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My vegas weekend

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A crossover story about three bands My Chemical Romance/Allstar Weekend/Vegas Is North that visit Angel Island on quite possibly the creepiest night ever.

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My Vegas Weekend

Kennedy's P.O.V.

"Maya says hi!" I beamed, leaning against the edge of the boat. I threw my phone back in my bag, careless as to whether it made it in or not. Michael blushed, trying to focus on the island in front of us. I couldn't convince her to come with us even if I was a genie.

I have no idea how they dragged me onto a boat to sleep over at an old immigration station. They had laid out the day and night for me. We were going to hit the beach, take a hike, check out some of the old buildings… not my favorite activities but it's better than being stuck back in San Francisco with Chris. Fear of boats my butt.

"Hey, look a ferry!" Kris said, pointing behind me. I spun around and waved to some of the passengers on the ferry. As soon as they waved back, I turned back to Kris, who was still looking at the ferry puzzedly. "God, why do they look so familiar?"

"I dunno, but I bet you we can beat them there," Tyler said. I protested, already a little sick from a rocky start. Chris was always the driver. I don't know who decided Tyler was allowed to drive the boat. I should have stayed in the hotel. "We'll say hi when we get there. Then we start the hike."

"Not when it's so hot," I groaned, already burning from the sun. It was only noon, and it felt just about ninety degrees. Hopefully the beach water would be less burning. "Maybe I should have stayed with Chris…"

"No!" Michael said. "This is going to be awesome. All the old buildings are going to be so cool and creepy. I mean, there's a little hike on the way there, but it's gonna be worth it." It. Better. Be.

"And there's a beach that stretches out about half a mile at the end of the trail," Kris added, which is probably the only reason I tagged along. I don't know why, there's something always so enticing about beaches that makes me want to visit them. We pulled into the docks, parking in the first spot. For some reason, no one was there, which concerned me. "It's a weekend, where is everyone?"

"It's too hot for them I guess," Michael shrugged, hopping off the boat with his backpack and duffel bag. I followed, dragging my bags on the wood dock. Just as I hit land, the ferry landed in the bigger dock. Then I realized who the faces were. "Oh, hey, it's the guys from Allstar Weekend. That's why they were so familiar."

My boys had played with them twice before, a show in San Francisco and a show in Chico. I'm pretty sure I had only met Cameron and Nathan at the San Francisco show, unsure of the third boy. It would be a little weird if they remembered me though. What a coincidence, seeing them here again. Kind of creepy at the same time…

"Holy crud, is that My Chemical Romance?" Kris said, grabbing my shoulders and shaking me. By the red-head I spotted almost immediately, I nodded. "Excuse me while I go ask for their autograph."

"Calm down," Tyler said under his voice. "Cameron!"

The bassist from Allstar Weekend waved and started walking over. What I remember about him was that he was super friendly and loved hugs. Behind him, two girls exited the ferry after the two bands. My gaze followed them as the taller one kept her eyes glued to the guys of MCR and the other kept looking "What are you guys doing here?" Cameron asked. "More importantly, where is everyone? Isn't this supposed to be a tourist attraction?"

"I guess everyone's over at Alcatraz," Tyler asnwered, giving him one of those handshake/bro hugs that I never understood. Is it a hug or a handshake? Never will I understand the boy mind, even after ten years of knowing these guys. "You remember Kennedy, right? I think she was at the Chico show…"

"I went to Slim's," I corrected. I swear to God his short attention span and horrible memory will be the death of me. But still, I stuck around with these guys. They were my friends and friends are forever, right? "But I don't think we—"

"D GET OVER HERE AND HELP WITH MY CRAP," Kris yelled from the dock. I turned slowly. He was standing in the middle of the dock, surrounded by a bunch of bags. Okay, so half of them were food and toiletries and stuff, but he had more bags than I did. "I need help, woman."

"I guess we'll see you around then," Tyler said before we went to go help with the extra stuff. I scratched my head, the coincidence too… coincidence-y. "Well that's weird. Two other bands on the same island sleeping over. Copy cats."

I laughed and grabbed one of the coolers of food. Michael had already chosen a good spot up the hill and had texted me where to go. Tyler and Kris trudged ahead of me. I looked back at the other people, venturing out already. A chilly breeze passed over and I shuddered. Something's going down tonight. I was really going to regret coming, I knew it.
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