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Chapter 14

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I am not in denial!

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Bob's POV

All of us were locked in one giant cell. The whole thing was divided by these damn metal bars. Not that I don't appreciate the bars, they are the only thing standing between me and a rather ticked Ray. I'm not even joking, he has been giving me murderous looks since I woke up. However, since Alisha and Kat are on his side of the bars I don't think he'll do anything. Mikey side glanced at Ray. He is setting up something by doing this. Suddenly, he looked to Kat and Alisha.

"If you don’t mind me asking, What are your stories?" Mikey asked curiously. Alisha glanced back from across the bars.

"That's a really intrusive question to ask. You all haven't really given us the full scoop on your own situation. You have no place asking about what happened to us." She said defensively. Mikey remained un phased.

" Well I’m Gerard’s younger brother. I ran into the guys at a concert, I accidentally threw my coke at Frank. Since then we hung out for about six months before they told me the truth and then Gerard offered for me to join them. I took him up on it about four months later." Mikey said nonchalantly.

"Yeah, he didn't go all vampire hunter and ditch us." Ray mumbled. Kat stared at him from next to Alisha with a concerned expression. I rolled my eyes.

"Ray , what do you want from me? I can't go back in time and tell my younger self not to freak out because you're best friends have fangs and that you're closest one didn't mean to attack you, he didn't have control over his bloodlust yet. I can't do that. What the hell do you want me to do? I can't fix it okay?! I just can't." I said and stood up. I walked up to the bars. Ray stood to and mimicked my actions.

"You realized it eventually though. You still haven't come back though. You still hunt vampires." He accused.

"You still take innocent people's lives." I shot back. Ray snarled at me.

"You could have returned!" He yelled.

"You could have not ruined my earliest impression of that new you!" I shouted back. Ray hissed and lunged at the bars. He shot one of his hands out and attempted to grab me. In the time it took me to blink though, Mikey pulled me back swiftly, and Alisha and Kat dragged Spencer away from the bars.

"You two both need to calm down now. Ray , control yourself, you're acting very rash." Mikey said in a still completely chill tone. It amazes me how he can stay so relaxed.

"Control is the last thing I want right now. Let me kill him first, and then I'll be the most controlled person you've ever met." Ray said growling. Alisha gripped him tighter.

"If you don't relax Ray, then you could hinder our chances of getting out of here." Mikey said back. Ray scowled but visibly un tensed. Kat and Alisha continued to hold tightly to him though.

"I think we should all work out a plan of action. Since we're separated from the other guys we have no idea if they are making one or not. Frank is probably being lazy and waiting for us to come up with one anyways, Gerard may take charge and come up with something himself, and Lily is likely thinking of one too. However, just to be safe we need our own way out." I said trying to change the subject to something that wasn't directed at getting my neck torn open. Mikey nodded in agreement to my words.

"We're all vampires except for you, they'll bring us food if they don't want you killed."

Mikey said thoughtfully. Ray rolled his eyes.

"Mikey, if William wants Bob alive, thought I don't see why, he'll come for Bob sooner or later. Then, they would be required to open the gate doors so Bob can get out. That would give us ample time to strike." Ray explained with an annoyed expression. A look of mild surprise crossed my features. Ray slapped his forehead in response.

"Just because I want you dead doesn't mean Beckett does, he runs on his own agenda." Ray sighed sounding frustrated. I shrugged, it doesn't surprise me that Beckett would screw over everyone else for his own things. Suddenly, Alisha wheeled towards my direction on her heel.
"Hey, did you ever call Pete, Bob?" She asked looking excited. Oh shit. I had forgotten to call him when Alisha arrived a few days ago.

"I'm sorry Alisha , I forgot after your arrival..." I hung my head. If Pete knew where we were, he could save all our asses and get Beckett. I am a winner.

"It doesn't matter now anyways, we have our own plan worked out thanks to Ray , we'll run with that one because how long could Beckett hope to keep a human in here? Humans have more needs than vampires do so at most the longest he could keep you here without letting you eat, drink, or go to the bathroom, would be three days. Somehow I doubt that he'll wait till then, though." Kat said out of the blue. Everyone nodded in agreement. We would be busting out of here soon enough.

Lily's POV

Gerard leaned in close to my face and gave me a look that suggested that I might have just turned into that flying muffin shaped dog named Merriam that I told Beckett about.

"Why?" He whispered and shook his head. Okay, why does everybody else seem to see something that I don't?

"Look, I think maybe we should talk about this later, when you can handle it. However, there is something else that we can get squared away right now that we should talk about." Gerard hinted. I thought about this sentence and then I remembered, our 'compromise'.

