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Gerard starts to remember what happened, and why he is in this place.

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As the pair of them reached the front door to the building that was apparently going be where he was staying, Gerard gave a few exhausted pants, and leant against the wall by the door, waiting for Frank to open it.
“Why am I so damn tired?”
He demanded, exasperated. Frank opened the door, waiting for Gerard to walk inside, and just looked up at him with raised eyebrows.
“Side effects.”
He replied simply, then as Gerard moved inside the building, shut the door behind him. The air was clear in here, not full of suspended dust like it was outside, and it was much cooler. Frank led Gerard down the hallway, and they passed several rooms on either side of the corridor, each with a number on them. Gerard looked around him, fascinated, and staggering slightly, still feeling the effects of the chemicals. Frank glanced behind him briefly, as he heard Gerard bump into the wall, apparently unable to keep in a straight line.
“Having a bit of trouble walking, are we?”
He remarked, giving out a soft laugh, as Gerard steadied himself, and shot Frank a glare.
He said, in a completely bitter tone.
“Seriously, your room could not be further away if it tried.”
He stated, as he saw the edge of the hall way approaching. Frank shrugged, and then spoke.
“I prefer it being all the way down here. It’s much quieter. Most people live at the other end of the building.”
Gerard raised his eyebrows, ‘Oh good.’ He thought to himself. He watched as Frank stopped, in front of the room that was one in from the end, on the left side of the corridor, and had the number 321C written on it. The shorter man pulled out a key, and unlocked the door, stepping inside. Gerard followed him in, and shut the door behind him, then looked around the room, examining it carefully. It was very simplistic, but quite nice, as much as military style living quarters could be. The walls were a pale, off-white colour, and the floor was covered in slightly worn floorboards. Against the walls on either side of the room was a bed, which was constructed of a black metal frame, and white sheets, which were perfectly laid, without a crease at all. At the end of each bed there was a set of draws, supposedly to put their clothes, not that Gerard had any with him besides the ones he was currently wearing.
He could tell which bed was Frank’s, there were a couple photographs stuck to the walls, of family members and friends, presumably, and posters of bands beside that. They appeared to have a similar taste in music, which would make getting along with this man much easier. He took a couple of steps so that he stood in the centre of the room, and opposite him was another door, that was slightly open, and seemed to lead to the bathroom. When he was finished inspecting the room, he turned and sat down on his bed, and glanced over at Frank, who was sat on his own bed, watching him curiously.
“How are you feeling now?”
He heard him enquire. He still felt like shit, but he didn’t want to say it. At the back of his mind he could almost grasp at some memories and what had happened before he got taken here, but it was like when you can’t remember someone’s name, and you know it’s there, right on the tip of your tongue, but you just can’t place it. It frustrated Gerard a lot, but he just gave a reluctant sigh, knowing it would come back to him in time.
“I’m fine.”
He said simply in reply to Frank, who looked at him with a slightly tilted head, clearly not believing him, but he didn’t seem to want to pester him any further. Gerard gave another sigh, and a slight groan. He felt like he had a head rush, like he used to get when he first started smoking. He flopped down onto his side and rested his head on the pillow, and kicked his shoes off, then hooked his legs onto the bed, and tucked his knees up to his chest, then closed his eyes, trying to stop his head spinning.
Frank looked at him with a sympathetic smile, then stood and took of his suit jacket, as it was no longer needed. As he left it on his bed, there was a rapid series of knocks on the door, and Frank immediately knew who it would be. As he approached the door to open it, there was another couple of knocks, but louder this time. Gerard whimpered at the sudden outburst of loud noise, and Frank smirked, then opened the door, and slipped outside into the hallway, to confront the person there.
Gerard didn’t ask who was at the door; he didn’t want any noise distracting him from trying to remember everything. He took a deep breath, and concentrated on nothing but his own breathing and his heartbeat, hoping it would clear his mind. As he started to block out his surroundings, things began to come back to him.

