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Chapter 10

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Better shit then McDonalds does

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Bob's POV

I have spent the last four years of my life in the dark, and that's not figuratively speaking. I had to become nocturnal and shift my entire way of life when I became a hunter. Even as I walked around in the night, I never felt scared within the dark. Now, though, with a blackness surounding me from every side, I felt alone and my will to fight had vanished. Ray's fangs shifted in my flesh and waves of pain flowed over me. I wanted to scream out for mercy but as the pain came, so did a feeling of detachment. Half of me became numb to the entire situation and I wanted to lie there patiently until Ray was finished. Cut in half by these to urges, I found the sense to do what was necessary for me. I reached up and grabbed Ray's face as hard as I could. He jumped back in shock.

"How the hell did you do that?!" Ray roared out. I was still in the blackness and couldn't see a thing but I heard a thump from where his voice was. Then, another voice came in.
"Bob’s got more ability than you give him credit for, that's how." A female voice laughed ,Alisha. In one swift movement the darkness rushed away and a blurred version of the world around me, returned. I looked at Alisha and Ray. He was hissing at Alisha, only a few feet from her face, while she was flipping him off with an innocent expression on her across her features.

"Go away you stupid girl, I have to finish this!" Ray shouted. Alisha rolled her eyes and gave him a smirk.

"So you're Ray Toro, Bob mentioned something about you viciously wanting to rip his digestive organs out and hang him by them." Alisha laughed softly. Ray didn't seem to find what she said quite as humourus and turned on an ever darker death glare, if possible.
"He deserves what he's getting." Ray said defiantly. Alisha raised her eyebrows.

"So you blame your best friend who is a barrel of raging hormones at the time, for being lucky and not being cursed like you? Then, when he freaks because he's only human, you get pissed and decide you're going to kill or curse him because your life sucks. You're one whacked out froot loop." Alisha said with a shrug. She glanced over at me and I gave her a weak smile. Ray then took this moment to let out a snarl and pull out something from within his jacket. It was....two sticks?

"Are those two sticks? Cause really, I just had this suspense filled defining moment, here I thought I was about to have this epic moment where you pull out something dastardly and we fight to the death or something, I mean two sticks? C'mon, that's just anticlimatic." She complained looking upset that it wasn't something that could kill us both.

"These are stakes, only better." Ray smiled. He then flipped them on his fingers a couple of times. It hit me. Drumsticks. Ray had always wanted to lear how to play the drums but he sucked at them. "Always wanted to be the drummer but was horrible at them," I whispered. Ray glanced back at me and for a moment he brought me back to the kids we used to be. It's amazing how youth can dance on your fingertips, only long enough for a song or two before it slips out at an early age of 17.

Ray suddenly looked very angry. He hissed and jumped out at me. Alisha's eyes got wide and then my body tensed, awaiting the blow. None came. Alisha shaking violently, daring the other to be the one that gave in for even a half second. That's all they would ever need.

Then, Alisha shot her foot out and kicked Ray's shin out from under him. He started to trip, but as he came down he brought his stake out and sliced out a nasty gash from Alisha's shoulder going down to her thigh. She clenched her teeth and didn't spare herself the time to asess the damage. Ray had landed on his fingertips and was already pushing himself back up from them to standing position. Alisha had reacted just as fast however and as soon as he came up, she landed a well directed round hosue kick to his face. Chuck Norris would be proud.

"Fucking bit-," Ray began to say as he fell but Alisha cut him off by pulling out her own stake and shoving it into his shoulder blade. Ray fell and let out sounds that I could never find more terrifying. Then, to finish her job, Alisha grabbed the stake and tore it diagonally down his back to his spine. All the while Ray writhed in pain to harsh for him to allow himself to fight back. Alisha touched the stake again, it was placed in a perfect position to hit the heart if aimed right. Then she looked at me. I watched, unable to tell if I was terrified or relieved at what she was likely about to do. Then however, she did something unexpected. She shoved the stake in the opposite direction of the heart, earning a few more ear shattering screams from Ray. I raised my eyebrows in shock. She then walked over to me, lifted me from the ground, threw my limp body over her shoulder, and took off in what I suspect is the direction of Lily.

