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xanat meets mcr

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By Xanat

"Hurry up, Xanat! We'll miss the ferry!" I turned my head and found
Paloma shouting at me. I ran towards where she stood. We barely found
two seats in the back.
"I guess we have to sit there." I said. Paloma nodded and then we took
our seats. The place was crowded I mean I know that today is a
gorgeous day outside but I didn't think it would be so crowded. I was
bored out my mind so I took out my iPod and played songs from my
favorite band, My Chemical Romance. My deep thoughts were Intrupted by
someone pointing to my iPod.
" So your a fan?" I looked up and l almost faint. Before me was Gerard
Way. Lead singer of My Chemical Romance.
" Uh... um... Yeah i am. " he smirkerd when i finally was able to
" So your like our music?" he asked.
" Yeah. I love it. I listen to it all the time. " we talked for the
whole ride. They were a on their day off. They were on tour and San
Francisco. Only Frank, Gerard, and Mikey were here because Ray
visiting friend. I had obiously lost track of time because I. Suddenly
realized that we were on the island. I turned to look for Paloma
apprently she had met someone intersting because they were hugging.
" So we'll see you around?" Frank asked me.
" I hope so. " I say. I can see this trip is going to interesting.
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