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Blood runs down the walls

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things don't get much better for Logical Destroyer.

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Living Dead lightly rubbed small circles up and down Logical Destroyer’s arms. She was curled on her side on his bed staring at the wall. Glancing at his closed door he sighed. He knew sooner or later that he would not only have to go get Destroyer’s jacket from Violent Stripes room but also tell Crimson Tide about what happened. If this was how Violent Stripes was going to act then he couldn’t let Destroyer stay here. She would be in constant danger if all of the guys had to leave for any length of time. Hearing slight laughter from outside, Living Dead stood up and moved to his window. He could see Ghostly Rose, Desert Fire and Crimson Tide walking towards the house. He didn’t want to ruin Crimson’s good mood. Sighing he walked to the side of the bed that Destroyer was curled on. He lightly touched her arm, her body shrinking away from him, “Crimson Tide is back. I’m gonna go talk to him. I’m gonna ask Desert Fire to sit in here with you.”

Destroyer’s eyes widened a bit but there was no other reaction. Living Dead nodded and headed to the door. He stepped outside and waited for Desert to walk into the house. He saw Ghostly and Crimson sharing a laugh outside still. Grabbing Desert arm, Dead pulled him close, “Look something happened to Logical Destroyer while you guys were out. She’s kinda spaced out for the moment. I want to talk to Crimson Tide before he sees her.”

Desert nodded, “Sure Dead. Whatever you need man. Logical Destroyer is one of us. If something happened to her, we’d all want to take care of her.”

Dead patted him on the back before going outside by Crimson. Dead ran over to Crimson, “Hey, can we talk?”

Crimson smiled, “Of course Dead. Any good friend of Logical Destroyer is a good friend of mine. What’s on your mind?”

Dead sighed, “Actually it’s about Logical Destroyer. Something happened while you were out. Something bad.”

Crimson’s face turned deadly, “What happened? Was it a Drac attack? Is she injured? Living Dead what aren’t you telling me?”

Living Dead put his hand on Crimson’s shoulder, “Listen carefully. I was downstairs with a headache. She went upstairs to see Violent Stripes about five minutes later I hear screams from his room. I ran up there and the door was locked. I blasted it open but I was too late. Violent Stripes raped her. I’m sorry man. I’m so sorry I didn’t get there it time to stop it.”

Soft tears were rolling down his cheeks. The pained look on his face showed Crimson just how sorry and guilty he felt. Unclenching his jaw, he spoke slowly, “Where is Kiki now?”

Living Dead sighed seeing he was forgiven, “I have her in my room. I haven’t left her side except for just now to come tell you. I left Desert Fire with her.”

Anger flashed in Crimson’s eyes, “Violent Stripes’ best friend? That’s who you chose to leave her with.”

Realization dawned on Living Dead. The two took off for the house.

Meanwhile inside the room while they were talking.

Desert walked into the small room. He smiled at Destroyer lying on the bed. Moving next to her and sitting down, he lightly grabbed her arm, “So I hear you had fun with Violent Stripes today. Hope he left some for me and Ghostly to have fun with too. I didn’t like that he was going to take you the first time without us but he is the leader.”

Desert’s hand slowly moved from her arm to her breast. Destroyer didn’t move. Her mouth was open in a silent scream as hot tears ran down her cheeks. Slowly, he pulled her shirt up to expose her pale breasts, “So nice. I see Stripes didn’t leave any marks. I might just have to mark you as mine then. Keep the other two in line. Show them that I should be getting first shot at you whenever we get stressed. I’m the only one who has never had a girlfriend.”

His hand dug into her breast. His nails making red crescent marks when he started to tighten his grip. Small drops of blood appeared under his fingernails. Suddenly the door slammed open. Crimson Tide and Living Dead stood there gasping at what they saw. Crimson ran over and grabbed Destroyer off the bed. He cuddled her to his chest murmuring softly to her, “It’s ok, everything is ok now. I’m here. It’s Seth. I’m here and I’m never leaving you again. I promise you, I will never leave you again.”

Dead walked over to Desert Fire. His hand clenched into a fist at his side. Desert smirked at him, “What are you gonna do about this Living Dead?”

Living Dead looked him square in the eye. The glare on his face enough to melt the skin from someone’s bones. Suddenly he slammed his fist into Desert’s face. He felt the satisfying crack of Desert’s nose under his fingers, “That’s what I’m gonna do.”

Dead walked over to Crimson and Destroyer, “I’ll grab our stuff. Let’s get out of here.”


Author’s Note: ok that was incredibly short and probably really sucky but I had to write something. I feel like I haven’t been up to my normal writing habits and when I looked in my notebook and saw the amount of untyped up chapters glaring at me I knew I had to sit down and finally write one of them. Feel free to tell me how bad this chapter was because I know it already.
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