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an audition ._.

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a small role :3

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  • Shadow Of The Day

    (#) hollie443 2011-06-21 07:51:32 PM

    Name: Dakota Flemming

    Appearance: She is tiny. Only 5'. She has Ruby red hair and has a lot of tattoos. One notable one would be the giant phoenix down her back (the others can be anything really) She is skinny and always has a sketchbook in her hand.

    Clothing: She'll wear pretty much anything she likes. But she likes to wear band tees and skinnies with converse.

    Reason for hate:
    She's jealous of their relationship and she wants to have one like it. She knows that because of how she is that Pete and her will never be like them. Not really because she is a mean person.

    Dakota is very sassy but is actually a really nice person. She just doesn't really like Lacey or Mikey. She fights for what she believes in and is very headstrong.

    Something to brag about:
    She just recently got into art school and can play the drums, guitar, piano and bass. She is very talented in the creative industries.

    Something about you and Pete:
    Dakota and Pete sometimes fight over stupid things. She hasn't told him about the possibility of her moving away but she loves him and doesn't want to lose him.

    Hope that's okay. Let me Know :-)
    If you need anything else give me and email at
  • Shadow Of The Day

    (#) Syphiel 2011-06-21 09:38:16 PM

    Name:(first and last)Julia Morte

    Appearance: she is on the short side and not thin but not fat either. She has curves. She looks younger then she is because of her height. She has long blonde hair to about the middle of her back with one thin braid next to her right ear that she will play with.

    Clothing: She wears what she is comfortable in. Sometimes it's low cut shirts and skirts sometimes its a baggy tee and jeans. It all depends on the day and her mood.

    Reason for hate: She is very defensive of Pete. To her, he is always right because that is what a good girlfriend does. She actually thinks that Mikey and Lacey could be friends with them if Lacey and Pete weren't always butting heads. But until then she will always take Pete's side and defend him to the end.

    Personality: short tempered but really nice otherwise. Very defensive of people she cares about.

    Something to brag about: She is a writer and just got a story of her published in a small magazine.

    Something about you and Pete: They really love each other but she really just wants everyone to be friends so every so often she will try to get him to see the good side things and people he doesn't like which usually end up in a fight that she will quickly back down from. No matter how short her temper is she always lets Pete win.

    Hope that is what you are looking for. if not I will still keep reading this story because it is so super amazing.
  • Shadow Of The Day

    (#) sineadlovesmcr 2011-07-29 12:01:11 PM

    Name:Sinéad Greenslade

    Appearance:platnom Blue hair,Bright Green eyes(like BJ in basket case)Long spiky lashes,Small butten-ish nose,Skinny as a twig and thick glasses(like the 3-D ones it storm)

    Clothing:Black Skinny jeans and Tang top with the deathy hllows sign on it.Black eyeliner and black eyeshadow and nude lipstick.

    Reason for hate:She fancies Mikey and is jelous of him and Lacey

    Personality:Shy,Scared by spiders,Loving and kind,Also bitchy

    Something to brag about:I love Pete So So much

    Something about you and Pete:We adore each other.

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