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Lights Out

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Frank goes out of control.

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Chapter Two: Lights Out

Gerard came back the next day, relatively unharmed. He got quite the scolding from Mikey however, and it sounded as though a parent lecturing a child. "What the fuck were you thinking?...You know how worried we were?....You know better than to go off with strange men!" Gerard just rolled his eyes the entire time, his head resting on his hand looking rather childlike indeed.

When Frank had asked Gerard precisely what they had done the night before, Gerard only smirked and continued sketching. Frank sighed and did not bother asking much more. He knew full well what Gerard had gotten up to. Not that it was any of his business either way. Yet something about it bothered him. It had always been like this. He was never sure why --- the idea of Gerard making love to a woman, like his wife never affected him, yet the idea of him making love to a man sent an unpleasant chill down his spine. It was not that he was homophobic in any sense what so ever, god no. He usually thought guy sex was actually pretty hot. But something about another man with Gerard in particular...

'...another man who isn't you...' a voice taunted at the back of his head.

Frank blinked. He figured it must simply be because Gerard was his best friend. It was natural to be a bit possessive. And there definitely were a lot of scumbags out there. Scumbags who didn't deserve someone as good as Gerard, even for a night.
Totally normal thoughts to think about one's best friend.


They finished yet another show. Gerard had been great this time around. Getting laid must do wonders, Frank thought bitterly. He would make a snide mental comment particularly pertaining to sex affecting his vocals, but that would have involved something to do with the throat... which put bad images in Frank's mind that he immediately blocked. Currently they were at an after party that they had been invited to by one of Ray's friends who lived in the area.

It started off well enough. They grabbed some booze immediately and mingled with others they knew. The music was great. There were snacks and finger foods.

Yet somewhere towards the middle, Frank could not help but notice Gerard disappearing from the group. Of course, separation was perfectly normal at a big house party, but it gave him a bad feeling none the less.

Frank chose not to do anything about it. Gerard was his own man and was free to do whatever he wanted. Plus, just like Ray had said, he did deserve a bit of fun after the divorce with Lindsey. So Frank tried to go about his business like nothing, although one would argue that he began to drink considerably more than he would have otherwise.

By 2:30 ish Frank was absolutely hammered.

The “so-drunk-you-have-to-lean-on-other-people-to-even-be-able-to-stand” kind of hammered.

He was using an almost as drunk Ray as his support when they walked, or more like stumbled, over to the food counter. That was when Frank saw something that made his stomach turn, and he was sure it was unrelated to the booze.

Over in the corner, Gerard was surrounded by a gaggle of men. Two or perhaps almost three of which Gerard was physically clinging on to, clearly drunk himself. The only reason Frank was even able to spot him was the striking red hair as he was being ambushed and dry humped by so many people. And whats worse, he looked like he was enjoying it! Frank saw one of the guys give Gerard another shot, which Gerard thanked him for with a kiss on the cheek.

It was too fucking much. Now see, this might have been the booze. Frank was easily an angry drunk. Of course, he couldn’t really keep that in mind when he was drunk, so as far as he knew, he was acting in a totally sensible manner. He separated from Ray, who didn’t even notice anything was happening, and stomped over to where Gerard was. He shoved people out of the way, which earned him dirty glares and comments about being rude. He found Gerard under the arm of some buff man who looked like he belonged on Jersey Shore. He came just in time to see the man fingering the top of Gerard’s jeans playfully. Feeling enraged beyond all belief, Frank grabbed the guy by his shirt and punched him in the face as hard as he possibly could.

The man went flying backwards, and next to him Frank could hear Gerard shriek. He turned around and grabbed Gerard by the wrist. He snarled, “We’re going home!” and began to drag him away from the watching crowd, who was clearly shocked. Frank ignored Gerard’s cries of “Frankie! What is wrong with you?” or his weak attempts to release himself from Frank’s grip.

However something else got in his way. Frank felt someone tap him on the shoulder, and when Frank looked behind him, he found himself sucker punched by the man he had punched just moments before. And this time, he had a friend with him. Frank was never really sure what transpired after that. He did know he punched back. All he could remember was fists flying. People screaming. He remembered that Gerard had tried to interfere and Frank had to take a few extra blows trying to protect him. He tasted blood after some time. He remembered seeing Ray and Mikey scrambling over to them, shortly before he blacked out.


Frank woke up with a pounding headache. His vision was a bit blurry at first, and he groaned as he blinked his eyes trying to focus. He turned over and realized he was back in the bunks. He saw Gerard sitting upright in the bunk next to him. He had a black eye and a glum expression on his face.

At first, Frank was alarmed by the black eye. Then he slowly began to remember the events that had transpired the night before. Or at least, a very vague image of them. Oh dear. This wasn’t good.

Mikey came marching in soon after with ice packs in his hands. He sat next to his brother and pressed an ice pack against his forehead. He noticed Frank was awake, and an angry look dawned upon his face. Frank could tell off the bat that Mikey was not pleased.

“What the FUCK were you thinking?” Mikey had to ask for the second morning in a row.
Frank opened his mouth to speak, but then ended up closing it again. Mikey and Gerard looked at him expectantly.

How was he supposed to explain something he didn’t even understand himself?

Next chapter: Gerard isn’t having as much fun as Frank thinks.
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