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Chapter 5: Warmth.

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Frank was sitting at the kitchen counter- his back turned to me, looking out of the window.

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Chapter Five

The warm water on my skin felt so refreshing. I stepped out of the shower after washing my hair and cleaning off all of my make-up and dryed myself with the towel Gerard left me before wrapping it around me. I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror and stared back at it confused. That couldn't be me, I was smiling and my pale skin looked slightly brighter. I wiped the black from under my eyes and checked my teeth. Maybe I should brush them.. I put some toothpaste I found on the side, on my finger and brushed my teeth like that. I couldn't help but feel so warm and happy- it also helped that I was now clean and was about to jump into some of Gerards clothes. I laughed to myself and combed through my knotted hair with my fingers untill it was all smoothed out in a slight wave. I took a deep breath, knowing i'd loose all this calmness after being in Gerards presence even for a second. I grabbed my clothes from the floor and opened the door poking my head out.
"Gerard?" I called out softly. The house was so calm and quiet, I didn't want to ruin it.
"Yeah?" I heard him call from his room. I stepped out of the steamy bathroom and went to his room and was about to knock on his door when he opened it. "Oh." He said, his cheeks were pink. He smiled down at my and took a piece of my hair in his hand and played with it while I stared up at him unable to breath. He looked into my eyes and dropped my hair and stepped around me. "Go and pick anything you want to wear from my room." He told me, smiling his crooked smile.
"O-Okay" I managed to cough out. He laughed lightly and disappeared down the hall. I stood in his doorway for a second, clutching the towel to my body and then realised I was starting to feel cold. I turned around into his room, closing the door and walked towards his wardrobe. I dropped the towel and put on my bra quickly and then found a pair of Gerards boxers. I pulled on a plain black pair and then went searching for a top. I looked through his wardrobe, touching every piece of clothing of his. I finally found a old Sex Pistols shirt and put that on. I picked my clothes off of the floor and left Gerards room to find Frank. I tip-toed downstairs so I wouldn't wake Mikey and then walked back into the kitchen. Frank was sitting at the kitchen counter, his back turned to me, looking out of the window. I stood in the doorway not knowing what to do when he turned around and smiled widely.
"You look clean" He said, nodding at me.
"Ha, thanks" I smiled back, walking over to him.
"I should probably go home and clean up too." He said, shrugging and getting up. I got the feeling Frank was feeling down.
"Want my number?" I asked him, putting my clothes down on the counter. "So you can text me and we'll meet up sometime tomorrow." Frank was looking much happier now.
"Oh yeah, that would be pretty sweet actually."
"Here" I said, taking his hand in mine and grabbing the pen near the end of the counter. I wrote my number on his hand and then drew a little love heart underneath by my name. "I can tell we're going to be great friends Frankie!" I told him, jumping up and pulling him into a big bear hug. Woah, this is unlike me.. I pulled back, smiling at him. He looked slightly down again. "What's up Frank?" I asked.
"Aw nothing. Don't worry." He shrugged again and pulled away from me, heading for the doorway. "I'm going to go home now. It's late." I looked over at the clock- it was 3 in the morning!!
"Yeah okay." I replied waving at him as he slowly started to walk backwards. "Text me mister!!" Frank nodded and then turned around walking out of the kitchen.
As soon as I was on my own, I started to feel really tired again. I sighed, slowly bending over the counter and ended up resting my head on my crossed arms. I closed my heavy eyelids and just fell asleep.

A/N: Okay sorry it was short again!! I thought I'd have more time to write a longer chapter but I have been revising for Maths all day today with my friend. After my tests tomorrow I'm free untill Monday!!! YAAAY! Long chapters!! XD Sorry again guys! I owe you a double long chapter.. (Or maybe character auditions for this story.) ;D Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!! R&R!!
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