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Run and never stop.

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Jacob aged 17 ran away from home aged 11. The thing is, will he ever stop running?

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_________JACOB'S POV__________

I slowly, reluctantly opened my eyes. Light streamed from the open curtains onto the floor of my room. I opened my mouth wide and yawned groggily. Turning over, I see my clock. It read 0638. It wasn't actually that early. It was actually twenty to eight. I only ever used the clcok because it was the last thing my grandfather gave me before he died.
I stretched my arms above my head and stumbled out of bed. Pulling open the curtains fully I yanked open a drawer full of boxers, socks, T-shirts and jeans.
Once I was dressed I limped downstairs, my ankle still sore from twisting it at hockey on Wednesday, and started on making coffee and toast. There was no butter left so I just ate it plain.
I looked around the kitchen for my RE books. It was nearing Christmas so we had to revise for exams. This morning there was RE and Math then after break there'd be French and Music. Then lunch and Home Ec and finally, PE.
I put the RE book and my pencil case into my school bag and walked out the door, grabbing me keys last minute.
I checked my watch and saw I was gonna be at least twenty minutes early for school. I stepped into Chrissy's on the way for another coffee and a muffin.
"Jacob!" I heard Hayley call and I looked up to see her making a beeline toward me. I smiled. Hayley was one of my only friends and my best. Unfortunately, I wanted a little more.
"Hi, how are you?" I ask, admiring her piercing blue eyes for the thousandth time since I'd met her.
"I'm good! You?" She asks, smiling broadly. For a few moments I was stunned by her dazzling beauty but snapped out of it soon enough.
"Eh? Oh, exams so, tired and sick of revision." I say, truthfully.
"Haha, yeah they are annoying right? We'd better go, school starts in ten minutes and you know how Dr Francis can be." She observes, looking at the clock.
"Oh crap. Let's go." I say, picking up my satchel and walking quickly to the door.
We left together, hand in hand. It was hard for me, knowing that nothing could ever happen with us. She doesn't love me the way I love her.
As we approached the school gates we snuck around the side to avoid Sarah and Darren. I saw Jazz waiting for me as always.
"JAKEY!" She yelled, throwing her arms around my neck. I blushed, aware of Hayley's critical stare.
"Jazz!" I say, grinning slightly. It'd been less than 24 hours since we'd last seen eachother and she was already missing me. I loved her too but in a completely different way. She was the closest thing I had to family around here. And trust me, family is something I need.
"Let's go guys." Said Hayley, clearing her throat.
"Sure. C'mon Jazz." I agree, reaching my hand out to hers. We walk in silence, Jazz on my right and Hayley on my left. Jazz is gripping my arm and Hayley is clutching my hand tightly.
I did have a proper family once. A long time ago. When I was eleven I ran. And I knew the night I did, that I would never stop. I wouldn't stop running for anyone. Not even Hayley. My dad left us when I was little. I don't remember why. My mom was never the same after that. She'd scream at me for the littlest things and slap me. Some nights she'd get really drunk and scream at the couch or TV or something stupid. That's when I knew I had to run.

We dashed to the exam room and took the seats we'd been allocated to. I grinned as I saw Hayley would be beside me and Jazz behind. We sat and waited until Dr Francis came in.
"Begin your tests." He said in a bored voice after explaining the test method, something we'd heard over a hundred times. I flicked open the test paper and set to work writing about the prophets and the parables and so on and so forth. I'm not religious in any way at all but strangely I love learning about Christianity and Joodism and Bhuddism and other religions. It was nice to think at least other people had something to believe in.

A half hour later I'd finished and all there was left to do was pretend to look over my answers and relax. The first exam was over, for me at least. The time passed easily and soon Dr F was calling for us to put our pencils down and close our booklets. I had already done so and so, I saw, had Hayley. I turned around and Jazz had done the same. Us three were ace.
On our way to the next classroom we discussed the test we'd just sat and the one we were about to do in a few minutes. I may be a breeze at RE but Math is really, not a strong point of mine. I hoped for all I was worth that this test was easy. I knew my mom wouldn't be disappointed, seeing as she'd never see me or my grades again but I wanted more than anything to make myself proud.
Yet again we had a long boring talk about not cheating and turning the page and checking if there were any pages missing etc. I opened the test but didn't start so qiuckly. It took me fourty five minutes to complete this one and then I spent the rest of the exam time checking for real.
I don't think I did too bad, seeing as I'm total crap at math.
Jazz had to stay in because of her broken leg so me and Hayley set out to the playing fields on our own. We ran the cross country track together twice then went back in
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