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Surprise. Surprise. Pt 2

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Mikey saw what he shouldn't have. Gerard did what he wasn't supposed to. Where does this leave guys? What will Frank think? And Ray? Bob?

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Left you hanging yesterday huh? Anyways, this is the continued part. And if you think this fic is coming to and end you have another thing coming. Enjoy. xoxox

Mikey's POV
My brother. A person I've always looked up to. He had just taken her. I saw what I shouldn't have. I needed to escape but Ray, Bob, and Frank couldn't find out why. They just couldn't. Ray and Bob... they'd kill Gerard. And Frank... aw dammit Frank. It was clear to us all he had feelings for her, if he found out... No. I couldn't say anything. But I did need to get out of there and fast. I could go get a hot chocolate at the Circle K and tell them I didn't want a root beer float after all, even though it had been my idea. Yeah, that's what I was going to do.
I get up from Gerard's where he is practically... ugh I couldn't even think it. I walk towards my three other best friends trying to pull myself together so I wouldn't stutter and mumble hinting something was wrong. I took in a deep breath and put on a fake smile.
"Hey guys oh um they wanted one each, but I want hot chocolate for some reason now. So I'm going to Circle K all right?" I say slipping on a jacket already.
"Ooooh can I go!?" Frank asks me and just look at his face in pain. If he were to find out, fuck it'd kill him.
"No Frank, you gotta stay here and help us make these!" Bob said as I slipped on my Converse.
Frank pouted and just walked over to Bob and Ray to help them.
I was in the clear. Thank God. Now I could blow of steam, alone.
"Wait a second, Mikey," Ray said following me out the door. Fuck.
I turn to look at him. He'd always been there for me and I would feel horrible to lie to him but I had to, for the sake of Gerard's life and Frank's happiness. "Bob and Frank didn't notice but I did, are you all right?" he ask shivering a bit from the cold.
I wanted to say no; I wanted to tell him I had just seen my brother making out with my new best friend that I had seen my older brother Gerard Way fucking grind against a girl I cared about and that I'd heard them fucking moan! But... I didn't. I lied.
"Nahh I'm fine. Just craving a bit of hot chocolate," I say shrugging. I couldn't tell if he bought it or not but he just nodded, told me to call him when I got there, and walked back inside. I had escaped. Once I did I ran to the park near the apartments. Once there I just sat on the swings on the verge of tears. I don't know why it hurt so bad but all I knew was that seeing Gerard and Delilah like that... I just couldn't handle it. I sat there, crying, for a good 15, 20 minutes, letting it all come out. I think the part that hurt the most was the Gerard hadn't told me how he felt about her...
Gerard's POV
Delilah. She was all I could think about at that moment. It was insanity what I'd started but I didn't want to stop. Her heavy breathing, her warm lips underneath mine. All was perfect.
It was wrong, I knew it was but I didn't give a fuck. I had her. She was all mine.
I was moving quickly, moaning with each move, with each kiss, hearing her moan as well. My God she was so perfect. I started to slow down once I was back in control feeling her body melt beneath me as my lips slowed over her warm delicate lips.
I slowly moved from her lips to her neck.
"Gerard...." was all she said as I slowly kissed her smooth neck. She didn't want it to end, neither did I but it had to.
I stopped kissing her and she let out a small whine.
"Don't worry love," I said lying next to her holding her hand and caressing her cheek, "I promise this will not be the last time this happens. We just have to get back right now, relax."
I placed my lips upon hers again. I sensed her hunger for me and there was no denying I felt the same. But we had to get back. Before any suspicions grew. I moved away from her lips and closed my eyes. I didn't care about the deal anymore. I didn't care what they'd think of me, all I knew was that I wanted Delilah to be mine and no one else's.
"Let's go," I say opening my eyes to see her smiling at me.
I get up and look into the mirror to make sure I look decent. I smile as I see I don't look decent at all.
My hair is every where because of Delilah and my lips are bright red from kissing her so long. I hear her giggle as she tries to fix herself up because her hair is tangled from me pulling her to me and her lips too are a rosy red, as if she were wearing lip stick.
"Gerard?" she said with a small smile in an innocent voice.
I turn to her to see she's near me again. She looks up at me and I wrap my arms around her waist pulling her closer.
"Yes Delilah?" I say with a smirk. Everything had become perfect.
"I love you," was all she said before she reached for my lips again kissing me softly trying to restrain herself knowing we had to go back.
