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Chapter 8

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Bob's POV

Ray Toro. That is the last dude I wanted to see now. I was on an empty street with one seriously ticked vampire, not a good combination. Ray hissed furiously at me, probably reliving old memories.

"I love you too Ray," I joked trying to keep myself calm. Ray just roared at me.

"I'm going to beat your ass and drink you nearly dry, then just when you don't think it can get any worse, I'm going turn you into one of us so you can be the miserable creature that you kill so viciously." Ray threatened darkly, he inched ever so closer as he did so.

"Look Ray, just because you guys were all for the immortality thing doesn't mean I was. You can turn me into a vampire all you want, but that doesn't change anything, I'm still going to be the same Bob that was once your best friend and knew that what you guys had gotten yourselves into is deeper than you could manage. You will get dusted soon if you don't start searching for a way out of this curse." I pleaded. Ray just stared right through it, he was still pissed. Well that shoots my whole plan.

"I'm not going to let you win Ray , you're just being a greedy bastard." I spat. Ray walked forward some more and leaned against a lightpole about 30 feet from me. I tensed ready to fight just incase he was pulling something over me.

"Bob Bryar one of the world's greatest vampire hunters." He mused from his spot. "Partially because his entire group of best friends were attacked one night by a group of vampires known more commonly as the Dandies. Where was Bryar that night, he was a 2 hour drive out of Vegas, making out with some girl he met. Bob was offered to accompany his friends to newer vampire, Ray Toro's house where they would have a boys night. Bryar declined and then on the way to Toro's abode, a finely dressed man approached other former friend, Mikey Way, and proceeded to choke him. Toro and victim Gerard Way, attempted to save said friend but soon became mobbed by a bunch of Dandies. Bryar goes on to tell us that he is now on the run from former best friend Ray Toro, who regularly attempts finding Bryar." Ray stated out dully. It was an old article from 2 years back that I had done for a popular hunter's magazine.

"Why the hell did you ditch us Bob? Frank didn't ditch us, not even when he found out that we were vampires. After some time he even took up Gerard's offer to become like us. We never forced anything on you Bob, but the moment you found out the truth, you turned on us, on me. I'll never forgive you for doing that Bob, I'll blow away in the wind as ashes before I do that." Ray said breathing heavily. I looked into his eyes, he was in pain. I had never realized the effect I had, had on leaving them.
"Ray I-" Then Ray leapt out in a fit of rage at me.

Alisha's POV

"The hell are you?" I asked as some dude with what looked like blonde hair stared at me from on top of a strip club roof.

"Mikey Way," he replied simply.I noticed the Star Wars t-shirt he wore. I cocked my head to the side.

"Mikey I am your father." I said with a serious face. I just had to do that.
"Ha ha very funny.” Mikey smiled at the joke. I grinned.

"Well Mikey, I'd love to chat with you but I can smell the scent of two vampires near my friends." I explained and jumped off in the direction of Lily. Mikey was there in front of me before I could blink.

"Fast, but I'm a vampire too." I smirked and raced forward. Mikey kept up to the right of me as we raced across rooftops. I jumped from one to another trying to lift my pace. Mikey was keeping up too easily.

"Don't you ever just quit?!" I shouted over to him. He smiled.
"Nahh! I'm too much like a schoolyard boy! I just chase girls!" He hollered back. I gave him a look and dropped into an empty street. Mikey quickly stopped on a dime and landed there on the other side of the street from me.

"Are you just going to follow me all night?" I asked feeling a touch annoyed. Mikey started to walk towards me.

"Would you prefer we did something else? A good gentleman always entertains young ladies." Mikey responded as he closed the distance between us. He was now two feet away from me and was appearing to be debating with himself as to whether or not he should shorten that distance.

"Are you trying to distract me? Because you're doing a half-assed job." I said while yawning. Mikey raised his eyebrows in mock surprise.

"I'm very sorry, I'll get started on doing a better job." Then he closed the remaining distance. As Mikey lunged forward I remembered something that Lily had told me that she did in emergency situations. "Kick em' where the sun don't shine!" She had said. I laughed and waited for the right moment. Then I kicked Mikey fuckin’ Way in the balls. (Author's note: This appears to be a running theme -.-)

"HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!" Mikey screamed and fell to the ground. I just stood there and nodded.
" You're mom's the holy mother of god!" I laughed thinking that I should remember that one for Lily later. Then I noticed the scent of Bob's blood in the air. "Look Mikey, you're a great stalker and all but I really have some pals in danger, like I can smell one of your friends trying to kill my pal Bob, so we'll have to pick up on things next time. Until then, later skaters, waiters, and coffee makers!"

I laughed out as I jumped into a building wall and climbed to the roof. I rushed to meet Bob before he got hurt any further.


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