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I'm Not Okay

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They leave.

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Living Dead grabbed a couple of cans of power pup and Destroyer’s vest from Stripes’ room. He ran down the stairs where he saw Crimson Tide still holding Logical Destroyer in his arms. She was awake and able to walk but he refused to let go of her. She touched his arm lightly and he glanced down into her hazel eyes. He sighed, “Let me grab it.”

He set her down on her feet and ran into the small room the two had been sharing. Lying on a small box was her silver Sharpie marker. He grabbed it and shoved it into his pocket. He knew she had extras in her own pockets but this was her current one and she always refused to start a new one till the old one died. He handed her the marker and a small smile actually grazed her lips before the vacant look returned. Crimson turned around to see what she was looking at. Violent Stripes was standing behind them at the doorway, “So you’re really leaving us. After all we did for you.”

Crimson growled, “What you did was rape my best friend. You’re lucky I don’t kill you right now.”

Violent Stripes tossed him two ray guns, one an orangey red and the other a deep purple. Stripes smirked, “Try it.”

Living Dead put his hand on Crimson’s shoulder, “Let’s just leave.”

Crimson sighed and nodded. He grabbed the two guns from the floor and pocketed them. He looked at Violent Stripes, “You aren’t worth the effort.”

Crimson reached out and took Destroyer’s hand. The two walked out past Stripes with Living Dead following close by them. Violent Stripes shook his head, “You won’t last a day wondering the desert.”

The three just kept walking. The sun seemed to beat down on them from all sides. It had been about two hours since they left the house when they saw dust clouds erupting in the distance. Living Dead tensed up, “Crap.”

Crimson looked at him, “What is it?”

Living Dead sighed, “Dracs.”

Crimson nodded, “We run.”

Crimson grabbed Destroyer’s hand and ran off into the right away from the dust clouds. Living Dead was right behind them. Crimson saw a bunch of boulders in the distance, “There,” pointing to them. Diving behind the rocks, Crimson and Dead took up positions to fight against the Dracs. A black car pulled up not too far from the rocks. Three Dracs and Korse stepped out of the vehicle. Crimson ducked back down, “Crap, it’s that guy again.”

Living Dead checked his ray gun’s power, “Can’t believe he found me again.”

Crimson looked up at him, “What do you mean? I thought he was after us.”

Living Dead laughed, “Yeah, Korse has been after me ever since I escaped from BL/Ind. I was one of those ‘experiments’ that the news is always talking about.”

Crimson laughed, “Damn. I’m sorry man. Here I was thinking he was after us cause he chased us for a while when he ran.”

Living Dead cocked his eyebrow, “Wait, Korse himself chased you.”

Crimson nodded, “Yeah.”

Korse yelled, “Hello Seth. Are you ready to come work at Better Living Industries yet? We could really use you’re scientific mind.”

Living Dead stared at Crimson Tide, “You’re Seth?”

Crimson nodded, “Yeah, guess that answers that question of who he wants.”

Korse continued yelling, “Logan, don’t think I didn’t see you hiding back there as well.”

Living Dead just stared at Crimson, “Shall we do this?”

Suddenly, the two could hear a ray gun go off three times fast. They looked over and saw Logical Destroyer laying on the rock firing off shots at the Dracs. She had stolen the purple ray gun from out of Crimson's pocket. Two of the three went down where they stood. Crimson gasped. Logical Destroyer stared at the Dracs with anger in her eyes. She breathed heavily and fired off another shot taking out the last Drac. Crimson grabbed her arm, pulling her back behind the rock. He glared at her, “What are you doing?”

Destroyer stared at him, “Killing them.”

Crimson scoffed, “I can see that. We need to run.”

Destroyer cocked her head to the side, “Why not just kill them?”

Living Dead looked back and forth between them, “Yeah, fight later run now.”

Crimson and Destroyer gave a quick nod. The two stood still crouched behind the boulder. Crimson looked around, “Our old car should be around here somewhere. I say we try to find it. Maybe I can get the tire fixed.”

Living Dead nodded, “Sounds like a plan. On three we run. And three.”

The three took off running from Korse. White blasts seemed to explode around them. Suddenly, Crimson fell forward. Blood oozed from his shoulder. Logical Destroyer turned to help him. Crimson yelled, “No. Just run.”

Living Dead grabbed her arm turning her back in the direction they were running. Slowly, the white ray blasts stopped. Turning around, they could see that no one was chasing them anymore.


Author’s Note: So yeah, that’s that chapter. Not as long as I would have liked but like I said in my note the plot bunnies. The evil plot bunnies. So there are probably only about three chapters left. I know MCR wasn’t in most of this but they will appear in the last three chapters. All of them, and then my story will run into XxxFallenAngelXxxx ‘s story Danger Days Bob’s story the prequel. So enjoy.
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