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5 months later

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Kiara is delivering her third cub

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Kiara: walking around on Pride Rock when she gets a pain in her stomach yells for her mother Mom!

Nala: hears Kiara and walks over Kiara? You alright?

Kiara: Mom, I'm in labor... call for Rafiki, Dad, and Kovu... please hurry! goes to lay down

Nala: roars loudly

-------------------------------Meanwhile doing the morning rounds----------------------------

Kovu: talking with Simba I can't believe I am going to be a dad again... it seems so surreal...

Simba: laughs that is exactly how I felt when Nala told me she was expecting Kiara... I was excited and scared at the same time...

Kovu: scared? why scared?

Simba: I was... is cut off by Nala's roar Nala? We gotta go back... runs back with Kovu behind him

Nala: paces outside the den waiting for the two males sees a blur of red and smiles Simba...

Simba: what's going on?

Kovu: where's Kiara?

Nala: inside, she went into labor...

Kovu: runs in he sees a small bundle wrapped up into his wife's paws

Kiara: looks up with a big smile Kovu, meet your newest daughter...

Kovu: she's perfect... licks her lovingly

Kovu: I have the perfect name for her... nyota kuangaza.

Kiara: I love it... doesn't it mean shining star?

Nala: yes it does smiles
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