Several hours earlier, Gerard had only just been getting out of bed. It was nine am, and he was just getting out of the shower with nothing but a towel around his waist when there was a knock on the door. He walked out of the bathroom, staring at the front door to his house cautiously. Why would anyone come see him this early? The only person it was likely to have ever been was his brother Mikey, who used to live here as well, and always managed to forget his house key, so needed Gerard had to let him in most days.
But Mikey had left months ago with nothing more than a note to say he’d be gone for a while and didn’t know when he’d be back and Gerard hadn’t heard from him since.
He walked over to the door, and opened it, not sure what to expect. Before him stood a man in a perfectly fitted black suit, with dark brown hair that came to a cute little flick over his forehead, and wearing sunglasses, even the sun defiantly wasn’t shining. The man was quite a bit shorter than him as well. After a few seconds of the pair standing in silence the shorter man spoke.
“Gerard Way?”
He enquired simply. Gerard raised an eyebrow then nodded.
“Yeah, that’s me. What do you want?”
He enquired, becoming more suspicious by the second. What were you supposed to expect when a man in black comes to your front door?
“I have a job opportunity to offer you.”
He stated, keeping a blank expression on his face. Gerard thought about it for a few seconds before responding. He certainly would prefer a different job to his current one. He worked as a sort of music technician for a local music venue, except the place was a bit of a shit hole, and he was good at what he did, and he knew it, much better than that place, anyway. He also prided himself on being an artist, though he never got much opportunity to show it. Gerard nodded, and stepped to the side, letting the man inside, then shut the door behind him.
“What exactly is it, then?”
He asked, and led the man into the main room, gesturing for him to sit down on the sofa. Gerard himself stayed leant against the doorframe, not risking sitting down wearing just a towel. The man perched himself on the arm of the sofa, facing Gerard, before speaking.
“Its top secret. You need to be deadly serious about it before I tell you anymore.”
Gerard nodded, without even thinking about it.
“I want to get out of this place.”
He said simply, and then other man nodded.
“Ever heard of area 51?”
Gerard raised his eyebrows, his eyes widening slightly.
“It’s more of an urban legend, but yeah I guess so. I don’t know anything about it though.”
He watched as the man facing him smiled softly, the corners of his mouth turning up.
“I don’t even know anything about it. I’m an audio technician, voice recognition, that sort of thing, I work there. But I don’t know anything more about it. No one does.”
Gerard was fascinated, and he nodded eagerly.
“They want you to come work in the same department as me, actually. That’s why I’m here.”
The man continued. It irritated Gerard not knowing his name. He wasn’t even sure if he was allowed to know, what with this being such a top secret. He assured himself he would find out later.
“So....when can I start?”
Gerard enquired, and then ran his fingers through his still wet hair. It was a sort of nervous habit.
“Well, today. Pack your stuff, get dressed, and we’ll be leaving.”
Gerard nodded, feeling slightly overwhelmed with excitement, but containing himself, what sort of image would be make for himself if he jumped around like a five year old? He turned and moved briskly up the stairs, and threw on the smartest clothes he could find, which was a clean pair of black skinnies, a white shirt, and his black converse. It would have to do. He gathered up the majority of his clothes and shoved them into a bag, then returned downstairs. He wasn’t sure how long he would be gone, but he didn’t have anyone that he needed to tell. He picked up his house key from the shelf it was on and put it in his bag, for whenever he would be returning. He placed his belongings by the front door, and then walked into the front room where the man was still sat.
“So, we can just go?”
He asked, watching the man as he stood and came closer to him, stopping only about a foot in front of him. He was tempted to back away slightly, but held his ground.
“Yes, but I need to do something first, and I’m very sorry about this.”
Gerard stared at him, confused.
“Sorry about wha-“
He was cut off as the man pushed him backwards against a wall, and he felt the point of a needle pierce the skin of his neck, and he injected him with perfectly clear liquid. The man had clamped his hand over Gerard’s mouth to prevent him from yelling, and had pressed his entire body against him, stopping him from struggling. His skin tingled from the sudden contact, and he couldn’t pretend that he didn’t enjoy it for the tiny amount of time he was conscious enough to register it. He immediately started to feel light headed, and his vision blurred. He let out a soft “Ahh” then slid to the floor, the entire world going black.
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