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Alright, I know I haven't updated in FOREVER. But iv'e been in the hospital and I wasn't allowed my laptop. So I couldn't write. But here is another chapter for this story, sorry about it being short but....yea....enjoy! and review XD


Frank quickly rolled off me and looked over towards the door, his face pale.
I sat up to see what he was looking at.
There standing in the doorway, a blank look on his face, was a man.
A man with an aura of power and strength.

"D-dad?!" Frank stuttered.
Oh this man is his dad........oh shit.

Before Frank could even begin to explain, his dad turned and walked out of the room.
Not saying a single word.
I looked over at Frank, who was biting his nails.

"Calm down Frankie" I said calmly.
"How can I be calm?" He questioned "I haven't told him i'm gay yet!"
"He will understand wont he?" I asked. trying my best to calm him down.
"I don't know, nothing like this has come into conversation before"

We both sat on the floor for what seems forever (it was really only 15 minutes), neither of us moves an inch.
Then suddenly Franks father entered the room again, the blank look still on his face.
He walked right up to us, knelt down to our level.
He first looked over at Frank. Then turned to me and lent forward, staring into my eyes.
The only thing going through my mind is how utterly fucked we were. Was he going to kill me? Kill us???

"Well howdy!" he finally spoke, a grin appearing on his face.
I swear to god I almost had a heart attack. And by the fact that Frank looks like he was about to faint, I would say I wasn't the only one.

"What the fuck!" Frank shouted at his father, who intern looked at his son confused.
"Whats wrong Frank?" he asked, concerned.
"The question here, is whats wrong with you!" he replied.
"Well i'm a little bit tired and I think iv'e got a cold..." he trailed off "oh you mean my reaction to you and your boyfriend? Well iv'e been expecting a day where I walked in on you and your boyfriend. "

"Wait you know?" Frank asked, confused.
"That your gay? Yes. A freaking monkey could tell that your gay, son" Franks father laughed.
I watched Frank and his father question each other while I tried to slow my heart beat.
I was so NOT expecting that!

But it looks like both Frank and I have crazy parents.
Wow I can't wait for them too meet. I would be like the funniest gathering EVER.

"So who might this be?" Franks dad asked, looking at me.
"This is Gerard Way" Frank smiled.
"Your boyfriend?"
"No. Franks playing hard to get" I stated.
"That's how I raised him" His father looked proud of himself "well iv'e got to get back to work" he sighed sadly, getting to his feet. Before he walked out of the room he turned and smiled "remember, protection"

(10 minutes later, in Franks bedroom)

"That was unexpected" I spoke, breaking the silence.
"Yea. I was expecting him to freak out" Fran admitted.
We were both lying on his bed. Our heads hanging off the end so that his room seemed to be upside down.

"What do we do now?" I asked with a bored tone.
"Well we could......TIME WARP!!!" Frank shouted.Rolling off the bed and over to his stereo.
"Are you serious?" I asked blankly.
"Yea" he replied ion a small voice, his face showing that he was worried that he just freaked me out.

"Gee, are you okey?" Frank asked.
"Fucking AWESOME!" I yelled, bouncing over to the middle of his room "lets DO THIS"
Frank laughed and put the disk in, cranked up the volume and joined me.

We dance like loons on loon pills to the music.
Everything was going awesome until the disk stated to skip.
And we ended up jumping to the felt a dozen time, thus making us jump into the wall.
Yes I know what your thinking. A normal person would have known better then to keep following the songs instructions. But we are clearly not normal. And thats the way I like it.

"You know, we should probably get to school, its almost break" I said, slightly puffed.
What can I say, jumping into a wall really takes it out of you.
"Or we could just hang out here" Frank suggested. And man what a suggestion it was.
"As much as I would really, really, REALLY love to do that, I kinda have to get to school so that Mikey doesn't look like fool hanging out with himself"

"Does he have any friends?" Frank asked.
"No" I said sadly "hes too shy"
"We should go then, your clothes are probably done by now" he said, leaving the room to fetch my clothes. He was back moments later.

"Are you a ninja?" I asked him.
He just looked at me as though I was a talking llama.
"Never mind then" I muttered, taking my clothes from him and pulling them on.
Mmm nice and toasty.


"Mikey my brother from the same mother" I called, as Frank and I hopped over to where he stood.
And I do mean we hopped. On one leg. Like idiots.
"And my soon to be brother in-law" Frank added.
I looked at him. I swear if this as an anime I would have diamonds and sparkles in my eyes.

"Really?" I asked excitedly.
"We will see" Frank replied with a grin.
"My goodness, your both freaks" Mikey stated.
"No shit Captain Obvious" I laughed, poking his forehead.

"So are you two together?" Mikey asked.
"Nope. Its not Saturday yet" Frank said "tomorrow is when i'll make my decision"
"And I already know the answer" I said. He was totally going to go out with me.
"Don't forget that mom and dad want to meet you" Mikey said to Frank.

"I'm pretty sure iv'e already informed him about that" I said "though I don't think I warned him..."
"Warned me?" Frank asked, slightly worried.
"Haha don't worry about it" I replied with a cheezy grin.

"Anyway, i'm ditching school now. So if you love birds want to join, you may" Mikey said before starting to walk away.
"Gasp" I said, fake shocked "what have you done with my nerdy brother?"
"Oh ha ha" Mikey replied, continuing to walk.

And that my friends is the end of this chapter

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