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Prison, California, Bobert, Romance.

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Quick run through of the year leading up to Christmas and a surprise visit.

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Another update?! Gasp yes! Enjoy xoxox

Gerard's POV
After the little incident after their first day of school we actually didn't talk about it at all. Frank didn't say anything about it but he did try to take Delilah everywhere with him now. He spent every second of every day with her and Mikey. He used the excuse that he was used to them since they were his age but I didn't buy that. But I didn't care. I made sure I got my time with her, at night mainly. She had been staying over at the apartment every once and awhile because she hated being home alone so Ray let her stay with us. Under a few conditions. Before she came the first night he sat down Frank and I to tell us these conditions.
"Look dumb and dumber, I know what's been going on. I don't know the whole story but I know that you both want my little Delilah and fine go ahead! She's amazing, BUT she's going to be staying here so don't you dare try anything. As in, 1. Don't try to coo her into sleeping in the bed with you, FRANK. 2. Don't try to accidentally fall asleep with her on the couch, GERARD. 3. If I catch EITHER of you trying to peek at her getting dressed I will snap both of your necks, got it?" he said finally crossing his arms like a protective father and proudly feared one at that. Both Frank and I nodded our heads and decided we had no choice but to follow those conditions.
Still, they did not stop me from being with her. She never could go to sleep early so she'd be up until 1 in the morning, on school nights. So to help fall asleep I'd go over art with her. it always relaxed her when I showed her how I drew certain things and eventually she'd fall asleep, in my bedroom. As soon as she fell asleep I went to the living room and slept on the ground. Ray approved of this only because he knew I did nothing. Frank on the other hand...
He always takes her into his bedroom, with the door closed, everyday after school. Ray had his suspicions so one afternoon Ray placed his ear upon the door to hear the conversation. So did Mikey... and his friend Mike was over that day so he did too... and I did too. We are only boys, we were curious. So we all placed our ears upon the door and well our faces said it all.
We all heard something strange. We heard Delilah. And we heard Frank. And what we heard was:
"Oh Frank, Frank, stop Frankie, Frankie!" and then a giggle. Then we heard Frank. "No never, Delilah, Delilah, Delilah!"
Mikey's face was disgusted, Mike was laughing, I was in shock, and Ray... Ray was pissed. He kicked the door open and what we saw was... unexpected. Frank was wrestling Delilah who was holding his skittles "hostage"
Frank was an top of Delilah who was kicking his stomach to get him off and they just stared at us as we did them. Mikey and Mike started laughing like crazy! "Hahaha! I thought you to were getting it on!" Mike said laughing which made Frank jump off Delilah who turned bright red.
Ray hit the back of his head, "Idiot! Sorry guys, we'll be off now!"
After that Frank kept the door open for our sake.
Everything though was actually really great. We were all getting along and that Mike kid was fitting in great. He became pretty close to Mikey and Frank which was great for them.
Then Mikey reminded us of something when we got their report cards.
"Ehm! Gerard Way and Ray Toro! Frank and I both made honor roll, you promised me something remember?" Mikey said while Delilah got a Dr. Pepper out for me and Frank sat on the counter eating his skittles. I was a man of my word so I looked to Ray and he nodded to me, agreeing a promise was a promise.
"You're right Mikey we did and well we are men of our word so... fine," I don't even finish before he takes us both into his arms squeezing us tight.
"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" he screams happily. As he does this I ask Delilah to go to my room and grab something from the closet. She asks what but I tell her she'll know instantly.
Frank is still on the counter looking at us confused as hell.
Then I hear her gasp and come out running with a brand new bass and rhythm guitar. Mikey and Frank's jaws drop. Skittles fall out of Frank's mouth as he lays his eyes upon the shining guitar.
"Guys, Gerard and I have a confession to make," Ray says walking towards Delilah, "For awhile now we've been musicians, secretly. Mikey found out when we first got here and we made him keep silent. But we promised if you two did well in school we'd let you know more about it. And well, congrats guys."
Frank practically falls down and I have to catch him from behind and Mikey squeals like a little girl while Delilah stands there grinning and hands Mikey his new bass and Frank his new guitar.
"Consider this an early birthday gift Mikey and a late birthday gift for you Frank, from Ray and I," I say helping Frank get balanced. The boys just jump up and down messing with their new instruments smiling huge grins.
"That was sweet guys," Delilah says grabbing Ray and I from behind.
"Yeah I know, I'm a sweet guy," Ray says wrapping his arm around her. For the next hour we just watch them mess with the instruments. Frank's a natural, he already knew how to play and so does Mikey but they never had brand new instruments, always were hand-me-downs, so this was a dream come true. For both of them.
"GERARD FUCKING WAY AND RAY FUCKING TORO I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS!!!" Frank says as he grabs us in a huge hug, hell he even kisses our cheeks, being y'know part Italian and all.
"ME TOO!!!!" Mikey says joining in.
We all smile and I swear Mikey is about to cry because he sniffles a bit.
I can't help but grin bigger than ever before.
"I'M GOING TO NAME MY GUITAR!!!" Frank says still playing happily after hugging us. I laugh but he wasn't joking. He ended up naming it Pansy, and for some reason it fit.
After that day they begun helping us with songs. The first song we all wrote together was one that made us realize no matter what happens we are going to go through it together. Delilah loved it.
"Can I read it guys?" she asked I pass her the lyrics and she asks Ray, Mikey, and Frank to start playing. She wants to try to sing it, though she always hated her singing voice.

In the middle of a gun fight...
In the center of a restaurant...
They say, "Come with your arms raised high!"
Well, they're never gonna get me,
Like a bullet through a flock of doves...
To wage this war against your faith in me,
Your life...will never be the same.
On your mother's eyes, say a prayer...say a prayer!

