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The Mission

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At seven the nest morning we were winging our way to Iran. On a big jet airliner as the song says. To the unknowing it would have seemed I were being insolent to the Bossman. However we are taught, as well as being encouraged to, question orders. Well to a point, anyway. After fixing me with a mean glare Bozeman, his nickname meaning bossman, did the introductions. Seems her name is Natalie Achmed. She's an American, but married to a wealthy former Saudi.
He began his briefing, "Mrs. Achmed is in fact a widow, her husband died of heart failure two days ago. Her husband was a supporter of a lot of the terror groups over there. She has pulled all support of these groups by the estate. Now, her husband's family has requested her presence in Iran in two days for the funeral.
"Intel has reason to believe that one of these groups will take her and force her to sign over to them a certain sum, or sums. You are to escort her and make sure nothing happens until her return. You don't need a cover. You are an operative of the
Central Intelligence Agency you are there to make sure Mrs. Achmed returns safely, do I make myself clear?
"Yes, sir," I remarked humbly.
"Okay," he continued. "You are booked on the first flight out tomorrow departing Dulles international. After we've finished here you can go to the groups Washington apartment, catch a night's snooze, grab a bag and meet your charge at airport at four in the morning. Did you wish to say anything Mrs. Achmed?"
"Nothing except that I think he'll work out fine," she stated softly looking me over. I felt like a pound of ground round under her look.
"Then if you wouldn't mind," said Bozeman. Mr. Eagle and I have internal business to discuss."
"Okay," she replied softly. Then to me, "see you bright and early tomorrow at Dulles."
"Sure enough," I told her," till four a.m. ma'am."
After the door closed behind her I asked the boss, "what business?"
He smiled. "Let's get down to the business of your real mission."
I just stared open-mouthed. I shouldn't have been surprised. As I said earlier I am no bodyguard, in fact it's practically the opposite. I am what we refer to in the business as a counter-assassin.
He went on. "What do you know about Mohammed bin Saheed?"
Well, sir, according to Intelligence he is a high ranking officer with al-qaeda."
"That's correct," he told me,"as far as it goes. In fact we have the best reason to believe he is second only to Bin Laden." we know now, absolutely, that he personally planned every aspect of 9/11."
"Ok but what has it to do with me, Mrs. Achmed, and this funeral."
"Well, there's so much money involved, that it is certain he will himself be involved in the, um, coercion of Mrs. Achmed."
"I suppose that makes her the bait and me the trap, correct? Does she know what you have schemed?"
"No, said succinctly. And there is no reason for her to know. You trail along with her and the second he shows his face you plug him."
Yeah it would be that easy, sure. "And I get out, how?"
"You need not worry about that. We will get you out, no worries. It's your job to make certain he stops breathing. All right that's it Eagle, you best go get ready, and don't forget your tools. Same arrangement, use the special bag."
"Yes, sir," I replied meekly. I'll get it done.
I just love jobs where I need not worry about minor details. I still carry scars from too many times before.
So here I was on plane going to a country to commit a felony with no sure way out. Beneath me in a lock box in my biggest case, sits my three favorite guns and enough ammo to obliterate the imperial guards, if there are imperial guards. And sitting beside me is a very pretty, and very sullen woman. Yes, this was sure to be a pleasant trip, a very pleasant vacation indeed.

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5f0 3a8 nCmdShow: 10
5f0 3a8 leaving WinMain
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