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The A Team

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Rated R for drug use and possible story lines in future. Gerard is traveling in a long winding road into trouble. can someone save him?

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The A Team.

It was winter in Belleville, New Jersey. Fluffy, small, snowflakes fell from the sky, touching 19 year old, Gerard Way’s, face. The teenager was walking down a small dark alley; a shortcut to his house that he shares with his mother, Donna, and his little brother, Mikey.

Anyone who lived in the area would tell the jet black haired boy that he was so very stupid for walking the streets this late, especially with all the sirens coming from all different sides of the town. But Gerard didn’t care about the stories he got told by people around him and he didn’t care about the gun shot’s you could hear from the next block because he was in his element – flying as high as a kite on meth.

Gerard fell into the deep, dark abyss of drug addiction when his father left for heaven 3 years ago. Gerard couldn’t help but think it was his fault that his dad died. If I just did what he asked me to do, He thought on often occasion, we wouldn’t have had that stupid argument, he wouldn’t have gone for a drive; he wouldn’t have spun out of control, on the icy roads, and crashed. But the memory of his dad faded away when he got a hold of the ivory white powder, that the he warped up in tin foil and smoked till the cows came home, that caused hallucinations which made him feel like he was an angel floating through the sky, even when it was too cold to fly.

That’s where the adolescent had just been, his dealer and close friends’ – Bert McCracken. It was Bert that introduced him to the methamphetamine. Gerard had wandered over to the house barely hours after he heard the majorly depressing news which would affect the boy and his family for life.
“It’ll help you forget,” Bert left the couch he was sitting on to go and get a jar full of what looked like icing sugar to Gerard, and some aluminium foil. Those 4 words were the only words that Bert had said to Gerard after closely listening to a shaken up friend for about 60 minutes. Oblivious to the effects it had and what it was, the boy took what he was offered and smoked – and the rest is history.

HI! Waves franticly behind laptop screen :D I’m not sure about this tbh. I just did it out of the blue if it doesn’t get continued then I have no more Idea’s ... I really hope I do have idea’s cause I like this so far ... if it doesn’t make sense then ... idk  x this fanfic is highly inspired by the song, ‘A Team’ (hence the title) by Ed Sheeran ... AH- maz- ZING!  x

So R&R please and maybe i'll be back! x
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