Now, but I can't
And I don't know
How we're just two men as God had made us,
Well, I can't...well, I can!
Too much, too late, or just not enough of this
Pain in my heart for your dying wish,
I'll kiss your lips again.

They all cheat at cards and the checkers are lost,
My cellmate's a killer, they make me do push-ups (in drag)
But nobody cares if you're losing I losing myself?!
Well, I miss my mom,
Will they give me the chair,
Or lethal injection, or swing from a rope if you dare;
Ah, nobody knows...all the trouble I've seen!

To your room...
What they ask of you
Will make you want to say, "So long..."
Well, I don't remember,
Why remember...YOU?!

Do you have the keys to the hotel?!
'Cause I'm gonna string this motherfucker on fire! (FIRE!!)

Life is but a dream for the dead,
And well I, I won't go down by myself,
But I'll go down with my friends.
Now now now now... (I can't explain)
Now now now... (I can't complain)
Now now, yeah!

Her voice wasn't one that was gorgeous or melodic, it was rough and loud and well it fit the song.
"It needs drums guys, other than that, perfect!" she says smiling.
She was right we needed drums! That's when we thought of Bob. The kids were on Christmas break so why not!
Ray's POV
"Well Gerard, we can get Bob to come down?" I say knowing Bob had already graduated and that he could spend some time down here if he wasn't touring with any of the small bands he was in.
"Guys, who's Bob?" Delilah asked feeling funny from singing in front of us.
"Bobert!" Frank yells happily. He and Bob had a strange love hate relationship.
"Yes Frank, Bobert. Bob is our friend from Chicago, Gerard and I met him after we graduated and he's a bad ass drummer," I say remember all the times I wished I could play the drums.
"Mike can play too, why not just get him?" Mikey says messing with his bass.
Mikey had a point, it would be a lot easier to get him to play for us but well, Bob was the best drummer we knew. We felt comfortable with him. The only problem was that we didn't know if he'd be willing.
"NOOOO Mikey, I'm sorry but I want Bobert to come!!! I vote Bob!" Frank says shaking Mikey's arm trying to get it up to vote when we never even called for a vote. Ahh Frank, bringing excitement to our lives as usual.
"Gerard? Is it time we call the take no shit man?" I ask with a smile.
He just pulls out his phone and calls the man.
Bob's POV
My phone started ringing. Ugh too damn early. I look at the name. "Gerard Way" Whoa it'd been a long time since I heard from him. I heard from his mom that he, his brother, Toro and Frank moved to California. Weird hearing from him.
I pick up the phone tiredly, "Hello?"
The familiar voice on the other side of the phone sounded happy. "Hey, Bob Bryar? Right?"
Idiot of course it was me. "The one and only, I bet this is the annoying Way kid huh?" I reply with a laugh.
"Yeah it is, look I would love to have a nice conversation with you but Ray and I need to know now. Want to move to this tiny town in the middle of nowhere for awhile so we can possibly start a band with my almost 16 year old brother and our 15 year old friend and two high school graduates?" he asks.
It was a lot to take in but for some reason I had a good feeling about it. Then I hear that voice. "SAY YES BOBBY!" someone yells in the back ground.
"Is that Frank Iero?" I ask wanting to laugh.
Gerard sighs into the phone. "Yeah it's him all right, he misses you Bob," he says and I'm able to tell he has a smile on his face.
I couldn't say no, and I really didn't want to. "I'll be there in a few days. Be ready for insanity," I say hanging up.
I couldn't believe I just agreed to move to California. Damn. This was going to be interesting.
Frank's POV
Christmas Day. Fuck yeah! All was great. Bob was here with us being his Bobish self, we were all getting along, and Delilah spent every second with us. We were all doing amazing. Not only that but this band, or whatever we were at the time, was going great. We had came to a conclusion that as soon as I graduated we'd try to get a record deal. It was a dream come true. And Delilah was a huge supporter.
As a gift she got us a name. "Well guys, if this whatever it is, is going to continue we need a name and I well I think I got one," she said as we sat around eachother Christmas morning. She had just gotten her gift from her mom in the mail and was very excited about, though it was only a book.
"Well, what is it sweet?" I asked leaning onto her lap. She caressed my hair back and made me smile.
"My Chemical Romance. I saw it in this book my mom sent me. 3 Tales of Chemical Romance, and well just add my in the front and well it sounds awesome to me," she says waiting for our approval. And fuck, she was right. It was a good name.
"I vote yes!" Mikey said raising his hand.
Ray just nodded with a smile tuning his guitar, as usual.
"I go with the little Way, good name kid!" Bob said twirling his new drum sticks Mikey and I had gotten him.
Delilah looked at me and I just smiled, that was my answer.
"Gerard?" she asked with her adorable puppy dog eyes.
"Fuck, I always knew you were creative. Guess we are now going to be called My Chemical Romance!" he says with a smile.
And that was that. That was the beginning of our dream. We had a name, for some reason it made it all the more official.
"We can be MCR for short," Ray said looking at Gerard.
"So right you are Ray!" he said with a grin, Gerard truly seemed happy.
Delilah's POV
I couldn't believe how happy they were with me for giving them the name. It made me happy.
"Gerard, Ray, Mikey, Bob, and Frank, guys I believe in you," I said smiling looking at all of them surrounding me. They all get up to hug me, almost suffocating me with love but that was totally okay.
Then came a knock on the door that made us all freeze. Frank gets up to answer it and who is it other than my girls.
"Merry Christmas guys! And Delilah!" Arienane yells walking happily.
"Hello one and all!" Robin continues.
"We bring gifts!" Miranda says but stopping dead in her tracks when she sees Bob who is waving to all of them having not one clue who they are.

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