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Movie Shmovie

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Just read da chapter :P

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Scrap what I said last time. I'mma start a new chapter each time. When school starts the chapters will get longer because I have more opportunities to update but I wont update as often :P

This chapter isnt the whole movie night. It's the start, so bare with me if it's crap

Gerard's POV stil.....

After we had finshed in HMV we went back to Amii & Emii's house. Frank had brought an Iron Maiden shirt, Mikey had brought Avenged Sevenfold's album Nightmare and I brought a Lost Alone CD. The girls had picked the scary film. They wouldn't tell us the title of the film though.

We all piled into Amii's Porsche. (Her parents were rich and Emii hadn't passed her test yet, though she did have a Mustang in her garage) Amii drove fast. Very fast infact. I wondered how she even passed her test. She took country lanes, going way past the national speed limit, so we got to thier house in no time.

Amii neatly parked up and we all hopped out. Me and Mikey both ran into the house. We knew where we were going. We ran past their huge HD 3D TV and past their stylish kitchen. Amii & Emii had a huge sound system. Mikey got to it first and put in his new CD and turned the volume up loud.
"Bastard." I said and Mikey smirked.
Frank laughed as he walked past us. "Typical Way brothers" he said.

Whatcha think? Good?
Thanks for reading xD
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