Once I separated my lips from her's I closed my eyes and sighed. "Delilah, I love you too, I've loved you from day once," I said as she nestled herself into my chest. "C'mon, we need to go back," I say pulling on her arm as I walk out of the room into the small hall way.
"Why hello there! You guys had a long talk," Frank said sipping the root beer from his root beer float that they had apparently made.
Ray handed Delilah and I one and we thanked him.
"Yes Frank, we had a long talk. Does that bother you?" Delilah asked ruffling his hair as she passed by him. He giggled and just looked at her admiringly shrugging. That's when the guilt hit.
I had broken our deal. I hadn't kept my word. I hurt Frank. And he didn't even know it yet. No. That couldn't happen, he was my best friend, is my best friend, he means the world to me. I just couldn't let him get hurt that way. But I loved her... I needed her. She wasn't just another girl. She was special. She was nothing like Eliza, with her I felt safer, it was different than it was with Eliza. I loved Delilah so much but I had broken the deal, the promise. I didn't let her choose, I made her choose. No. Wait, I thought, where's Mikey?
"Hey Bob, where'd Mikey go?" I asked a bit worried about him now.
Ray answered instead. "He went to get hot chocolate after he asked you and Delilah if you wanted one of these," he said pointing to his cup.
I looked at Delilah who's face turned pale and my mind began to rush. Did he.... No he couldn't have. We would've heard him wouldn't we? Shit.
"Oh okay," I say acting like nothing was out of the ordinary when really, everything was.
We all sit in silence as the Scream 2 continues on and everything seems all right. Delilah was sitting near me, our legs touching and each time I looked at her she blushed a bit making my heart flutter. Ray and Bob were on the floor, almost asleep but trying to keep there eyes open to enter the New Year awake. Frank was sitting down with Pansy, his guitar, playing a few quiet chords as if he was practicing for something big.
Then the door opened and in came Mikey. His eyes were red and puffy. He had nothing is his hands and he was shivering, pulling on his jacket sleeves.
Ray and I were the first ones up.
"Mikey?" Ray says approaching him slowly.
I follow Ray's lead. "Mikes, are you okay?" I ask worried he might have done something.
Instead of coming to me though, he runs into Ray's arms and began crying again.
This is when Frank got up and Bob did too. Delilah was behind us all, not truly knowing what to do. She'd never seen Mikey this way.
"Mikey talk to me, what happened?" Ray said worriedly.
Mikey sniffles a bit and begins stuttering his words. "I..I want...wanted t..tooo but, but, but I didn't... Ray... I... I wwwwas lied...lied to again," he replied beginning to cry all over again.
Shit. Shit. This couldn't happen. Not again. He had felt like this before. The last time he did he was already in a downward spiral. Everyone had been lying to him, keeping things from him and talking behind his back, and when it all came down on him he tried to kill himself. It couldn't happen again, I wouldn't let it happen.
"Who Mikey, who?!" Ray said pulling him out of his arms and looking him in the eye. His glasses were fogged and and his eyes were bright red. He was in so much pain.
"Mikey, please Mikey, tell us who, Mikey please!" I scream pleading beginning to cry from seeing him like this.
He shoots me a look making realize... I'm the liar. I did this.
" Gerard... you...." he says crying and mumbling. He was right. I was a liar.
Ray's POV
I look at Gerard who's face has gone emotionless yet tears are streaming down it. Delilah is next to Frank crying her eyes wide and sorry. What was going on? What did they do? Frank was comforting her as she cried and I turned back to Mikey.
"Mikey, what do you mean Gerard? What did he do??" I ask so confused now and completely worried.
Mikey took a deep breath trying to calm himself and he walked to the counter stools and sat down.
I stood right in front of him and Gerard, still crying, came behind me slightly brushing by me. Frank was still trying to calm Delilah down, hugging her, holding her. Bob stood by Mikey and gave him one big squeeze before letting him go to tell us what the hell was going on.
"Mikey, please explain to us now!" I say getting scared for not just him but for Gerard too; what could he have lied about?
Mikey takes in a breath trying to relax and looks me in the eye. "When I went to go tell Gerard and Delilah we were making root beer floats... I walked into the bedroom... they didn't hear me or see me but... I saw them...." he stops and stares at his brother. Gerard walks over to Mikey and begins to apologize.
"Mikey... I... I didn't know... I... I'm sorry... I just... I would've told you... but... but" he says in between soft sobs. Gerard wasn't crying because he was afraid of Mikey being mad at him; he was afraid of Mikey being mad at himself.