Lily's POV

"I'm telling you, it's horrible, we shouldn't even consider this, it's barbaric. I'm a vampire and I wouldn't even be able to bring myself to this kind of inhumanity." My new pal, Kat, whispered in horror. I sucked in a breath.

"I know, it's awful, but we have to do it. We're fighting the terrors of the world. It is our job." I stated swallowing hard.

"I can't believe how bravely you're taking this. They'll write about this in the history books." She said putting a hand on my shoulder. I nodded at her and then I headed into this suicide mission. Getting free McDonalds. Not only is this restraunt the most disgutsting thing to come into exsistence but how low do you have to go to actually have to try and get some for free? As low as us. We are starving and neither of us had thought to bring money. I hadn't expected that arduous encounter with Gerard on my first night back on my hunting schedule. Those few minutes with him so close to taking everything from me, were burned into my mind. I could still feel them completely, even as I flirted shamelessly with a crater
faced cashier.

"So umm, when do you get off work?" I asked batting my lashes for good measure. He ate that shit up.

"In about 25 minutes. How about you and me go hit up this bar around the corner and maybe go back to my place for a little while. I think it could be fun." He said trying to give me what I think was supposed to be sexy smirk but it kinda looked more like he was sucking on something sour while squinting his eyes like he was having trouble seeing.
"Umm,...sure," I rolled my eyes. He gave me a weird look. Damn, thought his faced was too screwed up to see properly.

"I mean, I'd love to. There is one thing though, I'm with my friend," I pointed over at Kat who sitting in a booth, making origami cranes out of the napkins. Sour face looked like he might jump the counter, run over to Kat , and confess his undying love for her right in this very McDonalds. I snapped to pull his attention back.

"Hey, so do you still wanna hang with us, or not?" I asked getting irritated at how hard he was making it to get some lousy fries.

"Yeah sure. Are you guys hungry?" He asked looking at me hopefully. Jackpot.

"Yeah, we're very hungry. Do you think a catch like you could get us two burgers and fries maybe?" I gave him a puppy face. He jumped right on it.

"Sure, that'll be four bucks and twenty five cents for you two lovely ladies." He said giving me the 'sexy' smirk again. I made a face.

"What good are you?!" I shouted randomly. A few people around us watched me from the corners of their eyes. "What guy that works in food service doesn't give two extremely hot and available girls, free food? I think I might have to rip you from this very counter and TEACH you how to be a real man. I MEAN REALLY!" I shouted even louder. Then, I turned on my heel, whisked over to Kat's booth, grabbed her, and headed out the door.

"What was that about?" She grinned.

"It was about your mom." I mumbled. Kat let out a loud laugh but then sobered up immediately.

"We still don't have food. Not even crater face would give it to us. Not even female parts can save us." Kat complained. I nodded and walked over to the McDonald's wall. I leaned against it and just chilled. However, as I was relaxing, I remembered two very important people. Bob and Alisha. They still hadn't returned to me. They probably got into their own scuffle. Alisha would have come earlier if she could. Then, as if just thinking of them had done it, Alisha had appeared right in front of Kat and I. She was holding Bob over her shoulder and both were bleeding profousely. I gaped at them.

"What the hell happened?" I asked beginning to fear that they might die from blood loss. That's right, even vampires can die from blood loss, they have to feed on blood don't they? So, naturaly, if they run out, they die.

"Ray fucking Toro, that's what happened." Alisha stated back. I nodded and looked at Kat.

"Hey, these are my friends, the vampire that came after me, has this friend who is after Bob, and it looks as though, if it weren't for Alisha, he would have gotten Bob. But anyways, we need to go back to my warehouse now because Bob could get an infection and Alisha needs to get away from us humans while she's like this. She might accidentally react instinctively and kill Bob and I." I explained. Kat nodded in understanding.

"Yeah, it looks like you guys could use some medical attention." She said back to me. I looked at her for a moment and considered something.

"You're welcome to with us," I offered.

"Only if you've got food," She grinned.

"Better shit than McDonald's does." I chuckled back.


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