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Happy Aniversarry!

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Gerard has a erotic 'surprise'

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I opened my eyes to a grinning Gerard over me. “Hey baby… He said. “Happy anniversary!” I said and smiled. It was our 1 year anniversary; we were just together, but still! He smiled and said “Do you trust me?” I nodded “Of course.” I replied. He nodded and scowled “Promise…” I smiled “I promise.” I said. His eyes smiled and he covered my mouth with a cloth. He held my arms down as I fell into unconsciousness.

I woke up in a hotel bedroom and tied to a bed. My legs spread, along with my arms. I was about a foot off the actual bed though. I squalled. Then I realized then I was completely naked and gagged. Then I saw Gerard coming out of the bathroom in tight leather, black skinny jeans. Knee high boots and no shirt. I got hot at the sight. He smirked “Do you like my little set up?” He asked. I nodded. He took the gag off a kissed me “Are you going to kill me?” I squeaked. He shook his head. “But close…I’m going to fuck you dry, and the best thing is, this is only one part of your gift.” He whispered in my ear. I got a semi hard on and he didn’t gag me again. I liked this present very much.

My wrists were being cut into from the rope but I barely noticed. Gerard kissed down my neck and over to my adams apple. He sucked gently making me moan. He suddenly grabbed something. Whip cream? Yes. Kinky? Hell yes! He put it all down my chest. He licked up and down my chest until it was gone. He swung his leg over me. He sat down putting all his wait on the rope too. He started rubbing my chest through the rope pain. They started loosing. I opened my eyes. He was untying them where it hurt so it didn’t burn…as much.

He started licking trails up my thighs. I am extremely squrmish so I couldn’t stop moving. “Hold still.” He commanded. “But Geee!” I whined. He slapped me. It felt good. “It’s master! Got it?” He said. “Yes Master.” I said and he smiled. “Good Frank, I’ll make it less painful if you cooperate.” He whispered in my ear. I wondered what he meant but then he un tied me and told me not to move. I didn’t he then entered me quickly with no lube or prep. “AHHH!” I started to yell but he gagged me again and scratched down my back.

I didn’t like the pain and he kept missing my prostate on purpose. I was so confused. How did he hurt me without feeling bad of himself? I feel guilty if he winces! But here I am tacking him biting to the point where there’s is BLOOD! He suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes and he had a cool cloth. He wiped all the blood of me slowly. He untied the ropes and kissed my wrists. He kissed my cheek and took my gag out. “Frankie, your first gift was to feel like being used then realize I’m madly in love with you. This killed me to do that to you. Are you ok? Did I hurt you too bad?” He sounded concerned. I wiped the trails of tears off my face and he gently kissed me. He loves me so much. He handed me a card that said –

First parts done.

I love you baby but you need to take these clues to get to the next place.

Yes Mikes can help.
Call him to pick you up when your done. I love you-

‘Scream for my ice cream.’ Was written in red.

I got it ‘the dance floor’ was a club where me and Gerard met without Mikey there.

I got to call him for part two!

I hope yall enjoyed!”
I need yall to read another story called “Youtube notification” Thx!!!!!!!
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