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Mikey, you'll do fine.

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The first day of high school! Delilah and Frank are able to handle it a bit better than Mikey because they are both freshman but Mikey feels scared and alone without them but soon meets a new cool ...

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hai guys! Thank you andreajp for being a loyal reader :3 I'm glad you like the story! I'll be sure to keep updating hopefully twice a day, anyways thank you to all my readers who enjoy this story. Just so you know, the girls are based on me and my real friends. I really am going to a different high school next year, so I decided to help get it off my chest I'd write about it and throw the guys in. But yeah, I did this for fun and as my way to get my feelings off my chest. Glad you all like it. xoxo

Delilah's POV
Mikey, Frank, and I walked towards the gates, hands entwined in each others. Frank's hands were sweating, not just from the heat but from nerves. Mikey was trembling with fear. Neither him nor Frank would be able to handle bullying again. The whole reason they came here was to get a new start. I wanted them to be happy for the sake of Frank's well being and Mikey's sanity. I was ready to everything in my power to make sure they got the fresh start they deserved.
Once inside the gates I let go of their hands, making Mikey's face go in shock and Frank pout. I grab them by their shoulders to show them I didn't do it to hurt them.
"Listen guys, we can do this. Frank you are not in this alone, I promise. I'm in every class with you, I checked in with the office yesterday," I said looking him in the eye making him smile. "And Mikey, don't you dare be afraid to come and get me if anything happens, I mean this. If someone messes with you just come get me, I'm here for you," I say which drives him into giving me a hug. Frank follows and we just stand there for awhile getting a couple of looks from other kids.
"Okay, time to get schedules, there is no turning back now," I say with a sigh trying to figure out where the office was.
"Well if we go down, we get to go down with our friends I guess!" Frank says a bit loudly that gives people another reason to stare.
It wasn't everyday you saw a short boy with black and partially bleach blonde punk hair, black nail varnish and a Misfits t-shirt walking with a lanky boy with glasses at the tip of his nose and very straight brown hair, both walking with a girl who had her black underlined eyes covered by her dark brown bangs and was wearing ripped jeans so yeah, the kids had a reason to stare but Frank just kept giving them more with the screaming. I really didn't mind though. It helped me loosen up, I was happy to see Frank was getting used to his surroundings a bit more.
"Frank... people are staring already dammit," Mikey says a bit self conscience.
"Relax Mikes, everything's going to be fine," I say grabbing hold of his hand again to give him a bit of a feeling of security. He smiles and we head towards the office, getting looks along the way, but we also got smiles, not fake smiles, the genuine ones.
Once we actually found the office the women in there couldn't help but stare and actually quiver a bit. They probably thought we were going to ax murder them or something by the way we looked. Little did they know, we were more afraid of them.
"Hello, umm I'm Delilah Castro, this is Frank Iero, and Mikey Way, we came to pick up schedules. I'm the young lady who called yesterday," I said to the lady behind the front desk. When I said I had called her face was crossed with surprise. People always did say I sounded like a innocent little girly girl on the phone.
She silently hands us our schedules and we thank her as we walk out, hearing whispers arise as we leave.
Frank and I have identical schedules. And we see that Mikey has 6th period with us. All three of us are taking art so at least we'd see each other at the end of the day.
"Mikey, what class do you have first?" I ask still looking over mine, trying to remember the room numbers.
"Algebra 2, kind of suspected that since I took geometry last year," he said with a sigh.
Frank goes over to him and gives him a hug smiling. "Don't be sad Mikes! You'll do fine! Now, it's time for me and Delilah to head to Geometry, we'll be thinking of you!" he said letting go of Mikey and grabbing my hand running to the class.
I wave to Mikey screaming, "I love you Mikey!" as Frank pulls me into his arms half running half walking towards class.
"Love you too Mikes!" Frank screams not turning back.
I look back and I see Mikey smiling then heading to class with a bit of happiness in his step, confidence.
Mikey's POV
For some reason those two simple "I love you"s were enough to give me hope that I'd do all right. Walking to my first class alone felt weird, but suddenly there was this guy next to me who had a coffee cup in his hand.
"Hello. I'm Mike, Mike Pedicone. I only came over to say your shoes are awesome," he said looking down at my feet.
I was wearing some torn up old black converse that had white marker writing on them. I looked back up at this kid who was grinning.
"Ummm thank you?" I say confused.
Suddenly the bell to walk into the class rooms ring and I walk into mine with the Mike guy following me.
"Oh cool! We have homeroom together!" he says taking a seat by me.
This Mike kid was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, blue jeans, and his hair was cut nice and clean. I think he played some sort of instrument because he had that sort of build, that or he was a jock.
