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Big thank yous and hugs for ONotz, rainbow apocalypse, and xXLaylaxX! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Lots of stuff (mainly bad) has been going on, but I had been working o this the whole time.

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By the way, I've been working on a Waycest and was wondering if anyone was intrested in it. If so, I'll post it, if not then, most likly I won't. OH! And I had some ideas for one shots too. Anyway, here's the chapter. :)

(Later that evening)

Alex walked up to Gerard, Frank, Hayden, and I with a person in tow. He had hair somewhere between blond and strawberry blond with bangs that hung just barely over his right eye. His eyes were icy blue and he seemed to be watching Alex.
"Guys, there's someone I want you to meet." she said, smiling brilliantly. "This is Bob."
"Hi Bob!" Frank said cheerfully, shaking Bob's hand.
"Nice to meet you!" Hayden said shaking his hand.
"Hi." Gerard said with a friendly smile as he shook Bobs hand.
"Hey man, nice to meet you." I said smilng at Bob and shaking his hand. To each off us he had responded with a simple 'Hi.' and a smile.
"And Bob, this is Frank, Hayden, Gerard, and Mikey." she said, gesturing to each of us as she said our name.
"Wait, Gerard, Frank, Hayden, and Mikey, right."
"M'kay, I just wanted to make sure I got all the names right."
"So, where did you two meet?" I asked.
"Here, actually. I met him while I was mingling." Alex replied beaming.
"Yeah, all of your art work is really amazing." Bob said. Alex giggled.
"Thanks!" she said blushing.
"You wanna join the Alex Fan Club?" Frank asked.
"Uh, sure." he said smiling.
"Fantastic! We'll get you a red tie!" Frank exclaimed. Bob looked at me like 'What the f*ck?'.
"It's our little thing, all black with a red tie." Gerard explained.
"Oh. I see it now!" he said, seeing that all of us (including Hayden, even though he didn't plan it) were wearing all black with a red tie.
"I had a fan club and no one told me?" Alex asked, fake pouting.
"Yeah, we're planning on making t-shirts and a website and everything." Gerard said enthusiastically. Frank started playing along.
"And I'm learning how to sew so that I can make merch for you! We already have the templates done and we're working on getting you your own flavor of ice cream!" Everyone laughed as we continued all the random stuff the Alex Fan Club has planned for the future.
By the end of the opening party, everyone felt as if we'd known Bob forever. After all the random people had left, leaving me, Gerard, Frankie, Hayden, Bob, Alex, and Alex's family (excluding her mom, who true to her word was a no show), Alex started saying goodbye to her aunts and uncles and cousins and soon all that was left was the Alex Fan Club, Alex's siblings (well, technically they were half siblings but none of us think of them that way, Alex's full sister, Emilia, had left early because she had go to a girl scout troop meeting), a random person, and her Grandma and 'Bumpa' (her grandparents on her dad's side), and her dad and stepmom.
"Have you guys met my Nana?" Alex asked we all shook her heads except Gerard. I looked at him questioningly.
"I met her when Alex and I were dating. She made it clear that I was going to treat her with respect and that I was not going to hurt her or I'd be sorry." He smiled. "Don't worry though, she's nice." I knew alot about her from what Alex had said about her and I know that she's very protective of Alex, she loves clothes and shoes and that her husband (Alex's 'Papa') had died of cancer and that it devastated the entire family. I had met him once when Alex and I were little kids, he was a great guy. He made us ice cream sundaes with chocolate sauce and dinosaur fruit snacks and rented a movie for us. Yeah, we were really little, but he was a great guy, it's sad he's gone.
"Of course she's nice!" Alex said, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Look, she's right over there." she said pointin to the random person, who was a tanned woman who looked no more than forty, with skinny jeans, open toed high heels and red painted toe nails, a Coach purse, a fitted leather jacket, and a rue-21 fitted t-shirt.
"That's your Nana?"
"Alex!" the woman called and Alex went over and hugged her. "You did a fantastic job on all these!"
"Thanks! Oh I love those shoes! Where'd you get them?"
"Thank you! I got them at Bakers, they were on sale."