"You have sixty seconds to sell this to me Way or I'll shove my stake in your chest when we get back." I said dryly. Gerard grinned at me.

"Okay, so we want you guys to come live with our coven, in exchange, because I know that you would be totally opposed the idea under normal circumstances, we will stop taking the lives of the public. That means you won't have to keep checking the paper for those little notes I keep leaving for you." Gerard's smile showed of his pearly fangs. A wave of shock ran up my body.

"I knew it was you! Brandy said it could be Frank or even Ray, but I knew it could only be you." I said glaring at the floor. Note to self, tell Brandy she was completely wrong and rub it in her face.

"Yes, it was me, now moving on. Will you come live with us or not? We won't kill you, I mean you guys do fall under the category of the public. I'd also like to point out that it would be in your best interest to say yes because Frank and the lovebirds pretty much play video games when they’re in the same room, Brandy might appreciate having a reason to stick around Frank, since she's in denial like you." Gerard explained. I nodded absentmindedly and then froze.

"Denial? I am not in denial, you are!" I accused and waved a finger at him. Gerard just sat calmly.

"No, I'm pretty sure it's you. I admitted it to myself that I liked you awhile ago, but you hunters are programmed to think like all vampires are evil and that it's some big taboo to fall in love. You're so locked up in denial that it makes me sick as a person to see how you guys torment yourselves." He said looking distressed. I gaped at him.

"I do not torment myself! Neither do Brandy and Brenda! What the HELL do you think you are getting at Way?! You don't know the first thing about me!" I shouted. He is making me seriously pissed, who the fuck does he think he is?

"Sure I do, I know that, you are the exact opposite. You fight and push me away with a fierceness only comparable only to Brandy's gaming skills. That's part of why I like you so much, you fight back. I mean I could have anything I want in the world, if I want clothes, I could steal them. Money? I could go take that too. You however, I can't HAVE you unless you let yourself have me. However, you are afraid of the possibility." Gerard said leaning in close to my face. I stared back at him with defiance.

"I am afraid of nothing." I shot back. He nodded grimly.

"That's exactly what I mean. You fight everything. I don't know how you survive like you do. You fight yourself, that can't be healthy." Gerard said thoughtfully. I sighed feeling exasperated. When would he get it?

"Gerard , please shut up. I don't like you. You may like me, though I'll never understand why, but I don't like you! Could you please, give it a rest? Just leave me alone, it was so much easier when you wanted to cut me into little Lily bits." I stood up, it was difficult though because of the damn shackles on my ankles. It's worth it though, he is too crazy to deal with now. Suddenly, Gerard was right in front of me barely an inch separating us. I fought back the urge to jump away.

"Do you really believe that?" He asked me seriously. I nodded. Gerard stared me in the eyes long and hard, I could tell he was thinking over something very thoroughly.

"You're lying to me." He said suddenly. I raised my eyebrow.

"Why would I do that?" I asked skeptically.

"Because you're scared." Ryan began to circle me. "You put on a tough face when you're scared and you lie through your teeth. I've seen you do it enough times to know now."
"What exactly am I so scared of? You?" I asked crossing my arms. Gerard's circle around me got a little smaller.

"Not exactly. You're afraid to love me." He stopped and was standing right behind me. Then I could feel him breathing right next to my ear.

"Want me to prove it?" He whispered.

"I already told you, I am afraid of nothing. In fact, I dare you to prove it." I said narrowing my eyes and looking back at him. Gerard had an evil grin on his face.

"Will you let me prove it?" He asked. I nodded in response.

"I'm glad to have done business with you then," suddenly he was in front of me. "Shake my hand the bet is on." I grabbed his hand and shook firmly. Gerard's grin grew larger exposing his razor like teeth.

"Wonderful, I have to warn you though, there is limited space in our home since Mikey keeps spending our extra cash on cookbooks. So we're probably going to have to share bedrooms."

Gerard said confidently. I gave him a 'what the hell are you talking about?!' look.

"You just agreed to my compromise. You said you'd let me try and prove it. Well I can only do that if you spend time with me which means, you just agreed for you and your pals to come live with Frank, Ray, Mikey, and I. I hope you like pancakes because they are Mikey's favorite thing to cook, and that's pretty much all we ever have for breakfast." Mikey said while smiling at me lazily. How the hell did I just end up agreeing to that?! Oh somebody please kill me. Suddenly, William Beckett burst through the dungeon door while dragging with him a beaten up girl and a girl who looked extremely scared. Irony is a bitch.


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