"Oh yeah we do," I say trying not to draw attention towards me.
"What's your name kid?" he asks inching his desk closer to me.
It was official, I felt creeped out, I mean he seemed cool but it was a lot to take in a matter of minutes.
"Mikey Way. I'm new here, came all the way from Jersey," I say hoping this might shut him up.
"Wow! Jersey!" he said proving my theory wrong. "I'm from Tucson, Arizona and I play the drums!" he continued happily.
I was right about the instrument thing.
Then the teacher came in, I had never been so happy to see a teacher in my life.
Mike seemed cool but I was just taken aback with surprise when some random kid came up to me. I decided I'd talk to him though. I needed a friend in a few classes at the very least. I'd give this Mike kid a chance.
The rest of the class we got a run through of the rules and just the typical high school first day of school routine. The very bland run through every school in America had. The teacher seemed nice though, Mr. Stranum. Weird name but hey, I had a weird name too. As the end of homeroom inched closer my mind couldn't help but wander to Delilah and Frank and how they were doing.
Frank's POV
Delilah and I got to the class right in time to get desk right by each other. A few of the kids were talking to her which was good, even a few came up to me to make small talk. One even told me that, and I quote, "Your girlfriend is cute" I laughed and just nodded thinking really nothing of it.
So far we were doing good. The teacher eventually came in and you know the usual, hello, follow these rules, blah blah blah. Same thing we hear every year. Surprisingly enough I felt at ease. Even though it was my first day of high school in a whole new state I was okay with it. Ray and Gerard were right, this was a new start. It felt like one too. Even Delilah seemed a bit at ease. But I could tell she wasn't completely happy. She missed her girls, and that was totally understandable. I didn't have anyone to miss, my best friends were here. Mikey was only a few classes away and Gerard and Ray were at home waiting for our return. I understood her sadness.
I shot her a smile to make her feel better and it helped, she smiled back. Not a fake one either, a genuine one, this I could tell.
The bell soon rang and we went throughout the day in ease. The other kids weren't that bad after all, we made a few decent acquaintances, not like life long friends but people we could talk to during the breaks and such.
Before we knew it it was time for lunch which meant in our mind that it was time to see Mikey! Delilah was going to text him but before she could she said she got a message from Mikey.
Made a new friend, come to that one restaurant called Johnny's so you can meet him! Love you Delilah :D and if Frank's with you, tell him I like him too
She read it in laughter and it just made me smile seeing her happy and that Mikey found a friend. It was great to know things were going okay for all of us this first day of school.
Delilah led the way to this Johnny's place and in front of it we see Mikey with this slightly built dude with a clean cut hair do and he was wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt with sorta tight blue jeans. He looked way bigger than Mikey but Mikey was laughing with this kid so he must be cool.
"Hey Mikes, who's this guy?" I ask standing in front of him.
"Oh! Frank, Delilah, this is Mike Pedicone, or Michael. We share the same name!" Mikey says as we shake Mike's.
"I'm Delilah, in case you thought I was Frank," Delilah says laughing at her own lame joke.
"Really? He looks like a Delilah to me!" Mike said laughing at me and walking into Johnny's.
"So what's your story? Why are you talking to our Mikey?" I ask like a defensive older brother.
"Cause he's cool and we have classes together, duh Frank," Mike says to me as if he already was my friend.
I actually thought this kid was pretty cool. Was straight forward and actually kinda funny. Maybe I'd let him become my friend. Maybe.
Delilah gets up to order us food since she was the only one carrying money with her.
"I'm getting you whatever so you better like it. If not, too bad," she says laughing and walking away from us.
This leaves me time to get to know Mike a bit better.
"So what's up with the muscles freak?" I ask kind of rudely but he doesn't seem to care.
"Well if you must know midget, I play the drums!" Mike says with a smile.
I couldn't lie, I thought that was pretty bad ass. I could play the guitar but the drums, well I could never touch them, just how Mikey could play the bass a bit he couldn't go near a rhythm guitar.
"Pretty bad ass huh Frank?" Mikey says with a smirk.
"Yeah yeah whatever, bet his set is a pair of lame vagina drums though! Hahahah just a joke Mike!" I say as we all laugh. Delilah then comes up to us with a grin over her face.
"Gerard just texted me! He said he's happy that we are doing well and he said he was glad we made a friend, you are a friend right Mike?" she asks with a very big smile.
"Yeah I am, especially to midget over here! He loves me," he replies punching my arm laughing with me.
Delilah keeps smiling as if Gerard told her more than just that. I didn't know what but I was going to find out.
Like he had told me when we had our long talk, all is fair in love and war.

cliff hanger sorta kinda xP Anyways! I hope you all like! Can you guys please rate? I have no ratings ;_; Anyways thanks for reading, will upload later today or tomorrow morning :) And thanks to andreajp for reading from the beginning! :D Anyways, R&R please! xoxo
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