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Relief Never Lasts

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Gerard gets a phone call, and it's not who he expected.

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A/n: It's a short one. Hope you enjoy. Or whatever.

I sat on the couch as Frank’s house, my head in my hands. I should have known Hazel would have done something like this. She doesn’t think about things before she acts. She just does. She’s a good friend to people. Too good of a friend.

I should have kept a better eye on her. I should have told her not to believe anything that Cole told her when she’d talked to him on the phone. She would do anything to get her friends back and safe. As I would do anything for her.

Even though we had only been together a few short months, I had so much love and care for Hazel. She was my sunshine and my moon. The reason I woke up with a smile everyday with her beautiful face, sleeping soundly. She had my entire heart, even though it never beats anymore.

Now, she could be dead. They could be tearing her limb from limb. Drinking her blood. Her body, cold and lifeless. Her eyes, blank. It was all my fault.

I shivered and tried to push those lingering thoughts away from my mind.

My cell phone vibrated on the couch beside of me. I picked it up to see Hazel’s smiling face on the screen and hit the ‘talk’ button. Cole must have gotten it.

“What?” I snapped.

“Gerard?” Hazel’s voice fluttered through the ear piece, causing me to feel like all the air had left my lungs.

“H-Hazel!” I exclaimed, practically shitting my pants with excitement. Frank poked his head around the doorway to the kitchen just in time to see me leap up from the couch. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you? Are you with Mikey and Ainsley? Are they okay?”

Frank came running in beside of me, letting out a cry of happiness and hugging me with excitement.

“We’re all fine.” Her voice was low. “My head hurts and I was bleeding because he knocked me out, but other than that I’m fine.”

“Is Ainsley with you?” Frank called to her, releasing his death grip on me.

“Yeah. She and Mikey are both sitting here with me.”

We heard Ainsley grumble something in the background.

“She won’t shut up about her cell phone.” Hazel sighed.

“Do you know where you’re at? Is it the same place as before?” I asked her.

“No, I don’t think it is.” She responded, then the line was silent for a few seconds. “A-Are you mad at me?”

“Yes, Hazel, I am.” I sighed. “This was incredibly stupid on your part. You should have known better. But, you’re too good of a person to let your friends get hurt. I’m not too angry. Right now, all I’m going to focus on is getting you guys out of there with as little violence as possible.”

“Gerard.” She said, her voice shook. “I-I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t cry, Haze. I know you are.” I told her.

“I’m sorry.” She said again.

A loud bang was heard. Hissing and growls filled the room.

“Get away from me!” Ainsley’s voice yelled. Hazel gasped.

“What’s going on?” I yelled as Frank’s eyes went wide.

“Gerard, I lo-”

She stopped short and let out a cry of pain. The phone clattered to the ground.

“You fucking bitch!” Cole yelled.

“Get off of her!” I heard Mikey yell.

“Let go! Let go!” Hazel screamed frantically.

“Hold them down! Hold. Them. Down!” Nelly was shrieking in the background.

I listened, unable to help my girlfriend as she screamed. The phone was picked up shortly afterwards.

“We’re feasting in two days, Gerard.” Cole said into the phone. “We would love to have you join us.”

The line went dead. There was a loud booming sound. I looked over at the direction it came from to see a fist sized hole in the wall and Frank collapsing to the floor. His head in his hands, his fingers grasping his hair.

“Frank,” I said softly. He looked up, tears were threatening to run down his face. “Start getting ready. This isn’t over.”
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