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Smoking Is Bad Gerard

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The guys escape the Fangirls and Alex questions whether the 'Frerard' days are really over.

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Once we got back to the studio Frank randomly, whilst clutching his side, said "Shit laughing plus running equals not clever! God that stings!" Then me being the dumbass I am tried to look clever or something and said "Well that's true genius but at least we were running from Fangirls not cops." They burst out laughing again, well at least they appreciated my humor. Gerard lent against the wall trying to contain his giggles whilst at the same time panting and murmuring some shit about us going too fast. "You should stop smoking. It might help." I smirked. "Aw just... shut the... fuck up Alex" he managed between breaths. "But you'd sing better too! Even though you already sound amazing"
"Alex has a point Gee." Frank butted in
"Like you're... one to... talk... Frank! You... smoke too!" Gee was really struggling to catch his breath. "Where's all the energy you have onstage gone?"
"He gets it from the rush of performing in front of a crowd who are screaming our names." Ray explained. I nodded to show I got it and pulled my sleeves down. Again!? Seriously what's up with me at the moment?
Well how should I know?
I didn't ask you mind!
I think you'll find you did unless you talk to yourself?
I am anyway!
Fair point.
I sighed arguing with myself was getting me nowhere.

"Hey you guys wanna come over to mine later?" I blurted out before I noticed what I was saying.
You did this didn't you mind!
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes you do! You set me up!
I only gave you a push in the right direction.
It's official I'm insane. " to" I heard one of the guys saying. "Uh sorry what was that?" I murmured embarrassed at my stupidity. "I said we'd love to!" I think it was Ray that spoke, I still wasn't fully concentrating. "Great!" I exclaimed.

I noticed Gerard had brought his coffee with him seeing as he had only drunk half of it. What!? Only half!? He must have at least finished the first and got another one or else somethings wrong. He was still leaning against the wall but by now he'd basically caught his breath again. I grabbed the coffee from his weak grip and drained it. "My coffee! How could you Alex!?" he yelled as the others stared at me like I was insane, which I was. "Well I figured you owed me half a cup of coffee from earlier." I explained as the others doubled over laughing. "Oh God Alex... I thought you'd lost your mind for a minute there!" Mikey managed through his giggles.

"Let's finish this crap up so we can go to mine then!" I said. "Oh hell yeah!" Frank exclaimed. "As long as you make coffee." Gerard mumbled. "I think you've had enough coffee Gee!" I teased. "You can never have too much coffee!" Gerard winked. I stared at him making it look like I was thinking it over even though I knew the response straight away. "I guess that's true" I grinned "Now are you guys gonna get your asses in my car or am I gonna have to shove them in it?"
"We'll get in!" Gerard shrieked.
"He's very protective of his fine ass." Frankie joked and grabbed Gee's ass just to annoy him. I raised an eyebrow "Are you two quite sure there is no more 'Frerardness' between you?" I questioned. "Positively besides if there was Mikey would kill us" Frank responded, pretending to sound disappointed. "Why would I kill you for it!? I'm not a fucking homophobe you dipshit!" Mikey yelled. "I'm not saying you're a homophobe it's just that you didn't take too fondly to the whole onstage making out thing you know?"
"Well that's coz you're my brother and my best friend! Of course I'd feel awkward watching that! It was bad enough watching Gee 'playing' with himself for gods sake!" Mikey moaned turning a deep shade of pink. I noticed Gerard had also turned fluorescent pink. I pounced on the opportunity. "Aw the Way bro's are embarrassed! How cute!" I teased. "Alex!" they yelled in unison but I was too busy laughing manically on the floor to notice.

After a few minutes I calmed down "Shall we just go to mine before something like this happens again?" I gasped. I heard a few mumbled 'yeahs' as I unlocked my car. "Get in then" I muttered as I got in the drivers seat. Frankie, Mikey and Gee got in the back and Ray got in the front with me. We then set off back to my house, radio on with Kerrang playing loudly.

Author note: Bob isn't gonna be in the story unless someone tells me it's a good idea coz otherwise I'll think the idea's shitty.
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