was so cold going down my throat it felt like I'd swallowed ice.

“Hey Frank!” I heard Gee's voice next to me. I jumped and nearly wet myself. Gee just giggled and held out his copy of Romeo and Juliet. “Sorry kid, but we only have one class and lunch to work on this. And tomorrow we're gonna have to divide lunch for this and the art project.”

I spotted Mikey on their porch, locking the door. “Hey Mikey!” I called to him and looked back at Gee. “You read. You're better at it than me.” I whined softly.

He chuckled and rolled his eyes. The book fell open to the right page. It'd been marked with the most amazing bookmark I'd ever seen.

I stuffed my Monster and Skittles into one hand and reached over, taking the bookmark. On one side, there were doodles that had been colored in, looking like a tattoo sleeve.

There was an 'Invader Zim' symbol, a dragon, Killer toast, but I think my favorite was the detailed Spongebob in the catholic school girls uniform with a thought bubble that read 'I feel hot as a school girl'. Flipping it over, I expected to see move drawings, but was faced with a short poem. It was simple; thick black letters on the white black ground. It was the words that made me a little scared.

Ancient life, sweet sacrifice. Lead us through this bloody night. The evil game we all must play. Is worth the price our souls must pay.

There were symbols at the bottom, but Gee gasped and snatched it out of my hand. My hand stung and started bleeding. I looked at him, my eyes burning with questions and tears. Before I could ask, Mikey walked over to us.

“Hey bro. Hey witch.” he mumbled dully. I wasn't surprised he knew. My name was almost as big as Parduc or Winslow in our world.

“Mikes, Bruce said Nell was gonna be fine. Please stop worrying.” Gee begged his little brother, who slumped his shoulders and sighed. Oh! Idea!

I held off the open packet of Skittles. “Want some?” Mikey's eyes flashed and he smiled. A second passed and he narrowed his eyes at me, his smile falling.

“What'd you do to 'em?” he asked, glancing warily at the green bag in my hand. I opened my mouth to protest when Gee took them from my hand. He rolled his eyes at his brother and poured a hand-full in his mouth.

“Wait!” I tried to stop him but it was to late. His face puckered and he squealed through his nose. Mikey gaped at his brother and glared at me.

Before he could do anything, Gee gasped and shouted. “Sour and fizzy?! You could've warned me Frank!” Mikey relaxed and smiled at me.

“My favorite.” he took the bag and poured a few into his mouth. His face puckered, but not nearly as insanely as Gee's had. He shook his head and swallowed loudly.

I rolled my eyes at Gee, who was watching his brother with wide eyes. “How?!” he shouted at Mikey. I took the bag back and poured about fifteen into my mouth.

“Watch this.” I said around the Skittles. I lifted the Monster and water-falled some into my mouth. It washed over the Skittles, making a sour, tingling foam in my mouth.

I swallowed it and chewed the Skittles as the brothers erupted in laughter. Gee said something about my face and took a picture with his phone. At the last second, I posed. Holding my thumbs up. My face remained pinched and the light flashed.

“That id going to youtube.” Gee threatened me. My face fell and I glared at him. He held his hands up. “Just kidding.” he muttered.

I took another drink of Monster. He opened his book again, tucking the bookmark behind the cover. Mikey paid attention as Gee read.

Once Gee finished the passage, Mikey nudged him with his elbow, “You've been talking to Uncle Gabe, haven't you?” I tilted my head and looked at Gee.

His face went red and he nodded. Mikey burst out laughing. I must have looked as confused as I felt, because Mikey explained.

“Our great-great Uncle Gabe lived through the Burning Times. And he still talks, well, like that.” he said, eying the book in Gee's hands.

“Oh! So thats why you're do good at that!” I turned on Gee. “For a moment there, I thought you were that old.” I muttered softly.

Mikey laughed again and Gee gave me an evil smile, flashing his fangs. “I just might be,” he murmured, pushing through the school doors.

I paused. “But you're not, right?” They kept walking. “Right?!” Gee waved his hand at me over his shoulder.

“See you in English!” Mikey laughed next to him. I grumbled all the way to choir.

Lulu was bouncing in place when my eyes found her. Our eyes met and she bolted over to me. “Frankie! You were almost late!” she scooped me into a bone crushing hug. I gasped and she set – nearly dropped – me back on the floor.

“S-sorry Lulu. Damn you're strong.” I stuttered and looked at the clock. There were two minutes before the bell was even close to ringing. I rolled my eyes at her. “Lulu, what happened last night?” I knew something had happened, from Mikey talking to me to Lulu being quiet.

She filled me in about the attack on the Black Light last night. “Oh Isis! That must have been Nell Parduc!” I whispered and dropped my face into my hands.

