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chapter 5

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violets p.o.v.

"here we are!" i said to frank.

"you have a nice house." he says walking in slowly.

"thanks." i said quietly. "you okay?"

"yeah, why wouldnt i be?" he asked me.

"well, what i saw earlier at school-"

"oh! yeah, im fine i get that a lot." he said. i noticed a little pain in his eyes.

"d-do you mind me asking why?"

"i get picked on alot in school because im gay." he said looking down.

my heart sank. i dont know what to do. now clearly me and frank cant be together.

"frank im so sorry...theyre stupid." i said hoping it would comfort him.

he was gona say something when his phone rang.

i went to the bathroom ready to burst into tears. for one thing i didnt know about frank. and another, i feel horrible what they do to him. i couldnt help myself but hear what frank was talking about.

"alight thanks ray ill talk to gee, bye."

then he hung up.

i came out trying to hold backk my tears.

"what do you wanna do frank?"

"oh you can call me frankie" he says.

"oh ok, so what do you wanna do frankie?" i ask once again.

"um, watch tv?" he gave me innocent eyes.

oh my god they look so cute. how can i say no?

i turn on the tv and gave him the remote. he takes it and flicks through the channels. we ended up watching about saving animals or some shit like that. i wasnt paying attention. just then my dad walks in.

franks p.o.v.

we were watching this show about saving animals. then i see a tall man walk in. i look at him and then turn back to the tv. im guessing hes her dad. i can feel his eyes crawling over me. he goes into the other room and locks it. i get a creepy chill.

"that was my dad. hes really quiet." she said.

"and creepy." i said.

she giggles nerously.

for a girl like her, she giggles a lot. and again i turn back to the tv.

~2 hours later~

i think violet noticed i was bored because she asked me if i wanted to do something else. i just said no. i was kind of. i just didnt wanna tell her.
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