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Chapter 8

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Gerards point of view
The knife was raised high in the air, poised. Moonlight danced off the shiny surface, almost lighting up the area. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath. It came flying down, plunging into her heart. Stopping the heart of my angel. The snow shimmered in the moonlight, it seemed so pure. It quickly became tainted with her blood. I howled and tried to leap forwards, just to hold her in my arms this last time. Just to make sure she didn't die alone, afraid, The guards laughed at my pathetic attempts. One stepped forwards and cut the ropes, sending me tumbling forwards. I dragged myself up and ran over to her alter, undoing the ties, and cradling her in my arms. Blood and tears stained both of our faces. 'Stay strong' she croaked, a small smile flickering across her face. Her eyes slowly closed and she breathed a contented sigh. After that silence. I began to sob, gripping her cold, lifeless body. The snow swirled down around us. I became aware of the people surrounding us in the clearing. 'You monsters! You killed her! You spilled her blood, for what? some sort of twisted entertainment!? I hope you burn in hell, you pigs!' I was screaming by the end, because not a single face showed emotion. No one cared. 'WHY DON'T YOU CARE!? CAN'T YOU SEE SHE WAS INNOCENT?'

'Gerard dude, wake up. And calm the fuck down.'

'Huh?' I mumbled, light burning the back of my eyes. Slowly opening them, I took in my surroundings. I was on the tour bus. The bad dreams had left me shaken, although I can't exactly remember what had happened. 'After you stormed off, we searched for ages. You were eventually found you unconcious in some tiny village in the middle of nowhere, about an hour from here. What the hell were you thinking!?' Ray sat across from me, the accusation clear in his eyes. 'Whaa..? I was saved by Jo, and she brought me back to her house!' Straining to think clearly, them memories of what happened last night seemed to dance just out of my reach, so I couldn't get them. Then I realised. It was all just a horrible dream. I glance down at my clothes, wondering if there would be any clues as to what had happened. Nope. Ray stared at me, watching cautiously, like I might go off on one any minute now. 'It was all just a dream' I gasped, grabbing him and hugging him. I began to dance through the bus, for whatever horrors I seemed to think I witnessed last night were untrue! Mikey and Frank gawped as I skipped through the kitchen, both cradling a cup of coffee. I grin insanely at them, waving like a madman. 'I love England ya know, the air is so fresshh' Flinging the door of the tour bus open, I run down the steps and start dancing in the rain falling silently around me. 'Come on guys, lets go get breakfast!' I shriek as I run down alleyway, emerging on the pavement next to a main road, I glance quickly both ways, and skip out, the rain plastering my clothes to my body. The sound of screeching tires fills my ears, and the blackness surrounds me like a cloak.

I wake up in someones arms. It's still raining, but their body protects me from the worst of it. The hold me so close, pratically squeezing me, like they're terrified I'll just disappear. And then the pain hits me. It's like I've never experienced before. I try to scream, the pain is so bad, but nothing comes out. The figure hushes me, and pulls me closer into them, if that is even possible. I use all my strength to look up, and see the strangers face. It was Jo. She'd changed a lot. Her hair had been cropped, into a more boyish haircut, which only highlighted her delicate features. She looked wiser, and extremely tired. Dizziness swept over me, and I welcomed the unconciousness. 'Oh no you don't!' She whispered, re adjusting me in her arms. 'You are staying right here. You hear me? Stay with me!' I glance around. It's like time has slowed down. All the cars and people are stopping, and running to help me in slow motion. It's almost beautiful. They're still moving painfully slow when my eyes slide shut.


To this day, the doctors still don't know how I survived. They said it was like something had thrown itself in front of me, taking the worst of the impact.
It was enough of a wake up call for me, so I got my life back on track, and now Lynz and I are back together.
Sometimes, I walk into Bandits room, and there is a beautiful gold light over her crib. I like to think my angel is watching over her too.

Hello. If you have read this to the end, thank you! I'm sorry for boring you, and not updating for yonks! I have been super busy just lately. I hope you didn't feel this ending was too much of a let down. Rate and Review! So long and goodnight, Josephine. xo
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