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chapter 2

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Chapter Two
Notes 1: Tx to Drake the Arch, Remus CD Lupin and DeeRose for looking over the chapter.
Notes 2: No DD bashing in this one, I'm a bit more nicer to him here, because I still need him later on.
Notes 3: Keep in mind this story is, as most fanfic, AU and won't follow canon to closely.

Chapter 2

Ms. Bones stood up and nodded to the image of Sirius, but before she could start to speak, Kitty interrupted her.

“Sorry Ms. Bones, I forgot one person who still hasn´t heard why he is here. Mr. Snape, would you please step forward? There is still a part for you and sorry it slipped my mind but it was quite a busy day.”

“No problem Ms. Verner, after all it was quite an entertaining day for me so far” said Snape while stepping forward. “But I must say I wondered why I’m here. Sirius and I never liked each other very much. So please go on.”

Kitty nodded and pressed one button on the device and Sirius image appeared again.

“Hello Severus, I know by now you probably are wondering why you are here. We never were friends or liked each other at all and I fear we still wouldn’t if I was still alive. The next thing is not easy for me, but I have a big favor to ask of you. For the love you had and have in you for Lily please keep an eye out for Harry, don’t hate him because he is James son, but at least if not like him please tolerate him for Lily’s sake. That’s all, thanks for coming Severus “ with a smirk the image added “and don’t spend too much time in your dungeons you already look like a vampire and my heir may accidentally stake you if you two met.”

With those words the image flickered and then disappeared.

With an annoyed expression Snape whirled around and began to storm out of the office, at the last moment Ms. Verner spoke “Mister Snape would you please wait for a second? I still have a key for you from Mr. Black.”

Snape turned around again “A key for me? Why would that git have a key for me?”

Ms. Verner shrugged her shoulders “I have no clue, Mr. Black just told me to give you the key before you stormed out of the office.” She held the key out to Snape, who took it without another word and then quickly left.

“Moody as ever our little snake” Verner said smiling. “Ms. Bones? Now we are finished.”

“Thank you Ms. Verner. So I have to thank you for the file you gave me. My Aurors have already arrested the Dursleys as you could have guessed. Normally we would have given such a thing to the muggle authorities, but because their crimes were against a wizard who is not of age yet we have taken things into our own hands. They will be put to trial soon. About the other Information in the file, we will go through it and check what you gave us. If we can confirm the information you gave us, a few wizards and witches will have a rough awakening in the near future and I also will press my weight behind getting Mr. Black’s name cleared posthumously. So how have you planned to inform Mr. Black’s heir?”

With a snickering smile Ms. Verner answered: “Sirius suggested sending Mr. Hagrid to do the meet and greet and then to invite his heir to come to England for a meeting with myself. I found that idea quite amusing but for the safety of Mr. Hagrid I decided to send an owl in advance and also to send Mr. Lupin with him. Both have already agreed to that and the owl is on her way.”

“Hagrid?” said Ms. Bones “That will be….hmmm…. amusing I think.” After she got her laughter back under control she asked. “So I think we are done here the only question left is what happens to Mr. Potter now until the new Head of the House of Black arrives?”

“I could ask the Weasleys, if I can come a bit earlier to them than planned, I think they wouldn’t mind that.” Harry said in a meek voice.

“Yes, you could do that. But you could also stay here until you had planned to go. So you would have three weeks to study the books Mr. Black left for you. I also offer this to you Ms. Granger, so you two can study together if you want and also Harry we would have time to talk about what it means being the Head of the House of Potter. Because I also was the solicitor of your parents I know a few things.” Ms. Verner said.

Harry thought about that for a moment then turned his head to Hermione. “What do you think Hermione? That sounds interesting we would have three weeks to explore Diagon Alley and take a look at the books” the last part sounded not so excited then the first one.

“That would be nice. A chance to study all the books and to also help you with them would be great. But I will have to ask my parents first and what about Ron?” Hermione answered quite excited.

“I have more than enough room in my house here, so I can extend my offer to your friend also, if he wants.” Ms. Verner offered both of them. “So if you two are hungry my house elves have prepared something to eat. Just go through that door, I will join you after I said goodbye to Ms. Bones and Mr. Dumbledore.”

After the two kids had left the room she turned to the last two remaining people. Ms. Bones quickly said her goodbyes to Ms. Verner and Dumbledore and then left also.

“So Mr. Dumbledore you remained very quiet for the whole reading.” Ms. Verner said.

“Yes, I did. I didn’t have much to say after you overruled me about Harry and Mr. Black and you didn’t seem to be very fond of me.”

“Indeed, we aren’t Mr. Dumbledore. You are a great headmaster no doubt of that but a few of the other things you tried to handle went terribly wrong. I think you know which things I mean and don’t really have to repeat them or do I?” she asked.

“No you don’t. I know what you mean. I know it is no excuse but I’m only human after all too. I should have done a few things different and I also will find out why Ms. Figgs reports about the abuse of Harry never reached me. If they would have, I would never have sent him back there.” Dumbledore said with a sad tone in his voice. “If you would say my goodbyes to Harry, I will leave you now. “ He bowed shortly and then disappeared with a plop into thin air.


Meanwhile in the other room, Harry and Hermione were eating and chatting a bit.

“So Harry, how are you doing? I didn’t hear anything in the last week from you after the fight in the Ministry.” Hermione asked him with a soft voice.

“Not so good Hermione, I didn’t leave my room for much in the last week. I was very disturbed and mourning for Sirius. Then a few hours ago, I got quite a shook as several Aurors suddenly stormed the house, arrested the Dursleys and then took me to this place here. Then seeing the image of Sirius…I think it all just started to sink in and I’ve been numb for the last couple of hours. But it is great to see you, Ron and the others again. Even seeing Dumbledore again was good, I may be annoyed with him about a couple of things but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t nice to see him again.”

After a small pause and a small sip from his butterbeer glass he continued “So who do you think Sirius’ heir will be? Oh and where is Ron? We still have to ask him if he will stay here. If you want you can use Hedwig to deliver a letter to your parents. It would be more than awesome if we could stay here together. It would be great not to have too much time to think about Sirius and to spend it with you instead.”

Hermione blushed a bit about the last of Harry's words and then answered. “I have no clue about the heir but I don’t think Sirius would make someone his heir who will be like the other Blacks, maybe we could ask Ms. Verner about him a bit. Ron will be back soon, he went with his family to see what surprises Sirius has for them in the vault then he wanted to come back and said something about getting out a bit and also about lots of ice cream for us three” she said with a smirk. “And thank you for the offer, sending Hedwig would be much faster than anything else. I will write the letter after we are finished with our meal."

For a while both of them ate and chatted again a bit about friends from Hogwarts and other things.


A few hours later in Cleveland

A very tired owl landed on the window sill of a window on the second level of a large house and looked through the glass. It saw several girls, three young and one older man sitting in the room around a round table. After resting for a bit it pecked its beak against the window.

Quick as lighting two of the women jumped off their stools, turned around, each holding a wand like stick in her hand, but they looked a bit thicker than a normal wand. In an astonished tone the blond women of the duo asked, “An owl. Giles why is there an owl sitting outside of our window?”

Giles, who was back for a visit from England, lost all of the color in his face at hearing that.

“An owl?” he asked “Are you sure, Buffy?”
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