"Nice! There's some people I want you to meet." they walked over to us and all of us looked dumb-founded except Gerard.
"Kelly, it's nice to see you again. You look fantastic as always. Are those new shoes?" he asked.
"Thank you! It's nice to see you again too! And actually they are." She turned to Frank. "And you must be Frank! I've heard a lot about you! You're a vegetarian, right?" Frank nodded looking surprised. She turned to me. "And your Mikey, Gerard's brother. She's staying at your place tonight, right?"
"Yeah." I said nervously.
"You know your going to act like a gentleman right?" she asked.
"Nana! He always acts like a gentleman!"
"Yes ma'am." I replied to Kelly.
"Good. And you can call me Kelly. Ma'am makes me sound old." she explaind. "And Alex, I'm just looking out for you. There's nothing wrong with making it clear that if he hurts you in any way, shape, or form that I'll kick his @ss into next week."
"Nana, I promise you, I'll be fine. My dad probably already talked to him and Mikey's a sweet guy. I'm definately gonna be fine." she reassured her grandma, who I'm now a bit frightened by. "And anyway," Alex added with a grin. "you're wearing new shoes. You wouldn't want to ruin them while kicking Mikey's @ss." everyone laughed.
"Honey, I'd kick his @ss anyway. Worst scenario, I'd have to buy a new pair." I nervously laughed along with everyone else.
"Don't worry Kelly, there wont be any need to." I said.
"Nana, honestly, there's no need to worry. You know that I've slept at all of their houses before except Bob and Hayden."
"This is Bob.I met him tonight."
"Well it's a pleasure to meet you Bob." she said shaking his hand.
"Likewise." he said smiling.
"And that leaves you, meaning you're Hayden. It's nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too!" Hayden cheerfully replied.
"Well, I've gotta be going. Shelly ad I are going clubbing."
"Aunt Shelly?!"
"Tell her I said hi!"
"I will!" she called as she left. Hiro ran up to us.
"Awex! Can we play Uno when we get back to the house? Pwease?"
"Hiro, remember? I'm going to Mikey's tonight."
"Because we're gonna do something fun." Frank started giggling.
"Can I come?"
"No bud, we're gonna be doing older kid stuff." Hayden joined Frank in giggling and Gerard struggled to keep a straight face and I could tell that I was blushing.
"Like what?"
"Like watching scary movies." Alex said and shot a glare at Frank and Gerard.
"They won't be too scary for me!" Hiro protested.
"Bud, maybe some other time you could have a sleepover with Mikey and I, but tonight you can't because Lisa will want to come and get jealous and you know how easily Lisa gets frightened."
"Okay." Hiro said sadly. I kneeled down and looked into his eyes.
"Hey, next time I come over, I promise I'll play Uno with you." I said. His eyes lit up.
"Yes." He gave me a hug.
" 'kay. Have fun doing big kids stuff!"
"They will." Gerard said smuggly. Alex shoved him and gave Hiro a hug. She ran over to her dad and said something to him and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She gave hugs to the rest of her family and then she came back and kissed Hayden on his forehead, Frank got a long kiss on the lips with some tongue, Gerard puckered up for a kis but Alex only gave him a peck on the cheek, she went up to a rather shocked Bob and kissed him on the lips and he too recieved the same treatment as Frank. After she pulled away, Bob just looked blown away. She came over to me and put her lips to my ear.
"Do you wanna head back to the house?" she whispered. I nodded my head. She left a little trail of kisses down my neck and then she took my hand and we headed towards the door. "Goodnight everybody!" she shouted without looking over her shoulder. And with that way stepped outside into the cool night air.
We were only about three steps out the door when Alex crushed her lips to mine. I opened my mouth and so did she and bliss flooded us. I slipped my tongue into her mouthg and she tasted absolutely delicious. I could still taste the sparkling juice she had enjoyed earlier and I explored her mouth as the world around us melted away.Our tongues danced together to the rhythm our lips made. She hugged her body up against mine. We fit together perfectly. Her hands made their way to my hair as the I deepened the kiss. We broke the kiss gasping for air. I think we'll definatly have fun tonight.
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