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Chapter 5

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I stared at Frank, He caguht me looking at him and seemed to be self concious all of a sudden.
'I'm gonna go for a drink, Frankie?' I said timidly
'umm.. yeah?' he definitely seemed different he was quiet and looked startled at being talked to.
'Wanna help me in the kitchen?' I asked hopefully
'umm.. sure ,lets go' he replied and gave me a small smile.
We walked into the kitchen. I forgot the attire i was wearing, with my overlarge Nirvana T-shirt and my shorts. i sat down on the chair and Frank sat next to me. He looked suddenly 5 years older. He looked absolutely exhausted.
'Frankie are you okay?' He smiled when I called him Frankie. I guess he liked that. He didn't seem to answer though, he bit his lip and i realised he hadn't taken his jacket off. I tugged at the zip and he flinched away. I continued and zipped it down half way, he still tugged away slightly then stopped. I had unzipped his jacket and then I took off from around his shoulder and the sudden intake of breath i made hurt my throat. All along Franks arm was stained red with blood. He grimaced as he saw my face and tried to pull his jacket back on.
'Look, I don't want your sympathy I-' before he had even finished I shook my head.
'Frankie please, who did this to you? Did you do it to yourself?'
he stayed silent and put his head down, Fringe covering his face.
I grabbed his hand and walked to the bathroom with him locking the door behind me. There were tears threatening to spill over, but I got on with it. If he didn't want to explain he didn't have to but by god I wasn't leaving him in this state.
I turned his arm carefully and delicately towards me and a damn tear spilled over my eye. Frank saw and pushed her hair behind her ear to look her in the face.
'Heather, why does this bother you so much? Why do you care?' he asked her softly perplexed
'Frankie, Of course i care this is terrible haven't you told Mikey or Gerard!? Frankie please get help, I know what its like to...' I trailed off at a loss of what to say.
I ran his arm under the cold tap as he winced. There was just so much blood...
'I.. I didn't do this to myself. It's my- my dad he gets... wierd. But its nothing like i said I don't want your sympathy. And what do you mean get help, you know-' He stopped abruptly. 'Oh shit, Heather' sad comprehension spread across his face and he grabbed my wrist seeing the scars from only from two weeks previously along her arm.
He put his head in his (now clean) hands.
'Explain, now please.' he said in a strained voice.
'I just.. Frank there are multiple reasons but thats not for right now. You're hurt and we need to fix that, do you know where Mikey keeps the first aid box?'
there was still tension between them and Heather hoped he would answer her and at least try and get things to return to normal.
'Yeah. Cabnet' he said nodding towards a sink cabnet. I opened the cabnet door and grabbed some anti-septic cream and a small bandage.
'Let's take a look at the damage' I muttered
Frank was still perplexed as to why I cared.
'Shit ,Frankie' she said softly trying to mask the shock.
There were three clean but furiously red gashes along his arm. Oh, shit there go my tears again.
'He just drinks a little too much a little too often okay. Nothing I can't handle'
I just looked at him in disbelief. He had been putting up with this shit for god knows how long. 'Its not bad Heather, I promise! Mikey and Gerard let me crash here most nights.'
I sniffed and wiped away a tear and he winced as i carefully put the cream onto his deep scratches.
I finally bandaged it up and hugged him tightly. I never thought about anything but Frankie's pain and how much I wanted to stop it. He hugged me back tighly and I breathed in his afttershave he had put on his neck. I know it was really wrong but it smelled great and I was glad Mikey chose that moment to knock loudly on the door.
'Frank? Heather? What's up?' he loudly spoke from behind the door.
'Frank,what're we gonna tell him?' I whispered.
Frank sat deep in thought for a moment and then seemed to grimly accept something.
'I'll tell you what we're gonna tell them. The truth. That's what. They know about my dads drinking just not about..this' he said indicating the bandage.'
I unlocked the door and Mikey walked in cautiously he looked only a little worried until he saw the open first aid kit and the small splatters of blood on the side of the sink. Then his eyes widened and he looked freaked.
everyone stood silent waiting for someone to speak then Gerard strolled through, whistling a show tune in his usual carefree way. He stopped sensing the tension and his eyes also widened as he saw the blood then he saw Franks bandaged arm. Then Gerard spoke.
'Okay either theres something you need to tell us or Heather went all KillBill on your ass,in which case you don't need to explain.'
'Your dad again?' Mikey said sadly.
Frank nodded.
'Jesus Frank. You didn't tell us it was that bad, you can crash tonight too and whenever you want!' Gerard said
'Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate it. I'm fine though' he said giving them all a small smile.
They all walked back into the living room and sat down to resume the movie. Mikey made space for Frank so he could sit with us on the sofa and Mikey grabbed her hand under the covers.
Gerard's phone rang and he went into the conservatory to answer it. Frank and Mikey looked towards him puzzled.
'Must be mom and dad' spoke Mikey
Heather remembered she hadn't checked her phone. There was a missed call and voicemail from Jenna. She didnt call her back she left it, it wouldn't be important. It never was with Jenna. Just then Gerard finished up on the phone and came in.
'Guys, I have to go and pick my friend up from her house, bringing her here. That okay Mike?'
'sure,sure' Mikey replied
'Hey wait, Heather?' Gerard wavered
'You know Jenna Shaw right?' he asked
'oh, yeah she's like a close friend. why?' I replied
'cause thats who I'm going to meet'
'oh really? ah okay' i smiled at him. But Jenna had James? oh well, they're probably just friends her and Gee.

Gerard p.o.v
She was a sweet girl, the kind that might just make Mikey happy for a long time. He smiled to himself, he had a lot on his mind and was pretty worried about Jenna she sounded really upset on the phone. He pulled up in the drive to her house she had a black and white checked Vans backpack over one shoulder and was wearing dark blue jeans and a Misfits top. She had a gray and blue hoodie over her arm and her blonde curly hair was pulled up into a loose bun.
She looked beautiful as usual but she looked fairly upset.
'Jenna, are you okay? you looks upset and you sounded really upset'
'I just had an arguement with my boyfriend and we broke up' she said. Her voice sounded strong as if telling him it was for the best...
'well, you chose the right night to call me, your friend Heather's at mine with my brother Mikey and my friend Frank. we're having a movie night if you wanna stay the night? everyone else is what's one more, right? haha'
'sure' she looked up into his eyes and smiled looking genuinely happy to be with him.

Heathers p.o.v
It was a great night, the best she could remember in a long time. Jenna and Gerard fell asleep in eachothers arms and Frank fell asleep shortly after that listening to his ipod (he had seen the film) and me and Mikey were lying together on a sofabed together.I didn't dare watch it, okay. I was a scaredy cat but I wouldn't admit it. I'd look stupid but I had Mikey so i just buried my head in his chest.
'Can I be the only hope for you? because the only hope for me is you' he whispered into my ear.
'You have something in your eye' i whispered.
Mikey looked confused and leaned in closer and I kissed him on the lips. And it wasn't short and sweet like the one in the car. This one was long and sweet and his sweet tasting tongue entered my mouth and we made out for what felt like half an hour.


Mikey picked up a shoe from the floor and threw it at him laughing.
He whispered to me 'I see you lying next to me with words i thought I'd never speak awake and unafraid. I love you' he wrapped his arms around me and I snuggled closer to him.
'I love you too ,Mikey' I mumbled
we stayed silent for a while as Gerard returned to his snoring, Jenna's deep breathing and Frank's sleep whispering.
Heather had never felt more like she belonged in her whole life. Mikey fell asleep and his arm went limp around her so she closed her eyes and welcomed the sleepy darkness to consume her
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