I was confused still; I was trying to put two and two together but it wasn't making sense. From what Delilah had told me on Christmas and then this... I just... it wouldn't click.
"Gerard, what the hell did you do?" Frank says walking away from Delilah who was rubbing her eyes.
"Look.. Frank... Frankie... I... I didn't want... I just couldn't... I'm sorry," was all he replied as Frank looked him in the eye.
"Mikey?" Frank, Bob, and myself all said.
He looked down and shut his eyes as if whatever he had seen was back in his mind.
"Gerard was on top of Delilah kissing her," Mikey said so quickly we hardly heard it. When we realized what just happened, we all froze.
Frank's POV
How dare he. We had a FUCKING deal. But... what if it was her choice what if... NO! He did it, he broke the deal, the promise. My best friend broke a promise he made to me.
Mikey kept talking before any of us could cut in. "It wouldn't have bothered me at all! I mean it's clear they have feelings for each other, we all can see it! But... but he didn't tell me. I felt betrayed. All those years people kept things from me.... it came rushing all back when I saw them together. Especially because you are my brother Gerard," he finished looking at Gerard who had stopped crying but was still sniffling.
I walk to where he is by Delilah and grab him by the t-shirt.
"What the fuck Gerard?! What happened to all that bull shit you told me?! That we always had to keep our fucking word, our promises?! What the hell?!" I say screaming at him.
I don't realize it but I'm crying now. Bob comes up behind me making me sit down.
"Frank please don't be mad at Gerard! Please!" Delilah said coming to sit by me on the couch. The girl I actually loved had broke my heart. But... didn't I already know she loved Gerard? Wasn't it clear? Somewhere in my mind I knew she really loved him but I didn't want to believe that; I wanted to believe I had a chance with her.
I looked at her and I saw her tears rushing down her face again. I didn't want her crying. At all. So I took a deep breath in and tried to calm myself and my crying. It wasn't working. Then she just pulled me into her arms. This made me cry even more.
I was sobbing into her shoulder when I heard Ray speak. "Gerard Way. Frank Iero. I can't fucking believe you two! You two couldn't just WAIT for her decision?! You!" he said pointing to me, "Always all up on her, caressing her, hugging her, holding her, acting as if she was already your girl! And you!" he said now looking at Gerard who was near Mikey, "Sending her these damn messages and spending the nights talking to her about everything and anything, and then this! Fucking making out with her on the bed as if she was just another play thing?! Are you you two idiots or something!" I had never heard Ray so angry. Ever. And everything he said was right. We were being selfish.
Gerard and I met eyes and we saw some thing. We had become disrespectful to Delilah. We hurt Mikey. We angered Ray and Bob. We became who we didn't want to.
"Delilah... I'm sorry," I say turning to her surprised she was no longer there but with Ray crying.
"Delilah... I am too. We acted... horribly," Gerard said as he hung his head and Mikey hugged him, as if that was his way he intended to show Gerard he forgave him.
She looks up from Ray's chest and begins to speak to us. "No, guys, no. None of you have to be sorry... It's... it's my fault... I'm tearing you all apart... I am making your friendships fall apart... I'm sorry... after... after tonight you won't have to worry about that..." she said walking towards the door but someone grabbed her. Not me, not Gerard, not Ray, not Mikey. Bob.
Bob's POV
"I DON'T THINK SO!" I told Delilah stopping her from walking out of our lives. I know I hadn't known her the longest but what I did know was that she was an amazing help to all of us.
"Delilah, if you leave now Mikey will feel betrayed and alone. Ray will lose his little sister. Frank will lose the girl who stands up for him at school. Gerard will lose the love of his life. And me, well I'd be losing one of the most amazing people in the world. Don't leave," I say trying to convince her to stay.
After saying all this I hear fireworks going off nearby. The signal that the New Year was here. Great. Delilah looked at me and a small, very small, smile appeared over her face.
"As a New Year's gift... fine. But we all have a lot to talk about," she says as I let her arm go and squeeze her in my arms.
I had never cared about a kid this much other than Mikey and Frank, but wow. This girl had a way of moving into your heart.
Soon we were in a huge group hug and from the corner of my eye I saw Gerard and Frank hugging and whispering to each other.
God, I hope they were making up.

oooh! So much drama!.... not really but I hope you liked this :) R&R please! Hope you liked xoxoxox
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