Mr. Rayns didn't call the class to order and the bell rang after what felt like minutes. I blinked and looked at the clock again. It was already eight-fifty.

I went through the door and to my English class that was just down the hall. My heart fluttered as I took my seat.

Right on the bell, Gerard walked in and sat next to me. Before Mr. Charlton could stand up, I put my hands under my desk. A pencil and piece of paper formed in either hand.

I put the paper on my desk and wrote a quick note. Well? It folded it tightly and tossed it at him. He jumped and opened it. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pencil.

His head arched over the desk his hair covering his hand. Out of nowhere, the note flicked against my cheek and landed on my desk, making me jump. A tiny giggle sounded next to me and I unfolded it slowly, hearing the paper crackle. I shushed it and the paper fell silent.

Well, I thought I was dead for the first second. Than my head hurt like Hell. I went to the Black Light and got some blood. I felt better. At least until we got attacked :(

I looked at him and Mr. Charlton called the class to order. “Now get with your partners and get to work.” he stressed work. I got a book from the shelf beside me as Gee pulled his copy out of his bag.

We pushed our desks together and leaned in. “I heard about that. Lucile told me last hour. She was there too. Are you sure the blood made you feel better?” I whispered in a rush as we opened our books to our scene.

Before he could answer, Mr. Charlton walked over to us. “And what scene are you boys doing?” he asked, giving us an odd look. My eyes darted around the room. I noticed now that we were the only same sex pair here.

Gee teased the Hell out of Mr. Charlton. “The wedding scene of course.” he put his book down and took my hands, quoting straight from the text. “'Ah, Juliet, if the measure of thy joy be heaped like mine and that thy skill be more to blazon it, then sweeten with thy breath this neighbor air and let rich muses tongue unfold the imagined happiness that both receive in either by this dear in counter.'”

His voice held a light British accent and a heavy undertone of love. The class was silent and staring at him, gaping like me. Mr. Charlton cleared his throat.

“Is that really the scene you're doing?” he asked in a nervous voice. Gee laughed and gave my hand a squeeze before he let go and picked up his book again.

“No. We're going to do the third scene in act one.” Mr. Charlton blinked. I showed him the page in my book. And he nodded.

I rolled my eyes as he walked away. A thought slammed into me and I called him back. “Can I borrow this? Until the projects over.” He nodded, writing my name and the book number down.

Gerard gave me an exasperated look and began, reading for Mercutio. I knew the story – not like he knew it but still – and the only things he was doing that made my 'skillz' pale was how fluently he read and the emotion in his voice.

More than once, I found myself watching his softly blushing lips move and his eyes blaze with taunting, fury and giddiness all at once. When we'd finished our reading, the whole class was staring at us.

I blushed and focused on turning my desk back. Gee gave me a wicked smile from under his hair and we picked up our bags. We walked down the hall together.

“So how old are you, Gerard?” I asked softly, remembering my question. He just smirked and held the door for me.

“Guess,” he purred, brushing my neck discreetly. My heart sped up and I blinked.

“Mmm...Over five thousand?” he shook his head. I bit my lip. “Ugh, I feel like I'm on Price is right. Umm...five hundred?” he shook his head again and a wave of relief washed through me. “Three hundred?” I asked again.

“Lower,” he murmured, his voice husky. I looked at him and was drawn to his eyes. They were blazing as I kept guessing.

“One hundred?” I breathed, getting lost in his eyes. He shook his head and I took a deep breath. “Ninety? Eighty? Seventy? Sixty? Fifty? Forty? Thirty? Twenty?” he held up his hand and I took a gasping breath.

“Twenty?” he shook his head and pointed his finger down. “Sixteen?” he shook his head again and pointed his finger up. “Seventeen?” I asked, getting excited.

He nodded and smiled. “Feel better now?” he teased. I gave him a sharp look.

“Well I can't go about kissing an old man, now can I?” I taunted halfheartedly. He shrugged.

“Cause you'd tell the difference.” he muttered under his breath. The bell rang.

Class after class passed. I thought about my Gee. Our future. Us.

One image I got we'd ran away to somewhere with nobody like us. Not even the Wise Council was able to find us.

Another, he'd turned me into a vampire and stopped aging so we'd have a forever age difference of a year.

And another where we were safe. In that one, I was still a witch until I turned twenty one and he was twenty two. Then he was going to turn me so we'd be perfectly safe. We'd live together forever in our safe place.

I walked out of Spanish, phone already in my hand.


My phone vibrated in my hand a moment later and clicked the message bubble to open it.


I put my phone back in my pocket and picked my pace up. As I walked, I pulled my bag around to get out the book I'd borrowed and bumped into somebody hard.

