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Chapter 2 - Continued

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Never really got to finish yesterdays chapter so here it is! :)

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"Get out of our house!" I screamed at Bert "Get the hell out!"
Bert just laughed at me "Hayley wants me to stay. Don't you Baby?"
Hayley glanced at her older brother on the floor, turned back to Bert and nodded.
"Are you insane?" I hissed at her. I tried to shove Bert out of the door "You either go or we'll call the police!"
Bert laughed again "Of course you will. Come on, we're not even doing anything!"
"My brother's bleeding on the floor," I reminded him "And you're hitting on my kid sister."
"I'm not a kid!" Hayley complained "Why don't we go to my room Bert?"
"Bad idea!" Me and Gerard both yelled at once.
Bert rolled his eyes "I didn't realise this was like, a little kids party. I'll be going."
"No, please don't!" Hayley begged, looking between me and Gerard, and Bert.
Bert sighed, winked at Hayley and then stormed out of our house.
Hayley glared at us "How could you?" She yelled, making for the stairs. She shoved past lots of people and stomped upstairs angrily.
"Is everything okay?" Autumn asked, suddenly appearing next to me.
I smiled at her "It is now that Bert's gone." Autumn smiled back at me "Uhh Autumn... I'm really glad you came tonight."
Autumn blushed "Really?"
I was about to reply when someone burst through the doors. "Eddi," I laughed "You haven't changed."
"Haven't I?" Eddi asked with a smile "I can't believe Gerard invited me over."
"Guess it was to say no hard feelings."
Everyone knew what had happened. Eddi was Gerard's first girlfriend and she'd only been using him to find out if she was straight. Turns out she wasn't and she told Gerard this as she dumped him.
"I hope he doesn't mind," Eddi told me "But I've brought over my girlfriend." Behind her was a girl I recognised from school. I couldn't remember her name though.
"Oh I'm sure he won't care," I smiled "What's her name?"
"Eliza." Eddi said before taking Eliza's hand and pulling her away.
Eddi and Eliza. Cool.
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