I looked up to see who's hands were on my shoulders. Tawny brown eyes flashed into mine. “Oh. Hey Mikey. Sorry.” I stepped out of his hands and smiled at him.

“Hey Frank. Oh hey, are you meeting Gerard now? I get the feeling that about working so much in only two days. “ he said, meeting my eyes. I nodded and he rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, I'll tell Mom to mark the calender.” he muttered and started to walk away.

“Mikey.” I called without turning. I knew I was possibly crossing the line here, but I had to ask.

“Yeah Frank?” I looked over my shoulder and turned.

“You know you're lucky to have a brother right? Why do you think I like know. We're all close, but I've never had a real sibling so I can't compare what it's like. Not to sound rude, but do you even have a clue how lucky you are? Or how bad I'd want to trade places with you and have a brother?” my voice strained to not break. My eyes were stinging with tears that I fought to blink back.

Mikey stared at me, speechless. I gave him a weak smile and waved, turning my back to him. He didn't follow me as I kept on the path to the choir room.

A few tears escaped my eyes before I could open the door to the airy space. Gee was laying on his back in the empty room, his legs crossed on a chair. I smiled and put my bag against a wall.

I went over and laid next to him on my stomach. He smiled and tipped the book down so I could see more of his perfect face

“Hey.” I smiled at his voice and traced his lips with the tip of my finger. He cupped my face in his warm hand and puled me down to his level.

He kissed me. I had a feeling that this was how we were going to spend our lunch together. I smiled as he ran his hands through my hair. Damn his soft lips, amazing kissing and his ability to make me want to never leave him.

I pulled away, my mouth dropping into a small frown. “What's wrong?” he asked, his eyes still closed.

“Can I ask you something?” I murmured softly. He sat up, pulling me into his lap.

“Anything.” he purred softly. I bit my lip and rested my head on his shoulder.

“I-it's a little hard to ask. And a little embarrassing.” I whispered into his jacket. He waited for me to speak and when I didn't, ran his hands up and down my back. That seemed to pushed the words past the wall that was my lips. “I-if I asked you to change me into a vampire, would you?”

Granted it came out as a whisper, he froze. Even his breathing stopped. “Well, t-that....i-if you want me to I will, but don't think you have to change for me. I love you as a witch. Hell, I'd even love you if you were a werewolf.” he chuckled nervously.

I cringed. “Don't joke about that.” I murmured against the skin of his neck. “And stop distracting me.” I pulled away and put my hands on his neck.

Our eyes locked. “You know I'll do anything for you.” he murmured.

I smiled. “One more question. Will you let me keep you?” I asked, beaming at his confusion.

We spent the rest of lunch with me, blushing while I tried to explain how intimate keeping someone was and stuttering when he put his hands on my hips. He would chuckle softly, smile and nod. When I asked if he understood what it all meant and if he wanted to do it, he nodded and kissed down my neck.

It was decided that I would keep him tomorrow at his house. The rest of the day, I ran though our conversation. The final bell rang and I took my time walking to my locker.

I fooled around with books until the hall was empty. When it finally was, I stepped into my locker and slipped my bag on my shoulders. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and turned.

A light flashed and I blinked. I was in the living room, Mom staring at me from the couch.

“Hey Ma,” I said, moving the house to my room. I closed the door and flew down the stairs. Once I was at my closet, I tore it apart looking for my circle clothes.

I found my hooded black cloak before my long sleeve, tight black shirt and black skinnys. With a cry of success, I stepped out of my closet and stripped off my school clothes.

In four seconds, I was dressed in black and bounding up the stairs to the bathroom. I ran past Mom, nearly knocking her to the floor. “Sorry!” I called over my shoulder.

Once in the bathroom, I ran a brush and straightener through my hair. I brushed my teeth and put on some eyeliner. After checking myself once in the mirror, I ran back down to my room and grabbed my cloak.

Again, I ran back up the stairs, grabbing a bottle of water and folding my cloak over my arm. I jumped when a knock sounded from the door.

Shaking myself, I ran to open it. Lulu was there, with a smaller girl at her side. She had dyed black hair and I could see the red spikes of the back of her pixie peeking over the back of her head. From her ocean-blue eyes, I guessed she was Lulu's sister.

“Hey Frankie. You ready?” Lulu eyed me closely and I nodded.

“Bye Mom! Be back later!” I called over my shoulder as I closed the door. I slipped my cloak on and joined the two of them.

“Sara, this is Frank Iero. Frankie, this is my little sister, Sara” she leaned in and whispered in my ear. “She's going through that whole stupid necromancer phase.” I nodded. I remembered my phase of that. Only Mom said I was worse than she was when she was my age.

I smiled and held my hand out to Sara. “Merry meet, little sister Sara.” she just looked looked at me blankly, not taking my hand. I stood straight again and looked at Lulu, who just shrugged.

We put our hoods up and walked in silence. About thirty minutes later, we stopped in front of a huge house.

Lulu walked up the path, Sara and me behind her. She knocked on the door once and it opened.

A smiling girl with blond hair and moss green eyes was standing there. As I watched, her eyes changed colors. They went from the moss green to amethyst purple.

Lulu laughed. “Hey Ivy. This is Frank.” she nudged me with her elbow towards Ivy. I held my hand out and she took it, gripping my forearm with a soft, strong hand.

“Ivy Reeves. Merry meet.” Her eyes went back to the soft moss green.

“Frank Iero. Merry meet Ivy.” I wanted to ask about her eyes but I didn't want to offend her. Lulu saved me from the awkward silence.

“So is Camden setting things up with the others?” she looked at me. My face must have been washed with confusion.

“My brother. Yeah. We're setting up in the South library tonight.” she lead us through the house to a huge, two floor room with walls piled from floor to ceiling with books.

Around the room, there were kids around my age fanning sticks of incense. The air was filled with the sweet smoke, quiet murmurs and giddy chuckles.

A blond boy bounced up to Ivy and took her left hand. He smiled at Lulu and looked at me. “Camden Reeves. Merry meet Frank.” he held out his free hand and I took it.

I took a step back and looked at the two of them. Camden's eyes went to moss green as Ivy's went amethyst purple. A second later, they switched back.

Well.....that was new. “We're twins.” the said together. I nodded and their eyes changed again.

“You should see our teacher's expressions when they see this.” Ivy said happily. I laughed and nodded.

“I bet.” I said softly. A chirping sound ran though the room. Everyone stopped and looked around.

Ivy pulled her phone out and everybody let out small 'oh's and slapped their hands to their foreheads. They went back to work as Ivy answered her phone.

“Hello?” she said happily. A moment later, her face dropped and she slid her hand from Camden's. “What do you mean you can't come?” she whined. “Okay, get better soon. Okay. Bye sweetie.” she hung up and sighed heavily.

“Guys! Guys stop. We can't do this.” Everyone stopped and gave her shocked looks.

“Why not?” a faceless girls called from the silence. Everybody gave murmured 'yeah's and nodded.

Ive sighed again. “Rose broke her arm. No way she can so her job with the cast on. Sorry guys!”

“Wait, what does Rose do exactly and does it have to be her?” the question slipped from my lips before I could stop it. Every face in the room turned to look at me.

“Well, she has the strongest blood here who doesn't mind opening a vein to call fire.” she rolled her eyes at Lulu.

“I'll do it.” I offered with a shrug. Everyone cheered softly as Ivy blinked at me.

“O-okay Frank. Only if you're sure....?” she trailed off, making her words a question. I grinned and nodded.

Ivy smiled softly and took my hand. She pulled me into the middle of the room. With a small gesture and a wave of her hand, everybody made a wide circle around us and the lights switched off, leaving the room to be lit only by the soft glow of red candles.

I looked at the hooded faces of my family as Ivy began the ageless chant. “As the moon rises,”

“And the sun goes down,” we answered

“You look at the horizons,”

“And then to the ground,

“And with the rising of the sun,”

“And the rising of desire,”

“No bullet, bomb or thing from a gun,”

“Can ever compare to our Goddess's fire!” the room erupted in brilliant light as Ivy ran the silver blade across the palm of my hand with the last word. The once small flickers of the fire on the candles were now dancing infernos as my blood seeped from the shallow cut and pooled in my hand.

Gasps of fear and cheers of joy filled the room as from every candle, a little stream of fire flew across the room to dance around in my bleeding hand. I laughed and relaxed as the soft heat of the fire lifted my hair and hood, making it fall to my shoulders.

It didn't burn my like it would a human. This was the Goddess's fire. It lit the darkest tunnels and helped in the worst fights.

A bang made me look away from the beautiful fire in my palm to the door.

And standing there, looking smug and blood-drunk, was a group of vamps, all around our age. I narrowed my eyes and the fire in my hand danced a little more wildly as my anger became heated.

A face near the edge caught my eye. It wasn't smug; it was shocked. And I had to blink to be sure I wasn't seeing things.

But I knew this face anywhere. Gerard's eyes were locked on me. Our eyes met and he flinched, seeing my anger.

His eye flickered to the fire that was growing in a steady pace, keeping time with my anger, which was soon turning to rage.

AHHH!!!!! Finally! It took me three weeks t write this on the computer. Its.........holy fuckin shit 10 pages long. I just hope fifteen will be shorter, but that's still in my head. Sorry I took so long guys, but with final exams and other school crap, I was a little busy. But it's Summer now!! No more school for 3 months and freedom to write all I want!
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